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All Time Best Wedding!!


I think the killers of both girls are Annelise. She'd do anything to protect Sam. She needed him. Just a thought..


Best episode, no way was it the one you chose. The most Boring episode ever!. Needed to include Derek showing what he was doing to contrast what the lesser Shepherd was doing.
Best kiss, the one that broke MerDer fans heart, when they reenacted the kiss from the ending of S4. I thought Hunt told Cris she was the love of his life.
Only things you got right were Alex lacking any story line and the contrived introduction of another Grey who will be the lead when EP leaves. I hope that Pierce is given Altzhiemers plot Shonda is longing to give Meredith.
Still can't get over Derek being killed off. Shouldn't have happened, ever. I hope Meredith's exit is not so depressing. No husband to look after MerDer's three children anymore.

UnREAL Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Truth

this show just keeps getting better and better !! Amazing ! And Marie becoming a villain ? WHAAAATTT !!! "Off" her meds, she'll definitely become unstable ! I swear I can't stand Shia ! The things she does... And tempering with someone's medication, seriously ?! This needs to bite her in the ass soon !
Faith coming out and the whole thing was just beautiful !
Jeremy and Rachel's barn scene was sooo hot ! But I still don't want them together lol.
I didn't like the fact that the lawyer chose to use her relationship with Chet instead. I felt like it diminished her somehow. Yes she won but I still didn't like how she got there.


Beauty and the Beast a fantasy extracted from the humor, cognitive and emotional intellect of a fickle post pubescent teen.

Will The Secret Circle Move to ABC Family?

Right now it is 2015 I saw season one on Netflix well it was absolutely amazing then I finished the last episode and it was a total cliffhanger with that kind of ending they got to make a season 2 I know it kinda late but plz need answer I gotta know i need some info😔~ 7-4-15

Blue Bloods Review: A Two Way Street

First, they say ''forthwith'' too much. I don't care if it's real or not, it's fucked out. And when cops call for help, they NEVER give their location. And Danny never fucking shaves. Although he does manage to trim his beard to keep it constant. Are there no grooming standards? He shows up at funerals with that face-fur. And apparently it's never summer because it's always with the long coats. Please, this is not Highlander.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Harvest

I completely agree. The kick-ass action is fun, but the character development is what's going to really make Killjoys fly. And it's doing a great job so far!

@ Tom Gardiner

Yep, I think watching all 4 episodes when my screener arrived gave me a better feel for this show. It's around episode 3 that the "family unit" really starts to shine. Perhaps that's my issue with Dark Matter. I've been watching weekly and haven't really connected with a particular character. I'm interested in the mystery, but the show is just not a fun as Killjoys. Who knows, if I had binged on 4 or 5 episodes I might feel differently. It's just a slower burn, which isn't a bad thing.


I wish I could disagree with you but I couldn't agree more on the whole Irisa thing. This whole redeeming no longer killing storyline has bothered me since the beginning of the season. I fell in love with Irisa because of who her character was in season 1 and now she's still my favorite but none of the qualities I've come to love are there anymore. Irisa was like my perfect character. She was a killer and a bit of a psychopath but she still cared very deeply about people. That is my version of a perfect character a psycho who cares. I mean all that in the nicest way. I remember some of the things she did and said in season 1 and it actually made her seem like she kind of enjoyed killing but like you said now it seems like they're trying to make her that she's never liked it and Nolan forced it on her. I was kind of hoping she would leave then come back and help kick some ass. I want the kickass awesome Irisa back. This also seems to be driving her and Nolan apart which is ironic since they can't leave each others side but I don't like that either. My favorite thing about the show is Nolan and Irisa's relationship. It's always been very loving and very father daughter but now we find out that she's been afraid of him. I don't by that. It doesn't make sense. At least on the positive side they're tethered together so live or die it's together. It's no longer a saying it's real. I'm hoping the show redeems it's self and brings back the Irisa we once knew and loved or a new awesome one. Just not one that's all "killing is wrong".


Off topic but interesting from the perspective of this viewer in that the man in need of the heart transplant happened to be the actor who played Gabriel (in the first series "BATB" with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton). He was the person who kidnapped Catherine right after she discovered she was pregnant. Foreshadowing perhaps?