If next season is truly the last season I am glad their going out on a hide note

Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Midnight City

I don't agree that Oliver wasn't needed. In fact while I was watching the scenes from the flashback in the night club with Oliver, Maseo and his wife I laugh because all of a sudden I was remembered that Roy and Laurel fight's scenes were so bad.
But they one in the end.
The other thing that I loved this episode was Felicity. She was so beautiful! Didn't like the flirting thing, not because I'm an Olicity, but because it's too soon.

Amy jackey

Enzo from The Vampire Diaries. Enzo is a stalker. He keeps stalking Stefan,

Loretta gray

I some how knew that digging into Serena's computer was going to blow up in Nicole's face. Just like she jumped to out Serena, she should have been that fast to show those papers that she found that would help Erick, but no, she shredded the papers. Now we all know that Serena is up to no good, but that guy steered Nicole wrong.

The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Copper Bullet

I did just watch next weeks promo... OMG obv the push Jane and Lisbon need to make a change.. oh no darn them , I like Vega too..... Not Cho, say it isn't so, Abbott, Wiley, gads ...I do hope it is worth it, maybe Lisbon will see the light- no one in their right mind would give up Jane for the FBI- they could do anything, just anything together, such freedom ...... eeakks worried. Lisbon expected to lose her job at the CBI when she started to work with Jane so she WILL see the light!


I don't think agent thompson was trying to belittle agent carter. his
statement is this "you're a woman, no man will ever consider you an
equal. It's sad but it doesn't make it any less true". what i gathered
from that scene is that thompson sees the world the way it is, at that
time period. As much as peggy would like for things to be different, the
truth is men would never view women as equals. I don't think he was
saying "I would never view you as an equal" Don't write off the
character just yet, i find him interesting. He is not bad or good, he is
like grey. He is all about telling it like it is. To be honest, he is
even treating her more like a fellow agent as opposed to sousa who is
always so soft with her, like he is trying to savour her feelings as a
woman. Remember what she says after "I can always come to you for the
truth" i don't think peggy needs someone to treat her like an egg, I
think she needs someone who challenges her to be better, plus she values
honesty. Left to me, Jarvis is my first option for peggy's future
husband but he is married so there is that.

The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Copper Bullet

I loved the episode it was fun. I do agree with the comments about Lisbon, surely she can understand why Jane might feel that he can not out live another women! And why he would be sooo freaked out about it. After all Red John took away a women he dated once- Christina. I know no Red John but how could he not worry.? They are in a dangerous job, more so Lisbon so it is not unreasonable for Jane to be afraid for her. How many times have they cheated death? I mean really? Lisbon must be in denial. Perhaps Jane needs to SPELL this out for Lisbon, she is obv not getting it. This issue between them is certainly not resolved. It was sooo much fun to see Jane's carney friends... I did recognize her and felt in on the gag, LOL. RE; the magic gone- Jane getting the alarm code, if anyone needs to be in on how Jane does things it is Cho- Jane is such a showman. But there was a pang of sadness, like seeing how the magician took the rabbit out of a hat, sometimes it is best not to know. I want Jane to stay magical and amazing.

@ leigh slaydragons

I want Jane to stay magical and amazing too!!!

@ C P

Me too I want Jane to stay amazing!...and I miss his magical smile and killer looks he gives when happy. He has been way too stressed out in the last few epiodes!


This was a very dark episode on the Sunny timeline, but extremely funny. Mac's own guilt for his "desires," Frank's "froggy," and the most hilarious...Dennis is the next Patrick Bateman hahaha. Only sunny can touch such a sensitive issue and make it hilarious.


I wonder if they will do greenway next year


Ok: I looked up the your perfect spouse for Matt Passmore and she seems to have been married and conveniently gotten a divorce in 2013. Hmmmmmm? Don't understand why this posted here i typed it down below.