NCIS Cast: Before They Were Stars

They didn't mention a show I really loved, Harmon was in a show called Reasonable Doubt, with Marlee Matlin. I assume that's where Harmon learned ASL.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

How is it possible that Sybill Crawley and Matthew Crawley, Radar (he is not dead, luckily) and Henry Blake from MASH aren`t here?

@ Alice

We didn't go back that far. Yet. It's just this past season or so. :-)

True Blood Finale: An Insulting, Illogical Slap in the Face

It wasn't because Bill believed that vamps and humans couldn't be together! Were you even watching?! Bill wanted to give Sookie a chance to find someone to give her a chance at the life she really wanted. It's not just about having babies. How many times had she decided that she didn't want to be with a vampire, let alone be one. They both knew it wasn't meant to be. Also Bill was ready to die. He had lived longer than he was meant too. He wanted or at least hoped to finally be reunited with his children. It was pretty clear that he was no longer content in this world. As far as Jessica, he loved her like a daughter. He wanted her to be happy and new that she could be with Hoyt. He is old fashioned, he was regaining some of his humanity, and he wanted Jessica to be ok once he was gone. I felt like the writers did a very good job at tying things up.

@ krissyblueyes

I don't totally disagree with you. What the writers failed to do was show Bill dying in a manner fitting for his character. Bill has protected Sookie over and over. He helped get the ladies out of Fangtasia's cellar, even when he knew they were completely outnumbered. He stayed with Sookie when she decided to make herself vampire bait in order to find out where Holly, Arlee, Nicole, and Jane were being held. He saved Jessica at the Fangtasia fight. He would have gladly given his life for Jessica and/or Sookie. His death should have been in defense of one of them, or defending Andy and Adilyn. Suicide was not his m.o. He would not have done that. This was completely OOC for him. He would never ask Sookie to help him die. Again, completely OOC. Yes, he wanted Jessica to be happy, and he was thrilled to have her marry Hoyt. But the rest was B.S.

Glee Season 6 Synopsis: Why Does Rachel Return Home?

So essentially they all come back having failed in their dreams to teach others how to dream big? No thanks. They lost me as a never missed an episode fan to barely watching in seasons 4 and 5.

Graceland Review: Animal House

At first, high hope for this series. But when watching romance between partner, i feel sad. All team member have sex problem. Please look NCIS, blue blood. It's contradiction become an best law enforcement if he/she cannot follow simple rules, no sex between colleague.

Suits Summer Finale Review: The Order of Things

Stop watching. Boring, Four season only about fake harvard graduate and office romance.

Teen Wolf Review: Huh?

The more Scott lets the violence take him, the more he becomes like Ducalion. I can't be the only one that noticed his transformation looked similar to Ducalion's monstrous wolf.

Suits Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

Gave the season a B. The episodes were all terrific, but it feels like the show is losing its soul. Maybe it was because I marathoned the first 1.5 seasons, but it just seems that the same happy emotions just aren't there anymore. Sure, you have the Mike/Donna/Harvey happy family trinity, but beyond that, it just seems all the other relationships are just unhappy or nonexistent. Louis and anyone? Unhappy. Rachel + Harvey/Jessica? Nonexistent. I mean...where do you go from here? And where's the happiness going to come from?

Longmire: Canceled by A&E

Disappointing news but not totally surprising. So what does A&E really stand for now. Was Branch shot by his father? Hope someone else picks it up. I think that was the only show I watched on that channel.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: The Heart of the Matter

Worst train wreck of insecure, self-obsessed, mean spirited, ugly/angry, shallow, spoiled, out of touch women ever. I get that its for "entertainment", but yikes, some of that vitriol is pretty hard to fake... Who'd keep friend like that and go back for more public humiliation?

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