Sarah silva

This was another good episode. I also like that Steve still had cuts on his face from the Wo Fat torture time and take down. Good job with fluidity!
I also like that Steve talked about Catherine and it ended her storyline, that way no one is left wondering what is happening with them.
We had some great Steve and Danny moments, which had been seriously lacking this season. So can we get more please!
I liked the wedding and I thought it was very sweet.
Tough call on the boys, on one hand having the money would set them up for life, on the other hand knowing that their mother hired a killer to kill her and her husband so the boys could get the money I can see them not wanting a cent.

Supernatural Round Table: Get a Clue

The reviewers are 'clueless"..............

Sarah silva

The last few seconds were crazy!
I was not expecting Annalise to have been there when Wes returned. However it all makes since now. She told Wes what to do with Sam's body and so that is why when the coin said Tails, he told them heads. She also when to see Nate and pretended that she was worried about Sam and she also wanted to use him as an alibi, if she ever needs one. Then also her phone call to Sam's cell and calling Bonnie were all part of the plan! So brilliant.
I now have a feeling that Annalise killed Lila.

Sarah silva

I really hope Patrick is not gone for good. Last I read he had signed on for a couple more seasons.
I think the time apart will be good for Meredith and Derek, there were only so many time outs they could have.
I too liked the Jolex moment.
I am sure that Amelia will be able to save Dr. Herman's life.
It is sad about Japril's baby.


Wow, it's off the air for over two months?! That's crazy. I hope I don't forget all the characters and the storylines

Homeland Season 4 Episode 9 Review: There's Something Else Going On

Great review Carissa, look forward to reading them.

@ Mike Diver

Thanks, Mike. :-)

Homeland Season 4 Episode 9 Review: There's Something Else Going On

In the preview of Episode 10, Saul and Carrie seem just fine, physically - amazing luck.
Key to the dreadful decision to leave the Embassy unmanned is QUINN suddenly MIA. The top Pakistani officials were also in the hangar welcoming their brethren. Bombing the officials and ISI would've been a declaration of War.

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@ Stoney Huff

Am I the only one SICK of the show portraying the Taliban leader as some sort of saint?
He puts an explosive vest on a child - shown. Unshown is the 16 years of atrocities by the Taliban, with the recent terrorist attack on the Karachi Airport killing 18 just 5 months ago.

Kate kirkland
The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Crossed

It could be Morgan as the guest on Talking Dead. I certainly hope so. Can't wait to see how he plays out on the show.

@ Kate Kirkland

Exactly..everyone has forgotten about him. He might help save Rick.


Winter, I have trouble following the train of replies on this site. My conversation with Ray was interesting. I forgot to mention that he has a secondary teachers credential, and actually taught for a few years. Ray other than in the same line of work, has very few traits similar to Simon. He is extremely polite, does a lot of charitable functions, and has relationships with non-clients. Simon, although I have no problem with his profession since his customers volunteer for his services, is a bit of a snake. He comes across as selfish and self-adsorbed. Ray's life has no appeal to me. The risk of STD's and possible emotional entanglements just out weigh any titillating aspects.

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 10 Review: The Trial

Bishop is such an evil man. He doesn't hesitate to murder anyone who gets in his way. I don't understand how Lockhart and Gardner could have taken him on as a client in the first place even if they were only handling hi "legitimate" businesses. They knew he was a drug dealer and murderer. They let their greed get in the way of their morals and it has come back to bite them (Carey) in the behind. I think it will affect Alicia's campaign too if someone decides to bring up her history with Bishop. I certainly wouldn't vote for a DA who has represented a known drug dealer. Everyone may deserve the right to representation and a fair trial but everyone also deserves the right not to be mowed down in cold blood.