Sarah silva

Another funny episode.
Yes Phil never realizes he makes sexual innuendos when he talks. Then the scene when Phil and Claire, scare off the potential awesome neighbors was funny. Even Hayley knew they were scaring them away by the way they were talking and to Phil and Claire it was innocent when it really was not.
The whole Cam, Mitchell, Lily and her teacher storyline was fantastic! I laughed at the end when Mrs. Plank asked them what the object of the sentence was and Mitchell said it was to embarrass them and she said correct.
You forgot that 2+7 is 27...that was great too!


I really hope this isn't the end of Franklin and Bash! Though with their schedule changes this year and cast members missing, it seemed like a good possibility that this would be the end. I don't know anything about the ratings, but I don't know why they didn't start it in June like they always have... I find it a great show to watch during the summertime. Of course I still watched it this season, but I'm sure the fall shows playing against it doesn't help any. But I'm pretty sure these two have the best bromance on tv! It's so much fun to watch. I love watching Jared's relationship with Swatello also. It seems like he was getting all the loving this season! And although I was unsure of Anita in the beginning, I always find her scenes with Karp entertaining. So I was looking forward to watching them grow together and hopefully making this relationship work. So I really hope it comes back next season!


I am SUPER happy that season 11 is focusing on the Callie/Arizona relationship and Meredith/Derek because I read somewhere that Shonda said that season 10 was bringing couples together but season 11 was about bringing couples apart. Even though meredith/Derek are endgame. It's 50/50 with Callie/Arizona. So that being said, I am super happy that Jackson, April, Alex, and Jo's couples storylines are not priority this season. I am loving Maggie and Amelia and Callie/Owen/Jackson's new project. But I do want something AWESOME and GOOD to happen to Alex because he is being the perpetual underdog is not good he deserves something good to happen in his professional life now that his private life is on a great track with Jo. And I want to see Alex to bring the thunder! =D

Stalker Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Phobia

I really hope they will release a soundtrack of this show. Those covers at the end are also spooky/fantastic/creepy/awsome!

Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5 Review: Pornstar's Requiem

SPOILER ALERT***STOP READING***** Good episode, but as powerful as the judge setting aside the verdict was, that was simply not really believable. Not without pretty massive political fallout.

Narsimha chintaluri
@ Jimtaryon

Yeah it did seem unlikely, but I guess they were tying in the Mayor defense of the college and his pull on these decisions. The fact that the school would expel her before the rapists, and that Benson would get shit for trying to prevent that, says a lot


i think jake is a slime ball and there is positively no reason to keep him around. either he wants to win back his wife and he stops flirting with everyone or they really move on and she meets a nice guy who treats her right. as it is, there is no way any woman with any respect would even talk to him.

Chris larrondo

Bobbie Morse made the entire episode for me. I will admit I have a little crush on Adrianne Palicki still wish she ended up in the DC Universe but I digress. I am starting to get annoyed with Skye yet again. I didn't like her much in season 1 and this whole new she is an field agent seems far fetched at best. Hoping that she is an alien to put a little charge in her arc because right now I could care less. Bring back Absorbing Man lol. My hope is that Bobbie sticks around and I 2 have grown on Hunter so that would be an interesting dynamic.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

It's great to know that I'm not the only one who laughed at Laurel's hospital scene... :) But I am still very positive with Laurel's direction and I am excited for her to be bad-ass *cross fingers*

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

Amazing episode! Loved Mia and Laurel!

Cena gomez

So happy nobody on this round table opinions matter to the Scandal writers. LOL! Olivia and Fitz scenes were the best part of the episode. Kerry and Tony can do emotional torture like no other. They are so sexy together. Acting soul mates...
No matter what episode, the writers will always throw in some Olitz "moment" or reference and the fans thank them for that! Fitz giving out "Fitzgasm" to Olivia just by breathing. Their breathing were in sync and so devastatingly hot!
Best lines...Fitz EPIC read of Smelly Mellie and her 1976 old dried up cooch. The revisionist "good mother" who is so selfish and full of herself. Baby Teddy don't even know Mama's name. Sad.
Best Line 2...Liv EPIC reading of the scumbag Parents.
Olivia and Fitz had a great episode...oh which ended up being the BEST episode of the Season...and who was focused? Olivia and Fitz! BOOM!

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