Dexter Review: A Storm of F@%k

great ep. really excited about Hannah's Character, not sure still if she is evil or not. I think Dex and hannah might get together. What I would love is to see Dexter on the run with Hannah. That would be fun.

The Mentalist Review: Jane's First Day

I was disappointed by the 100th. It was decent but not great, the case was pretty boring and I wished we could see more Jane and the team's interaction. I would have loved to se Jane wow Lisbon or something like that.

The Mentalist Review: The Ragged Edge

I thought it was a good episode better than last weeks, I was let down by last weeks 100th episode. This week the case was better and Jane seemed to be getting closer to finding Lorelei.

Homeland Review: Tailor Made

Compared to the last couple of episodes of course this episode pales in comparison. Its still good, I just would like to see more Carrie and Brody scenes. I am confident that the next episode will be good. Looking at the promo pictures it seems as if Dana, Brody and Carrie have some sort of scene together. Still a good episode

Dexter Review: Doom, Gloom and Va-Va Voom!

Personally I am really enjoying this season, for the past few weeks ive been waiting for hannah's character to be expanded on more. The ending really surprised me, I knew that she wasn't going to die but when Dexter strapped her down I wasn't sure how she could survive.
Can't wait for next week, I think that maybe she might not have killed her husband and mentor or perhaps had a good reason to, one that Dexter approves of. looking forward to seeing Deb and Hannah interact as I expect it to be explosive.

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