Who is Returning to Desperate Housewives?

Good to see Julie return. Orson may lend a hand to Bree and the Girls in their coverup. I'd like to see and episode where Mary Alice and all the other deceased are hanging around, as ghosts do, in the old neighborhood. Theres enough of them now to have an Afterlife poker party.

How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Tick Tick Tick"

Is it just me, or is "How I Met Your Mother", just a new "Friends"?

Two and a Half Men Review: Looney Bin or Stress Clinic?

While Two and a Half will never be the same without Charlie, I'll say what I've said all along, Jon Cryer has unending TALENT and can definitely carry a show by himself. Ashton's holding his own in his typecast. He's really just a dot.com version of his That 70's character. But he's had some good moments like when he got high with Berta. That was funny. Berta also is a great talent. The show has had its moments, but there still remains a rather big hole without Charlie. But I will always be an unwavering Jon Cryer fan.

Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men: Meet Walden Schmidt!

It would be a huge mistake to kill Charlie Harper off. In the event that this storyline doesn't work out CBS needs to leave the door open for Charlie Harper to come back. Nothing against Ashton Kutcher, just have serious doubts about this. The makers of Two and a Half men are not flawless writers.....case and point: They came up with Mike and Molly. Kind of a dud.

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