Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 360

Callie: Were you using my toothbrush?
Arizona: No, Callie I wasn't now let me sit here with my box in peace


Favorite Quote: Dean saying this is why he can't have nice things to Sam and after he couldn't catch the beer that was so funny also the clippers comment was hilarious also Charlie reading to her mom one last time made me cry
Sam staying home or not: Yes, Sam should have been saying at home he could barely stand and his visual perception was all messed up he couldn't even shoot properly. I was surprised that he could even drive.
Third Trial: I hope it doesn't incapacitate him, I hope that it will make him stronger or it will rid him of the demon blood
Charlie's Dream: I was glad that they choose to do an original video game, I loved how it was a Charlie and Dean tag team against the bad guys I love how Charlie and Dean's relationship is developing
Which hug: Both, I always love brother hugs, but I love how Charlie and Dean's relationship is developing

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 157

What Damon? Elena killed somebody else must it be Thursday

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 356

Owen: Yeah see mame this is what happened when the cafeteria ladies decided to quit on us


Matt: Well hello there Rebekah
Rebekah: Hi Matt?


I agree with Leigh on the last question, I wish Jeremy and Alaric could come back and I watched 3 episodes of Cult and I couldn't stand it anymore so I'm not watching it so Matt Davis should come back to the vampire diaries


Elena is probably the most annoying vampire on the show right now ever since she has become a vampire, the show has been all about finding the cure for Elena and her with her humanity off is even more annoying she just keeps killing people and hurting her friends, there is no substance to her character anymore, I really wish she was human because human Elena was so much better than vampire Elena as for the overall episode it was really good I love that Katherine and Elijah both came back


I thought the girl in the red jacket was Ceci when they showed the flashback from the previous episode so her possibly being the girl in the red jacket is no news to me I never trusted her

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 147

Shall we dance?


Best Episode: "Memorial."- Loved how every character was involved
Worst Episode: I can't decide either "My Brother's Keeper" or "O Come, All Ye Faithful", MBK because I thought all of the delena love at the end was completely fake and ruined the build up romance between them. OCAYF- It was too confusing, left too many questions unanswered and Damon doing the "right thing"
Best Character: If you discount the episodes with the ridiculous sire bond issues, it would be Damon, through all the episode it would be Elena
Worst Character: I agree that it's Bonnie because She's putting all of her trust into Professor Shane
Best Storyline: Usually I would Delena, but because of this stupid sire bond I would have to agree with it being Jeremy.
Worst Storyline: I agree with it being the sire bond
Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: I agree with it being Phoebe Tonkin, I liked her in the beginning then all of the sudden she just played this huge role in the mid season finale
Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: I agree that is Jeremy Gilbert.
Hopes for 2013: Delena needs to be together! I'm sick of this stupid sire bond! I hope they find the cure and more about the council's explosion
Overall Grade: B (NOTE: It would have been an A if weren't for the sire bond and the mid season finale.)