So i have to say love Finnchel! think they are cute together....honestly Finn does need to get over it...i see his point because Rachel didn't just cheat with a random guy it was the guy that got his ex preggers...kudos to puck though for backing off....but Lea's solo was fantastic (loved the snow on stage very sweet) he just needs to chill and figure stuff out...the last little look before the end of the episode over the tree decorating makes me believe they are foreshadowing there will be a Finnchel again....personally I am thinking what will be written is a completely spontaneous makeout/hookup (not orchestrated by Rachel like the tree hunting kiss) between them which will lead to Rachel being all Finn-crazy and Finn being all She-Cheated-On-Me-Crazy but ultimately realize he actually does forgive her... oh and as a fellow Brittany (which isn't used enough as supporting or lead character names regardless of how many girls have that name now) i liked her before hand....absolutely love her now yes she is dumb but her innocence is amazing and endearing! Never thought in the beginning of S1 that Artie and Britt would be together....ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS MADE IN SL YET! Coach was amazing shipping "legs" in for Artie...probably the most generous (because you know those weren't cheap) and beautiful gift that could be given... On Baby Beth front...i truly believe they will bring Idina back in...after all Beth is her "little sister" adopted or not...but also because Idina's character went through giving her baby up for adoption and i think Quinn and/or Puck will want to see the baby and she won't hinder that because she went through the same thing....she will be back (thank God because i love Idina I believe i have cried almost every time i have heard her sing on Glee)