Graceland Season 3 Episode 1 Review: B-Positive

This episode was much better than I expected. In fact it seemed to echo the
flavor of S1. I cannot figure out why Mike forgives Paige unless somehow
he is somehow still in love with her or feels bad at lying to her about Lena. Paige
though is something else. Perhaps this season will show how she
either self destructs or moves out of Graceland. Paige has become
a thorn and an annoyance of major proportions. I do hope that
what ever Johnny does it does not come to bite him. Briggs though is
between a rock and a hard place. It will be interesting to see if stays
with the FBI after this assignment-or if even survives. One more point
the opening scene at the gravesite showed Sid's partners grave not
one set up for Mike's supposed passing. It will be interesting to see
if Mike can maintain some sort of boundary between his ambitions
and the concerns of others.

Hannibal Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Apertivo

Maybe it's me but this episode seemed particularly dark. After all, Jack is the only one who plays a normal character, everyone else is off their rocker, in one way or another! :) I want the old Will back too. The best explanation I can come up with for his actions and behaviors is survivors guilt/stockholm syndrome. Wish there were MORE relatively sane characters here. I missed seeing Gillian Anderson and Hannibal too. Could use a little humour or something to lighten it up a LITTLE BIT.....

@ Em Anne

It was dark, wasn't it? Alana is downright scary this way. I do like the idea of Jack being the only sane one. I think Jack is sane because he had Bella to ground him after everything that happened. Alana and Will were left to stew in their own minds the aftermath of it all, and neither of them had someone significant in their life to keep them grounded. As Bella was to Jack, Jack will be to the others.
It'll be interesting to see how he handles how damaged everyone else has become.

@ Robin Harry

Wasn't it strange to see Laurence Fishburne and Gina Torres in that situation... Especially since they're married IRL ! That creeped me the hell out !

@ Em Anne

I think the darkness of the episodes is a representation of who the characters have become. Alana, sweet Alana is a thing of the past... She has been touched by that darkness. After all, she was intimately involved with Hannibal ! That betrayal alone would drive any woman to the dark side. Especially when she was adamant that Will was wrong and that Hannibal was good and all that. So to realize that it was all true but then to get almost killed because of him... Her being out for blood is probably one of the only things that are keeping her "alive".

Complications Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Onset

love this show!


Love "Lucy". She reminds me of "Sarah", the voice of Sheriff Jack Carter's automated house on "Eureka"

Days of Our Lives Photos for the Week of 6/22/2015

Sonny needs to dump Will and file for Custody with the Mother's blessing, and share joint custody with Uncle Rafe. Will is unstable and a cheater and will suffer a nervous breakdown due to insecurity. He tries to emulate his mothers behavior but lacks her backbone!


Sonny needs to call that poor excuse of a marriage quits! Yes, I know he loves Ari but a child raised in an atmosphere of mistrust isn't going to fare well. And Sonny is losing trust in Will, that's obvious. What's a shame is that Will would likely get custody of the child unless Rafe asserts a claim. And what's with Jennifer's daughter? She's become the "town pump"!

@ tearsofjade

You are so right about Abigail! She and Chad would make ideal Villains for the next generation of Salemites. May be just what Papa DeMerra plans to get Hortens and Brady's and Kiriakis family back for dissing him all these years.


great finale !!
Loved Helena and Jesse's reunion , I really hope to see more of them next season.

7 Hopes for The Vampire Diaries Season 7

The only thing I am hoping for is a crossover with The Originals , that would bring some excitement to the show because honestly I kind of miss that since I knew about Nina's leaving , I still can't picture the show without her.


Absolutely, loved this episode and love what they are doing in S3. Honestly, I watch OTHER shows and I've never seem so many pick out little intricacies about any other show. Bottom line, I was entertained, which is why I watch TV. While the romance is great, you can't have it in the forefront all the time, it gets boring. You need to mix things up a bit. I'm also loving that it's a villian arc and not a love triangle one. That didnt work.
What is too bad, is that show lost so many viewers in S2, I dont know if they'll give it achsnce again. I hope so cause S3 is awesome so far.

@ Sasha Cortes



Every season since S1 this show has tried to reinvent itself and imao, it has failed with each attempt. S1 was a true love story *isn't that what Beauty and the Beast is supposed to be?* I bought the shit anyways, S2 a misogynistic fiasco, and S3 now a comedy review. Enough already!