Community Review: Crack is Wack

This was a funny episode. However I find myself sad knowing Troy will be gone soon.
I felt like the episode was cut short when Shirley told them Pierce died. I hope they come back to the ACB story later.
Oh an how is it possible that Joel Mchale keeps getting sexier?


I actually liked this a lot more than I was expecting after reading that lots of people were disappointed.
It has potential and I will tune in again.
It looks like Josh Holloway went to the Stephen Amell school of stunts for some of the stuff he did! I loved when he jumped it one side of the jeep and slid out the other! Very cool.
My one issue is that Lillian did not send a team back to the warehouse to arrest all the guys that were still around including Amos.


This was a great pilot!
I never in a million years would ever have thought I would like Voight and now I kind of do!
How did El Pupol's men find Diego so quickly?
I want to know why Jules was written out of the show, did the actress not get along with the rest of the cast?
It was great seeing some of the Chicago Fire cast.


This was a very funny episode!
I think my favorite line if I had to pick was when Gloria asked Jay if his favorite part (talking about the decorations) was the accent or the balloons and he said he has tried to figure that out since the day they met.
I also liked hearing all the couples talk about how long it was before they new they were with the one. We did find out that Phil got Clare pregnant pretty much right after they started dating.
I also loved how Hayley smoothed things over with her Luke and Alex and their parents.

Ravenswood Review: The Pact

I am glad this show is back!
I still feel like if one does not watch PLL ( I do but on DVD as realized too late that my Dish provider is offering PLL now) anyways it seems like some things happen on PLL that would be nice to watch, yes we know Caleb dumped Hayley but I would have liked to have seen that scene. I am a Haleb fan but I guess it makes sense the reason he broke up with her. However I think it has more to do with his feelings for ghost Miranda then it does with trying to keep Hannah safe.
I am glad that Caleb did the recap at the start of the episode as things are much clearer now!
Yes the little girl is creepy, can she choose who sees her and who doesn't? I am sure Olivia would have noticed her otherwise, as they all saw her when they were at the creepy house.


It was nice to see John back, I was hoping he was back for good but I guess not!
Root is one tough chick!
I did not see the twist at the end coming that the girl was a fake bank manager and switched the disks!


This was a great episode.
I am glad Casey is okay, well he is okay physically but he is not 100%, his vision seems to be bad not to mention he has some issues with his memory. I am sure that will be explored as the season continues. I am not a fan of Dawson and him and I think they are moving fast, moving in together after 6 weeks. I think if I liked them as a couple more I would be all for it.
Personally I did not see that much of a difference in his personality, yes he did punch the robber but he was also great with the kid in the SUV and went to the hospital with beer as promised!
So Mills finally got his spot on squad, it is convenient as it opened a spot for Dawson to come back as a fire fighter..
I felt bad for Severide, he was told that he could let anyone in the program go if he felt it was justified and he let Jones go but then was told he could not let her go because of her dad! I do not like Jones from the little we have seen of her!
I love Brian and Katie are cute together! I loved the scene with them and Severide!
I am glad that Clarke stopped covering for his wife. I did not want to see him take the fall,
I am sure Allison will warm up to Shay eventually, she already showed signs of that when she covered for her with the Lawyer.

Community Review: Gas Leak Year

Personally I really enjoyed these 2 episodes, I laughed a lot! My fave part was when Troy was talking about Zach Braff, leaving Scrubs.


I think Sarah saw Carl as a womanizer, she did not want to be with a guy like that. I do like him and want her to give him a chance and I think that now that she knows he is a caring doctor etc she will give him that chance.
Hank having Asperger's makes sense and I like that storyline.
I really want Julia and Joel to work on their marriage but I do not know if it will be possible.
I was fully expecting Zeke to get a ticket and meet Camille in Italy after the friend he made said that is what he would do! I am not sure how things will be when she is home.
I really like Amy and I hope she stays! Drew said he wanted her to stay and I hope he meant it! I wanted to slap Natalie when she tried to mark her territory, she did not want Drew to be her boyfriend before and I hope he does not give in to her now!

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Keepsake

This was a really good episode!
I loved seeing more of Danny.
The ending was nice, seeing how each of the team spend Christmas!
It was also nice to see Lindsay Price.
What was in the safe?!?!?