Golfingdocp, your summary of the first two episodes and your family's commentary is very informative. However, I wanted to point a few things for them to consider. You posture that Neil, in the first episode, is suffering from sexual abstinence as Grace is already six months into the affair and Simon has replaced Neil in Grace's bed (or sometimes against her wall). I would suggest that Neil was not suffering from sexual abstinence imposed by Grace but rather one that was self-imposed. We know that Grace did turn down Neil's overture on the night before the affair is discovered. But if we consider Grace's comments on the night of the bar fight, we see a possible other scenario, one where Neil and Grace have had no contact outside the house for six months and I suspect very little intimate (physical and also verbal) contact and conversation at home. Grace suggested that they at least go home and fool around and Neil doesn't accept. Is that the response of a man being denied sex? If we take Grace's comment to her sister that sex isn't as important in a marriage and that Neil and she are not having sex even once a week and combine that with Simon's revelation to Neil that Grace told him that Neil had been emotionally checked out of the marriage for a year, I think we can see a plausible scenario where both Neil and Grace are not invested in their marriage. Neil doesn't deny being unemotionally detached and in fact appears to acknowledge that it is true. Neil has been so busy with work that he probably has not had the energy to have sex regularly. What did Linda say in "Adultery" about what happened to her sex life after marriage; it became an obligation rather than the wonderful connection that it had been before marriage. I suspect that Neil like some married men may simply not have been having sex often with their wives because sex had become a chore and wasn't all that satisfying at that point. Consider this! If Neil and Grace had been having a powerful sex life before the affair, why would she need to enter into the affair? Wouldn't Neil suspect something if he went from having sex all the time to rarely in a six month period? No, Neil didn't get upset about being rebuffed by Grace because it wasn't that important to him as well. He just shrugged it off. Yes, I agree that Grace's subdued reaction to Neil being gone for two nights when she knew after the first night that he had quit his job is strange. But consider this fact! Neil didn't think it would be a problem for him to disappear like that for two nights. He simply decided to tell Grace that he was busy at work and he thought she would accept it. He wasn't worried that she would be suspicious. Why? Maybe because he had already been working long hours at the office prior to that time, and so he thought Grace wouldn't be suspicious if he said he had to work all night at the office. Remember what Grace's friends at the bar said to each other about Neil and the fact that he was basically living at his workplace. Grace may have been checked out of the marriage but so had Neil before his epiphany. In the case of the finances, I think there are a couple of explanations for why Neil may not have suspected anything. One, Grace may have handled the finances and so Neil would never be looking at the checkbook or the savings account balance and see that a lot of money was going out. Even if Grace and Simon were only meeting once a week, that would be $2400 a month. Maybe Neil is so rich that he doesn't concern himself with that small an amount (I'm not a 1% so I'm being facetious). However, I think the fact that he is a financial advisor and investor may suggests that he would be conscious of his own finances and would have notice the withdrawal of large amounts of cash. I would. Two, maybe Neil simply doesn't care at all about how his and Grace's money is spent. I don't think this is a likely scenario. Three, maybe Grace is paying for the sex with her own money so that Neil is not aware of the money. In my family, my wife and I have several accounts, a couple of joint accounts, and a couple of individual accounts. I have an individual account to handle mortgage payments. My wife has an individual account where she deposits her salary. We also deposit family assets into her account for family expenses that she takes care of as well as spending money. In all truth, I have no idea how much money is in her individual account as I trust her and it's her own business. Four, Grace may not be spending as much as some people think she is on sessions with Simon. Maybe there are not meeting as regularly as some people suspect. Maybe Simon is giving her a freebie every so often. He does tell her that it's not about the money between the two of them suggesting that the issue may have come up before when Grace didn't have the money to pay for the session and Simon may have suggested that she not worry about it. Grace, I suspect wanted to pay for each session so that she could distance herself from the affair and deny her growing attraction and emotional bond with Simon. So there are possible scenarios that could explain why Neil might not be aware of how much money. The final point that I want to make is regarding the timing of Grace's decision to try to initially end her relationship with Simon. Some of the posters have suggested that Grace only chose to end her relationship because Neil had quit his job and was around the house more and so his presence may have made it difficult for her to carry on the affair. I disagree with this assessment. We know that Neil went back to work after only two days and so he wouldn't have been around the house. Even if Neil was around the house, it still wouldn't have prevented Grace from being able to meet Simon. She could have met him at his apartment or her staged houses and used her job as an excuse to go out. Clearly, she was able to hide the affair from Neil as he had no suspicion that she was stepping out on him. No, I still give Grace some credit for realizing that she needed to end the relationship with Simon. I think she did it because she still loved Neil and wanted to preserve her marriage after she saw how he reacted in the plane and how he reacted in regards to his daughter's school crises (he was trying to be more involved and see could see it even if she disagreed with his supporting Anika's honesty). I think she took the first step, like Linda, to make a choice, and the choice was for her family and Neil. Yeah for the romantics in the world. :)


That last scene in bed was actually staged perfectly. This was a critical juncture in their relationship and Jane was initiating it. He is ready to deal with "the future" Pike alerted him to. Fully clothed? Sure. Jane was sick; Lisbon was getting sick. Not the best situation for sex. It's a mature relationship that doesn't need furious youthful sexual exuberance constantly like they just discovered it. it was time to talk. Cards on table. Jane suggested just leaving the FBI to get Lisbon's reaction. He got exactly the one he knew he would get. So now they know they have to somehow conflate the carney world with the law enforcement world. They also know they want to be together - Jane more so than Lisbon. Jane needs Lisbon in a very fundamental way, as a child would. Lisbon needs Jane in a somewhat different way, as a mother would. She could let go; he can't. It's a reflection of the kind of lives they led that formed them before they met. So maybe they'll stay with the FBI but with a deal that allows them a month off a couple of times a year to do some wanderlust stuff that gives Jane a respite from dead bodies and violence. Maybe they'll meet up with Jane's traveling carnival and have Lisbon play the magician's assistant for him because it's fun. I am thinking Jane opened this conversation because he knows what Lisbon wants and he knows what he owes her. He did ruin the CBI and Lisbon's career there because of his obsession with Red John. He did make Lisbon's work "difficult and exhausting" what with the constant damage control she had to do because of him. He knows how self-absorbed he was at her expense. So I think he is clearing the ground for making it up to her by seeing what she needs and making sure she gets it and making whatever sacrifices he needs to make to accomplish that. Perhaps this is part of the advance in character development Simon Baker wanted for S7. I am confident the writers have some great plans for the finale of this beautiful series.

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Well I am sorry but their writers suck they are not giving us what we want, Basic Jane is abusing Lisbon treating her like a slave instead of a woman.


What? I LOVED Zelena!


Winter, Bushi101, Reality Adictt, and other posters,
I have spent a couple of hours over the past two days watching Satisfaction episodes 1 and 2. These viewings were with my wife and eldest daughter, and at their insistence. They have been following some of our postings and had different recollections from what they have read on this site.
So let us start. In episode 1 current time both Neil and Grace are in the gym. Neil tells his neighbor that he needs to feel more not less. Grace tells her sister that Neil and her sex life has diminished to less than 1 per month because of marriage. This is important, she is 6 months into the affair and has a ready substitute for Neil's physical presence. Grace is not suffering from sexual abstinence, Neil is.
The night of Neil's implosion he has already quit his job and is unemployed. He has the tryst with Mallory posing as Simon. The next morning as he lies in bed with Mallory, Grace calls and states she has been texting him all night. He states that he is at the office and his phone was turned off. Grace questions him suspiciously. Neil goes from the hotel to a meeting with the Zen Master. Grace goes to Neil's office where she discovers that he quit. She takes his office possessions home and then goes to her sisters. At her sisters home Grace states that she did not know Neil was so unhappy. Grace and Stephanie watch the plane U-tube video. At this time Neil is at the Zen Master where he receives his first contact from Adriana. He is unemployed but makes the weekend date. Neil goes on the overnight date with Adriana and meets Charles the hedge fund owner. The next day when Neil comes home from his date with Adriana, Neil is met by his wife and his former boss who offers him a partnership. The partnership was contingent on closing the deal with Charles. O.K., lets stop here for a moment. Neil has gone out on 2 overnight dates and his wife knows that he is unemployed. She does not press for information as to what he has been doing. My wife and daughter believe that Grace doesn't really care at this point. She is totally self adsorbed and has achieved the degree of sexual and emotional satisfaction which she craves. She really has put Neil out of mind. The tie purchase was just a personal reminder to herself that she was married. Nothing more or less. Grace's only fleeting moment of concern or thought about Neil was at her sisters' home just prior to watching the video. Grace sort of does a reflective ponder as to how her lack of contact with Neil for the past 6 months may have contributed to his implosion.
When Charles meets with Neil and his boss at their office, Neil has a day dream. In that day dream there are 3 women (one of which is black), in scenes which suggest friendliness or intimacy. Is it possible that Neil has had some interludes on the side?. His day dream is terminated by the scene in which he witnessed his wife getting pounded against the wall. This is a rather strong suggestion that maybe Neil was not always totally faithful.
Now about finances. When Neil's car was taken by Simon, Neil was driven to a bank where he withdrew enough money to purchase a 2012 Porsche Carrera out of auction (probably $40,000). He thought nothing of the withdrawal. Therefore, Grace's possibly spending $20k - 30k on Simon over 6 months might easily be hidden from Neil. These are clearly affluent individuals. Grace has been purchasing Manolo shoes prior to her big wardrobe change. Just a note. I own the same vehicle as Simon in this series, so the auction price is what I would consider reasonable.
At this stage in episode 2 both Neil and Grace are having affairs. Neil does not want to stop, because in his own words "he feels alive". Grace does not want to stop because she is fully satisfied sexually. No change in Grace occurs until Neil starts showing a more considerate or attentive face.
So this is where my wife and daughter have brought me in their second viewing of the first couple of episodes. They believe that Grace is essentially living her own life with minimal contact or interaction with Neil or her daughter. This is borne out by her daughter having to turn to Stephanie for aid when her mother was unavailable.

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You are reaching.

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Thanks I didn't want Ezra to be A - the show like Secret Life.. far outlived its life. Kill it off! Yeah True Blood ending was very disappointing - but so was the last season except for the Jason/Eric fantasy. And Daniel's death was devastating but might bring things to a head - as long as Jack doesn't end up with Emily.


yes that was uncalled for because Sweet was many times in the background and when he was there he played an important part, I feel like they should bring him back but say he was under witness protection until they find the bad guy who tried to kill him.


You have got to be kidding me-Kai and the gemini storyline is actually what's keeping the show from going down the drain this season compared to season 5!

@ Joy Haldar

Agreed. Kai is psychotic. And I love it. I feel no ambivalence about hating him at all. I just hate him. Which rocks because we always end up liking the bad guys on this show, except for Mama Original...always hated her. (Katherine, Klaus, etc.)

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Yes I also like Patrick in a three piece suit.I also enjoyed Teresa's performance as a psychic. There was Cho with a smile finally at the beginning of the episode


I think that Aaron acctualy tried to kill Charlie