@sleepyhead and @Madison, I agree with both of you! Elena being bitchy in this episode isn't the first time, to be honest. I recall her acting similarly in an episode or two last season as well. Rare, of course, but still it's there. I do agree that she has credit to be mad at Damon and hate him (because if I were in her shoes and my brother almost died, yeah I would probably feel the same way).

But she had no right to use him just because she knows he's in love with her, and she knows that he doesn't want to lose his friendship with her, making him at the losing end. Damon actually did a lot for her in this episode to make up for what he did - especially being honest - but more importantly, he APOLOGIZED. And that's something Damon rarely does after killing or almost killing someone - the only other time he did that was to Jeremy in last season's finale for killing Vicki.

Therefore, though Elena has credit, she went over the line, really. And saying to Damon that he has lost her forever? That was a complete LIE. She knows that she can never stay away or hate him forever.

The reconciliation between them is definitely set to occur either in the next episode or the one after. And yes, I still believe Delena can happen.


Everyone is divided on this topic, and its inevitable. Half of the fan base think that the show has finally redeemed itself in all this gossip and lies, and shocking hookups. The other half is furious with what they've chosen to do because they believe that the characters are priority, not drama.

Personally, I wouldn't take what Josh or Steph says so much into consideration anymore, because everyone has their own opinion of what 'EPIC' is. Josh originally said that the finale would be epic, and maybe it is at the end when Chuck fought to get the ring back, but not throughout the episode, definitely not. The only thing I choose to believe about what they said is that Chuck & Blair is the main priority; because in that, I think there may be some great things for CB in store. Its more like they'd say they're taking CB to a whole new level. I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to see what Season 4 brings us.

And as for me, starting from now Chuck & Blair is the main and only reason for me to watch GG - some other parts of the show are definitely degrading. There IS a reason why The Vampire Diaries is my number one favourite now, not GG. And it used to be GG.


Oh yes, I wanted to call Josh to ask why he considered this finale as epic.

If it was because Chuck was shot in an OMG! moment at the end, then well, fine. The fact that he was shot when trying to get the engagement ring which he was gonna give to Blair IS kind of.... well, momentous. But I dont find it that epic, honestly. I already expected Chuck to be the one to get shot. It was pretty obvious. Its impossible to guess how they tie in this with the first two Paris episodes next season. Fact is, I doubt Chuck will die. He can't, because he's like a central character in THE MOST CENTRAL pairing in the entire show. With him gone, half of the fans will stop watching GG.

Plus, although I doubt I'll ever trust Josh or Steph's mentality anymore, Steph said that Chuck/Blair are far from over. I trust her on THAT one as an exception because they definitely know that CB is the only thing that holds the show in its proper place. If any of you follow Ausiello on Twitter, you would've read this, but in case anyone hasn't...

I'll still be watching. I was really upset at how they tackled the CB story by twisting it through Chuck sleeping with Jenny (I mean helloo, they could've done so much better.), but it wasn't ALL bad. I think they're bringing this show to a different stage now, and I don't see where they're going, but I'm still interested to see what happens to Chuck next season. If anything, as long as Chuck and Blair are both on the show, I'll watch.


@Claire - That wasn't a sneak peek, that happened like quite a few episodes back already...

ITS DEFINITELY NATE. Its just that we don't know for sure who is the girl with him. Could be Jenny, could be someone else.

@tati - Great observation... but it could just be a blonde someone who has no significance either.

@Pride&Insolence - I do understand what you're saying. However I think the OMG moment has more to do with something else, not the proposal. If you've seen Ausiello's list of 8 things that's gonna happen, the proposal is already listed... and true, as obvious as it may be, it is still probably the most likely.


@Claire - yeah. I REALLY hope this ends well too - that when Josh says that its EPIC, he means epic in a good way. :( Gaaahh what SIRENS!? Oh do not tell me Chuck's the victim who gets shot or something. I'll absolutely die.

@aridney - indeed. It is the same place! Palace... hmm. Its really hard to tell. I'm more curious about how everything adds up, about the order of the clips, as in which goes first. O___O


I think in this case ANYTHING can be assumed.

The reason why I think its Chuck proposing is because there is NO one else who could propose at such a length. Honestly, who else could it be?

And by the way, the ring opening does NOT have to be during the proposal. Have you considered that it could be opened by someone ELSE first, considering how Chuck is trying to get the box back at some point?


Whoops. I'm wrong. TOTALLY SAME PLACE.

@Aridney - thanks for agreeing, but I'm sorry, it turns out I'm wrong. GAH. this doesn't look to be a good finale. Epic, maybe, but epic doesn't always mean good. Argh.

How do I know its the same place? CLEAR EXTENDED PROMO HERE:


Have any of you considered that the Chuck proposal to Blair part isn't IN ORDER?

If you look closely, the background with Chuck and Blair in the scene before the ring appears is DIFFERENT from the background where Dan punches Chuck in front of Blair. SERIOUSLY, its not the same. The part where Chuck says "Blair" and she looks at him hopefully has an indoor background. The one with Dan punching Chuck is an outdoor background, there's a TREE for goodness sakes, and a person walking as well. This means that its probably not in order... which means, the punching most likely happened before Chuck proposed.



Who can resist Damon being romantic? He looks very VERY handsome here.


He said I LOVE YOU again. Aaaaaahhhhh. Come on. This is nuts.