I did enjoy this episode, I really liked the fact that JLH wasn't shown as much and she spoke very little, don't like her. I love all the other regulars and I love how Reid did his famous quoting!

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1 Review: X

Sorry, but
JLH was a major fall out ! She does not blend with the other members and her appearance is old looking, she just isn't right for this show, and I feel she will drag the CM down the drain. Though I did kinda watch the first episode, it was rather boring. Just dump JLH now!!

NCIS: Watch Season 11 Episode 9 Online!

NCIS get real! You have this Bishop person trying be all that she's not. She looks like a snot nosed brat and a left over from days gone bad. Sorry, but I gave up trying to watch the episode because it sucked!! Are they trying to kill the show off, because they are doing a good job of it!

NCIS 'Double Blind' Promo

The whole ending story will have a twist to it! You may not see it coming?

Bones Review: Will You Marry Me?

Enough of Pelant, you need to move on!! I've had enough of the boring Pelant stories and lets get real........a tuff, rugged FBI man bows down to a psycho
Pelant..........so out of charactor for Booth! Your killing the show I love so much people!

NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

BTW: Don't trust the Deputy Director Craig, he's up too no good!
Get Vance back in the drivers seat!!

NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

Tony was amazing, his tenderness towards Ziva during her ordeal was awesome.
The compassion he showed and expressed was the man hidden inside of him. When he heard Ziva's turmoil while sleeping, he was so tender. Most of all they got me at the airport, the hug and compassion they shared for that moment!
Great job.
Love the way Gibbs answered Vance remark with the show of his eyes only. The look he gave towards Vance children. So like Gibbs, his eyes say it all, no words needed.
Ducky with his caring way, as well and Abby and McGee.
A touching episode all around. Bravo once again.
However, where was Palmer??


I have enjoyed this show since the beginning. I love the characters expect Blake! Can't stand this woman, and what.....does she have the hots for Reid.
Why can't the other characters come into focus as they did once before, now it seems to be Blake that they have placed the major focus on. There is no team in Criminal Minds, only Blake.
As for Reid in this episode, it was a given that Maeve would die and he would once again be alone.
Bring the rest of the characters out of the dark and back into the spot light and get this show back on track!

NCIS Photo Preview: In Mourning

Greg Germann looks evil, like a villain, so I would not be surprised if he isn't? I had hopes that Jackie's death was show, and that she is in hiding, but it doesn't seem so. Not sure if the this follow up episode will be as outstanding as the first part, but we shall see.
The first part was amazing!


Okay, I love watching this show. But enough of Jamie being a weak link, like the whole family are cops and a lawyer! Give him a back bone!
And why don't they show more of Baker? For being Franks aid, she's never around?
As for the victim in this episode, I felt no remorse, he killed while high and hid it all these years, then wimped out and committed suicide by cop! Guess his family didn't mean that much.
Keep the episodes coming.