Murder in the First Season 2 Episode 6

This season isn't quite as compelling as the first, but it I'm still enjoying it. My only issue is that it seems to lack focus, like the writers are just making up plot twists as they go with no underlying story arc in mind. Call me spoiled by shows like Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, The Fall, and others, but I expect a sharply focused show. The acting is still top notch, but I think the writing is just a little loose this season and they could shore that up and really put this show on the map. There's definitely potential here Oh also props to the show for helping me discover Wishes and Thieves - their song "Let You In" is the one playing when Hildy and Terry enter a strip club where they run into fellow officers, Junior and Raffi. It reminded me of Portishead but more accessible, which is a great thing.


Gaah I can't believe we're so close to to finding out A's identity For the last season at least it's gotten to the point where it's more annoying than compelling that we still don't know A's identity and this episode was one that really builds the tension towards the reveal. On a side note, I loved that they used "Build It Better" by Aron Wright in the scene Emily becomes jealous of Sara & Claire’s and gets all mad when Claire invites Sara over for dinner. That was a cool, relaxed song to use for the one part of this episode that wasn't action-packed and intense.

Sarah silva

I have not liked Clarke from the start and he is asking too many questions and the way he asks them is like he is fishing for answers.
So either he is working with A or he I just a nosey. I would say he is a Red Herring but we will see.
I agree, Reese does not look like Jason and the fact that Emily thought it as him is funny.
I love Ella and wish she was on more. Ella and Ashley are not to be messed with.
Where has Caleb been, that is what I want to know. We got Toby last week and Keegan Allen is not a full time cast member so I am used to him not being on every week.
I liked Lorenzo and Alison but I am not sure if they will get back together.
I do not think Red Coat is one of the girls. Aria was with Ezra and the other 3 were together in Spencer's car. Plus there was 6 needles we saw: one for each of the 5 girls and then one for following Caleb, Toby or Sara.


Ok; there's a movie on maxgo.com or Cinemax that sums up Satisfaction in a nut shell. Called the "The Wife's Secret". It's a little risqué, but if you listen to the dialogue it's the cliff notes version.

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My gut was telling me that Mitch was Clementine's dad, when Clementine's mom and step-dad were discussing asking him for money to help with the vet bills. I was not at all surprised to see Mitch's picture in the picture frame. I am also thinking that Henry won't succumb to the Mother Cell in the Tramadol. I enjoyed Mitch's bat facts, and I find him fascinating. The casting department did an awesome job getting Billy Burke to play him. I was surprised to see Evan Lee Hartley show up after the car crash, and it will be very interesting to see what he does with the Mother Cell in next week's episode. So, humans are only a level two on the trophic level. I knew that we were very similar to pigs, but the anchovies was a surprise. Zoo is such a great show!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 Review: FrAmed

You realize Toby a spencer are a police officer and school girl right?


Ok I agree Jamie will setup Kanan. He then will take down Stern, he wants his club back. He has to get rid of Lobos cuz he would never let him out of the drug trade. I don't get the kill Angela thing with Tommy. Tasha's correct, you kill a cop and they will so up your butt. I can't fathom how Tommy can be so stupid (trying to kill Angie) and smart, transporting the drugs. I don't believe Jamie and Angie will ever be together. She knows he lied to her and that was his big mistake.

Ronald simkins

I'm surprised no one picked up the title being a play on "Blame it on Rio"

13 Dream Gigs for Dormant TV Actors

I really need Jeffrey Donovan aka Michael Weston back on my screen and my suggestions for him are either a badass Killjoy on Killjoys or as Lucifer on Dominion.

Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Caged

Suffering from what I call "the season 3 curse". Stretching out weak plots to keep a show going. Not liking the "pod people' routine. Flip-flopping personalities and loyalties... Time for UTD to die.