12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Keys

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Sarah silva

So Frank killed Lila. Well Sam told Frank he owed him and decided to call in his favor to get rid of Lila. I wonder what Sam had on him.
As soon as the first hour started, I knew Rebecca was going to be killed. As for who killed her that is the next big question and that will be theme of next season.
I know Frank told Annalise he is not that guy, we all know he is and so for the moment I think he killed her.
However there are 6 other suspects. I do not think it was Annalise, Connor, Michaela or Wes. If it was not Frank it could have been Bonnie or Laurel. Laurel has become someone that I think we should watch out for. She had Michaela's ring this whole time and kept it as she knew Michaela would keep her mouth shut as long as she thought the ring was missing.
I find Michaela annoying most of the time but I loved the scene between her and her exes mom and the way she put the mother in her place!
I like that the crew went and hid in the basement when Asher came over.
I wonder why the attorney went to talk to Asher.
I knew Oliver was going to test positive and Connor was going to test negative as soon as Oliver suggested they get tested. Then when Oliver said his test was negative, I did not believe him.
I still wonder what Annalise's plan is with Nate and why she is doing all that she is doing to him.
Yes, who did Rebecca text?

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i want to know what the baby eats....?

Sarah silva

This was an okay episode.
I really hope that Amelia can get the tumor out. I am not sure what it will do to her if she does not succeed. I hope she does not turn to drinking or drugs.

Sarah silva

I love how you compare Jeff to a movie villain that can not be killed. I too was happy when Luke fired him and then mad when Layla hired him to be her manager. I too wondered why Layla, why! Jeff will make Rayna's life hell as he will be out for revenge via Layla.
I really wish that Will would have signed with Rayna.
I loved the Avery and Juliette scene at the end. I also love that Scarlett, Avery and Gunnar are going to play together, I have been saying forever that the show needs a Lady A type of group!
So I wonder if Jeff is the one behind the investigation of Natasha. I think he is and I also think that Teddy will have nothing to lose and will now make public what happened to Layla.
I love that Rayna had Sadie's back and I loved what Rayna said to Pete!!!


I loved this episode. We got to see Steve and Danny together most of he show. I love that they do argue. I agree Amanda, Danny is who he is, the arguments are the basis of the show, the relationship between the two are the basis for the show. Truly good friends, bicker back and forth at times, and also show how they really feel about each other. Danny has said things, but Steve has said things also. It is what it is, and I love it. How hard it must have been for Steve to reveal something in his past that made him feel vulnerable, and how sweet was Danny to buy him a guitar. Danny actually got to drive his car. Although Danny complains about control issue Steve, he still allows him to drive his car. That is friendship.

Glee Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Break Free

I think the reviewer aks too much. Since the pilot, I've only been invested in Rachel's story (you cannot even imagine how many scenes with the newbies I've had to fastforward during season 4). So yesterday episode was good because Rachel has had conversation with Will and it leads to her being able to leave to go back to her real home: NYC, knowing that New Directions will be in good hands with Will.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Stakeout

Absolutely the worst episode of the year. An hour long "cargument" is 55 minutes too long. How many HPD officers were shot at the shootout? Yet the team has their usual "ohana" moment at the shrimp truck laughing and joking.

@ walter

Doesn't the team always have a "ohana" moment at the end. Typically it doesn;t matter what happens. Remember that time a terrorist was going to kill the world with a biological weapon or that time Roman trapped Kono in a hospital and almost killed her?

NCIS Round Table: Gibbs the Geek

There are serious problems with any of the big three getting into a permanent serious relationship - it would change the entire dynamic of the show & would probably lead to its downfall - if Tony or Tim or Gibbs married or Ducky or Abi, their concerns & priorities would have to change - Gibbs without his carpentry? Abi without the nuns? Tim without his gaming? Tony without his flirting? No way!

@ PatC

Ideally, why would any of them have to change who they are in order to be with someone on a permanent basis? (Except for Tony's flirting - which we've already seen is gone. Remember when McGee first guessed that Tony was in a firm relationship, when that girl in the truck tried to flirt with Tony but got shot down?) I can't see Gibbs ever giving up his carpentry for anyone. Likewise Abby with her nuns. Ducky's personal life appears to be non-existent, so what would he be giving up?

The Messengers First Look

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