Emmy Preview: Outstanding Comedy Series

Big Bang THeory is the funniest hands down. The ensemble is amazing, the writing is right on..
It should win.
I love Tina Fey but can't stand Baldwin or Stacy.

Emmy Preview: Lead Actor in a Drama

hall is very convincing as a serial killer who is conflicted. he deserves a nod. dont know the others very much or at all.. I refuse to watch breaking bad.. for the reasons I stated before. Will not promote making or distributing drugs..

Emmy Preview: Lead Actress in a Drama

some of these I know! finally. I love Kathy Bates.. she is stellar in everything she does. I love her show. I also think that Juliana Marguiles is a top runner. She is very very good. Glenn Close and Claire Danes are in shows I do not watch but they are phenomenal actresses. Don't know Michelle or Elizabeth.
This category is full of amazing women.

Emmy Preview: Supporting Actor in a Drama

I am sure they are all good actors but I don't watch any of these. I usually at least know someone but since they are focusing on cable only shows it is making me lose interest in the awards.. why watch when it is only on channels not everyone can get?

What should win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series?

I don't think any of them should win. There is nothing there I watch and they missed some good shows on network tv. It is not right for shows you have to pay to see to be on here. I do not think that a show based on a man making and selling one of the most insidious drugs out there should be promoted at all. I have seen too many lives ruined by drugs especially meth. Shame on everything to do with that show.