Supernatural Review: Family Ties

Loved this episode! One of the best (if not THE best) of the season so far.
But am i the only one who still remember about Dean and Sam's mother (As well as the rest of her family) being a hunter? For some reason i thought it should have been mentioned. The brothers might be Men of Letters legacies by their father's side, but they are hunters, mostly because of John, but through their mother's side as well.

Pretty Little Liars Review: Revelations, Part 2

Finally one of them is questionning their loyalty to Ali! With everything they found out about her, horrible things she did to them and to others, i'm surprised it didn't happen earlier... I don't think Spencer, Aria, Emily or Hanna should stop caring and investigating Ali's murder (otherwise the story would just, well, end) but they definitely want to put things in perspective.

Scandal Review: We The People

Don't get me wrong i like Scandal, otherwise i wouldn't keep watching it. But one thing keeps getting on my nerve.
Can someone please tell Shonda Rhimes to stop using the expression "leader of the free world" when referring to president? I can very well understand patriotism even if i am not a us citizen, but i am nonetheless as free as can be (or, at least, that's how i consider myself) and the us president is not my leader.

Revenge Review: Two May Keep a Secret If One Of Them Is Dead

Even though at the beginning of this season i was still rooting for Daniel and Emily, their relationship felt odd during this episode. I am slowly changing my mind about them. Or, rather than that, it's just that i don't know what to think anymore.
As for Aiden, i never really liked him. The way they introduced him and his love story with Emily was a little forced (in my opinion). I still can't see any chemistry between the two actors which isn't helpfull at all...