Serena van der Woodsen Photo

What can I say? Serena travels in style. = )

Pure Beauty

Luv her outfit to death. I just hope that S dumps Aaron. And soon!

Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen

S and D? I really don't think so anymore. It's just the way that they broke up that makes me doubt they're getting back together. They were just so final and sad, but they both agreed. I think they both still love each other, just not enough.

A Sad Day

What a sad day. I am sorry for whoever died, but I'm sure that Chair (and probably a few others) hooking up will make that sorrow go away.

S Looking Like S Does

Awww... look it's Serena. She does look pretty in this pic, but if she wants to look even better, then she should just drop Aaron. Starving artists who can't take their eyes off of other just aren't ANYONE'S type.

Little J Humphrey

I lyv her outfit in this pic, but I must admit I like the old Jenny better. She was just so much more likable.

Smiling Taylor

I love Jenny's style(new and old) and I'm so glad to see her signature smile again. She was getting a little bit too dark. After all, we do need SOMEONE innocent on the show. = )

Aaron Rose, Serena van der Woodsen

Aaron may have his "hot moments" but he's kind of, well, ewww... on Chuck, being a playboy is hot. On Aaron, it's jut... weird and disgusting. I can't wait to say bye bye to Aaron.

The Sparks Fly

Blair looks so amazing in that dress! And only Chuck can pull off sequins. Well, I can't wait for some Chair action. It's been a while.

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