I still confused about Haley, don't tell me Klaus going be drawing ponies about her and talking about her light and ish. While I originally didn't like "Cordy and ANgel as a couple it made sense as she always had a crush on him and her being in the area made sense because it was California and Cordy wanted to be an actress but the whole point of Cordy was to give an angel an attachment from BTVS gang. No one even likes Haley and if Klaus is so gongho with killing Tyler, he should be just as pissy about Haley unsiring them in the first place"

@whateva - Between you and drich61, the two of you guys convincing me that this thing will be nonsense. TVD is already enough nonsense as it is, it will hurt my heart to add in another nonsense show. Right now I'm trying to limit the amount of crap I watch, to the extent that I stopped watching Revenge. It's real heartache to take 40 mins of your life and spend it watching crap.


@drich61 When I hear "Marcel" and "New Orleans", my brain goes to black man by default, but that's just me. I honestly get your point about the whole name thing, it's just... UGH, Plec!

In my head there was at the very least this badass black guy vampire, and I was giving credit to Plec for making an attempt at the "male black vampire" character, hoping severely that she didn't make it into "Blackula II"... But now that you shine some light on my ignorance, it's like "Duh, of course this leading character is going to be white." What impossible cloud had I been on?

What's the word I'm looking for? Outrageous? Audacious? The nerve of this woman to have a show based on the supernaturality of New Orleans and have it not feature black people in a role that she's previously designated to black people.

If it wasn't for Klaus, I'd boycott it.

"But I guess my whole argument is it would be weird to have a large white cast in a predominantly African American area."

Exactly this.


"You also need to remember the description for Marcel. He was Klaus' protege at the time Klaus was part of founding New Orleans. So today's demographic has nothing to do with when Klaus and Marcel meet. At that time blacks were still slaves, a black man would not have been very helpful in helping Klaus and the originals in founding New Orleans. Marcel has to be a Cajun to fit this story, at the time they meet."

@drich61 - You're actually making it worse, but you know that, right? Are you deliberately or accidentally being a troll?


"so at least 2 regulars out of a limited number of regulars being ethnic is pretty good"

I would agree with this if the thing was set in let's say Boston, or Ireland. But out of all the places in the world/America, they decided to go with New Orleans. It just feels like somebody pissing on me and calling it rain.


So wait a minute, not to sound like a Black Panther or anything, but just wait a minute...
99% of witches in the TVD universe thus far are black, but the one witch who's got a role of some importance, say leading the revolution, isn't? If you're going to die in five minutes, it's okay - you can cast somebody black, but if they're going to be sticking around a while, we gotta give 'em a race lift?
So... Just so I understand it, that's what happening here?

And also, given that Marcel, I think, is traditionally a black name, (never met anyone named that who wasn't black, correct me if this is a completely wrong assumption), but presuming that Marcel is black, and that CW only hires one black/biracial character per series (it was so weird seeing Bonnie's ENTIRE family together - I was like whoa, it's like BET up in here!), can we go ahead and assume that there will be no black witch series regular character? Will this be a little weird considering that it's New Orleans?

But MF is supposedly in Virginia, yet they managed to pull off Bonnie be the sole black person to exist..., so I'm curious...


Give it to them, CW got mad perseverance.


I feel as if somebody just **** me up the ###. Seriously. They started with about ten to fifteen villains, and by thirteen episodes in, everybody just falls off a banister/cremate themselves/get cancer/ die from nosebleeds/ get shot by their momma?


Why couldn't Bonnie go evil and join up with Klaus in New Orleans?

The people coming up with these ideas... What kind of qualifications do you need to be a writer for CW? Anybody know?

Do they know how to do a spinoff? Everything I here about this fills me with dread. My expectations keep getting lower and lower. By the time this pilot premieres my expectations might be so low, it might actually come off as decent... which could be their gameplan, maybe...


SERIOUS: Can somebody with any kind of access to PLEC get in touch with the woman and tell her that "Hayley" + "Camille" are just horrible ideas?

Please. Seriously. If she has a twitter feed or a blog or something that anybody knows about, because I don't think she actually has any kinda link to the audience she's supposed to be writing for, and apparently, no staff to tell her when she's coming up with a BAD idea.


It's not the blood or the gore. This is passable pg 13. Or maybe I'm just aware that TV is not real.

The problem is the retarded as f--k plot.


I don't need to watch this, I have Rome on DVD.