I knew when Talia commented on Ezra being hot in the last episode it was just to see if she was into guys or not. It wasn't hard to see from the beginning that Talia was feeling Emily.


I am glad that the merge finally happened and neither Jo or Kai died , I am sorry about Luke though , he really impressed me by sacrificing himself not just for Liv but for Jo too .
I don't think Liz came back to life because she didn't die at the first place , it's just her heart stop for few minutes and then back to beat again ( I've seen that happen in many shows ) , and the vampire blood is out of her system but she still have cancer .
I really missed Bonnie ,I can't wait for her return .


I do hope the suggested death is faked. Cho did mention that he faked a death once to help Jane work his plan to catch the bad guy so that may be a hint that they will try this again. I can't bear the thought of Vega getting killed because Wylie would be so heartbroken and he is such a sweet guy. With the only loose ends to tie up being no-brainers - brother Stan's problem (easily handled by Jane) and Jane's servitude (easily handled by Abbott), the only thing left is the mystery of why Jane is so irrationally fearful of emotional loss. It has to be due to something that happened in his childhood that created a lasting trauma he can't really recognize it because he was too young at the time. Why is he so physically timid when attacked and why does he so readily run away from danger and why does he react so negatively to mentions of Child Protection Services and foster care and why is he so fearful of guns (except when he has to use one in exceptional emotionally relevant cases such as saving Lisbon's life and getting revenge on Red John? Why did he automatically mention an aunt's cooking and not his mother's? Is something going on there? He certainly had a mother but he seems to have no memory of her - or is it from too early an age that whatever traumatic thing happened is buried in his subconscious? Why was his father wearing a wedding ring - obviously a remnant of an earlier part of his life he cherished. This from a man who was so harsh and cynical with Jane? Did that woman's death make him that way? What the hell was going on back then? Pete and Samantha would know. The story and the drama surrounding it would certainly make a good series finale and bring the story full circle.

Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Hawley's History

I liked the ritual most this week, it was demonic. Ichabod's song choice was hilarious, sung well though. Camilla is a great addition to the show, immortal so almost definitely returning. I think it unlikely that Hawley is gone for good. As for Irving, maybe Orion did something? Or Katrina was lying. Her behavior suggested she was either sorrowful (at a couple's closeness) or scheming (to find a way back to Henry). Ichabod and Abbie are getting there, it's been drawn out well.

Anna Gunn Signs on for Criminal Minds Spinoff

They are trying another CM spinoff. The first one starring Forest Whitaker was not successful.

Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Clyde Really Dead?

Kill him get him off,he is too evil

Backstrom Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Bella

In both episodes, it seemed like the last 20-25 minutes were much stronger than the beginning. That being said, the dialogue on the whole is still pretty bad. The "comedy" just seems too forced. It feels like there's something there, but the bad is outweighing the good. I'll give it a few more weeks, but I'm not optimistic.

Revenge Round Table: Emily vs. Amanda

Disappointed in Emily for going to Ben. She should have gone to Jack if anyone. Although how would she have guessed how he felt. He had a thing with Marqaux and then with Kate. She only was with Aidan. She suffered when she helped fauxAmanda get Jack. He only fel for fauAmanda because he thought it was Amanda. Then when he found out how he felt Amanda came back and was pregnant. Again Emily made paternity test show Jack was father. At the end he did think he loved Amanda. So really now they both need to show real feelings for each other. The writers could make wonderful and real for us if they are good. Or maybe ABC needs to bring in some good writers to review this show. Just do not tease us,make it happen. Make Jack stronger than Emily and sexier than Aidan. Bring it on writers do your job as good as Shandra.


I didn't like Kitty's presence until the last few episodes, and I will actually miss having her around. I definitely feel the focus of the show should be on Sherlock and Joan though, and I am glad that it is getting back to it's roots. I will definitely be watching next Thursday, and all the Thursdays to come.