Glee Season Finale Review: Pomp and Circumstance

1. After watching the Glee Project I am very disappointed we didn't get a proper goodbye from Sam or Damian.
2. Disappointed that after the entire season nothing followed through on the show & it was a depressing mess.
3. Sick and tired of the Rachel/Finn show.
4. When is Kurt ever going to have success in his life and step out of Rachel's shadow? Except for his relationship with Blaine, his life is nothing but depressing.
5. It seems on this show that the underdog is always the underdog. None of the other characters besides Rachel/Finn got proper notice or solos. They started out as underdogs and stayed under Rachel Berry all 4 years of high school. How depressing. I am truly disappointed in the writers. I am leaving the show. No more Glee and furthermore, no more Glee Project.