Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 8 Review: Awake

Ummmmmm, pardon my ignorance but why wasn't Reid on the last episode?

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@ Mark

MGG seems to have taken most of October off - why that is no-one knows. He will miss 3 episodes and won't return till episode 11. For me, the show is just not worth watching without him in it. The writing has got so bad and the show has lost all sense of suspense. It's all about the unsubs, the soapy sub stories and the girls now and the dark, intelligent show about profiling is long gone. I won't bother to watch what has become just another procedural until Reid returns.

Castle Round Table: Did You Love the Love Scene?

I,too, agree with most everyone's opinion of how S8 is progressing. Have hated the separation from day1.I have said all along Castle needed to confront her about what is really going on.Dish to her what she has been dishing to him.Grow that spine back Castle and give her an ultimatum,"what the hell is going on or I'm out of here." Can't wait for that guy(can't spell his name) to leave. As for the end love scene, Would have loved it even more if they had Castle IN THE BED AND NOT SITTING ON THE FREAKING FLOOR. What the hell? they should have been wrapped up in each other's arms.
Still don't know why writers thought they had to 'bring back the spark' between them Saw the promo for 'Mr.&Mrs.Castle'. looks like this will be a funny one and at least there won't be a long hiatus. Next ep. will be Jan.4. I'm hoping all of the fans will still b on board after Monday's ep.


I agree, Meredith is being downright nasty to...well, damned near everybody. Yes, I know there is no "time limit" on grief, but I think she's well past the time when people would excuse her outbursts and rudeness. It's one thing to be tough on Penny because of the "reminder", but everyone else? Not saying it's right to be that way to Penny, but I don't understand why anyone and everyone seems to be on her s@!$ list. Maybe someone will say something to her about it...Bailey? Webber? Callie? She doesn't seem to hate *them*.


That's it for The Player? Okay NBC, move MOL to The 10 PM slot as soon as it resumes. get it as far away from SVU and CHICAGO PD as fast as possible, where it can stop being the "Anchor That is Pulling Them DOWN!" Put Heartbreaker(if it is ready) in the 8 pm slot on Wednesdays ASAP.

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

I'm trying to find her as well. I know I've seen her in something.

Days Of Our Lives Recap: The End of Bo & Hope

Oh, honey, Andre hasn't been the new evil villain in town since I was a kid and he was a serial killer who killed a woman who turned out, now, to be his sister.

Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Review: My Bad Parts

I love Empire, but that was the lamest excuse for a rap battle ever!! He was dancing his ass off! Nobody cares about anything but lyrics.... and Freda lyrically crushed him. Rappers get animated, sure, but that last verse and the way the crowd did the back and forth on cue and that often was comical. Never seen a rap battle like that, even rap Olympics. You gotta earn with hot lines on that day, if they knew the lines in the back and forth it had to be old or he wold have needed many more bars to train the crowd..... but we know Hakeem had to win!! Still ABSOLUTELY Love Empire thougb.... no more rap battles unless we get it right though!

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13 Couples That Didn't Get Their Happy Ending

What about Mark and Lexie from Grey's Anatomy?
Lexie was killed in the plane crash that resulted in the end of Mark's life.
Even though they weren't together at the time of Lexie' death, they were both so incredible in love with each other. They were the most mature relationship on Greys and I will always be bitter about them getting killed off

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The New McDreamy?

Honestly I thought what Maggie said was great. I'm going to be honest when you're not white, you always think of your race and how people interact with you. It is just like Maggie described, it's always there, sometimes its a low hum in the background, sometimes it's super in your face, but it's always there it never fails. White people don't have to think about their race so it makes sense that most of you don't get it.

Castle Season 8 Episode 7 Review: The Last Seduction

much worse than the separation and all the other nonsensical distractions is the writing. There were at least three "homages" to previous episodes. Ryan & Espo fighting and reconciliation, the "wingman" picking up women, and of course the honey trapping. At least some originality. A five foot woman killing a six foot man with a knife?? Really. These were talented writers and actors. Don"t they have the courtesy to watch this mjunk before they shovel it off to a rapidly decreasing audience