TV Fanatic Presents: The FrenEmmys!

Best Drama - The Vampire Dairies
Best Comedy - Awkward.
Lead Actor in a Drama - Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
Supporting Actor in a Drama - Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) Dylan O'brian (Teen Wolf)
Lead Actress in a Drama - Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries)
Supporting Actress in a Drama - Candice Accola (Vampire Diaries
Lead Actress in a Comedy - Ashley Rickards (Awkward.)


Nina Dobrev?! Hello???? She has to be on this list!


Mikaels last name isn't Mikaelson, it's whatever his dad name was and "son" on the end. That's the way it worked in the old world and it's a choice if we want to in some Scandinavian countries.

The Vampire Diaries Review: Family Matters

If you think about this murderer for a second, shouldn't it be considered that the killer is supernatural? Yhink about it, both Bill and RIc know how to deal with vampires and to be on their guard all the time, so would a human be able to attack them without that Bill and Ric getting at least a glimse of who it was. And everybody hasn't been invited into the Gilbert house, so it's either Tyler och Kat. Just a thought...


Damon should be on the list! Think about everything his done for the past year for Elena,Stefan and all the others in Mystic Falls.He's given up EVERYTHING for them