Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

The "Alexis Castle Eye Roll Worthy Moment" of the week. Yes, this is now something we can all look forward to each week and it's very, very sad. It's like the writers are in competition with one another of how to best destroy her character. If they don't get Rick and Kate back together asap, I can't imagine many people will be sticking with Castle this season.

Arrow Post Mortem: So... Who's Dead?!?!?!?!?!?

The death has to be felicity because the endgame for the green arrow is black canary and because of shippers felicity has to die.


OveralI liked it, although it was pretty funny that Sam made a big speech about finding new patterns and then they a) split up and b) Sam hides his illness from Dean. Not o much with the new patterns after all. I also could have done without the Cas and Crowley updates until episode 2; Cas' stuff was just a little flat (not sure why) and the actress playing Crowley as a woman just didn't have the right demonic twinkle in her performance.

Sp mckenna
@ Julia Murray

Yeah, I'm really hoping Castiel and Crowley get something interesting to do this season. We probably didn't need to see them in the first episode, but at least we have a general idea that they are in new spots. Fingers crossed!


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Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

I agree with all that was said. I use to re-watch episodes, but don't anymore. I think Castle should let Beckett do her thing and see where the dice roll, especially if you know you have done nothing wrong.


Antonio really owned it this ep the interrogation scene I'd expect that sort of thing from Voight having him talk to his son at the end seemed fitting after the toll this week's case took on him. Roman was nice to have an explination for the needle nice to see him donating blood to that kid. Bunny as usual was both a spoiled self entitled pain and a bitch not only saying Nadia's death was because of Voight but now revealing this case from years ago I feel will bite Voight and everyone in the unit in the arse. I wish Voight would do to Bunny what he tried to do with Casey I wouldn't mind at all.


Sci-fi shows have a bad record of low sustainability on regular channels. I may be in the minority(pun intended) but Minority Report has kept my interest so far. Chances are that it will be cancelled due to low ratings. I hope that there is an ending episode so that fans aren't left up in the air. If it was on the SyFy network, it would have had a better chance. Blind Spot, on the other hand, is a ratings hit. Should be around for several seasons. Great pairing with Blacklist, another great show.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Green Arrow

I really enjoyed this episode, although it did feel like they crammed a bit too much in. I loved the Olicity interactions and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them as a 'team within the team'. They come across as a mature, adult couple who talk out their problems and genuinely love each other. Watching Oliver embrace his lightness over the darkness will be fun to watch. Can't wait for the Diggle/Oliver bromance to get back on track. And as for the ending - its not Felicity in the grave. She's too popular and well loved and Olicity is a BIG ship in the CW network. Plus her death would undo a lot of Oliver's forward progress. The lighter, funnier Green Arrow will take even longer to appear if the woman he wants to marry dies.

@ kiki

I hope it's not Felicity, too. For one thing, it would be utterly ridiculous to kill off yet another love interest of Oliver. First Sara, then Shado, then Sara again, an honorable mention to McKenna Hall, Isabel Rochev, and then Sara *again*. (I would not want to be associated with this man.)

Sarah silva

I am glad that my prediction that the needle in Roman's bag wasn't going to be something bad was correct.
This was a heavy episode, anytime it involves a child is heart wrenching.
The mom of the little boy was horrible! When she slapped Voight, I found myself hoping he would slap her back. I do not condone that behavior but his team was doing all the could to help find her sons killer and she was giving him to much attitude. I knew it was he mechanic right off the bat.
I am sure Halstead and Linsday will get back together soon.
I hope Olinksy's daughter smartens up soon and realizes that it is good to have a relationship with him.
The scene with Antonio on the phone with his son was great! Oh the feels.
We got a sweet moment in the locker room with Ruzek and Burgess, however I still do not think these two will make it down the aisle.
Bunny you have made a huge mistake! HUGE. You will not take down Voight and Lindsay will not talk to you again, which is good!

Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

I may have a bad memory but I do not remember anyone saying that Castle was kidnapped and forced to do what he did. I think that you could make a case that he was stopped (forcefully or not) and the need for his participation in the incident in Thailand explained to him and he volunteered. He then asked for his memory to be erased to protect national secrets of the U. S. In what happened.