Shameless Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Tell Me You F**king Need Me

im actually impressed at how the jimmy/steve/jack issues were handled. im glad fiona told gus the next day (very mature for fiona considering the mike &his brother situation last season). i was surprised and intrigued that gus wanted to meet/talk to jimmy but then also thought his punching him was totally realistic - if they had actually sat through a pie &coffee at the diner it would've been totally wtf.
im super proud of fiona realizing that this was closure (seeing him flirting with the waitresses grrrr, how smug can he BE!??) and i suppose i have to say i kind of admire jimmysteve for getting on his showy motorcycle and riding off.
to top it all off, the final chat between fiona and jimmy/steve/jack's partner was the cherry on my sundae, proving he's still a fickin' liar.
although i'm not sure what it means for gus (id love it if he and fiona took it slow, going on dates and to get to know/love each other slowly - like a reverse courtship, it would be sweet and refreshing in a shameless world), im still cheering that jimmy/steve/jack is (hopefully) gone for good, YeAh!!!


"you can't throw the strategy component out of the equation – not with this show" You can because Jason said in interviews for this episode that the kiss was genuine from both of them, that it was a real kiss, a real moment they had. You can even look at the script teaser for this scene at @the100writers on tumblr. They posted it. :) "After all, The 100 is well-versed in the misdirect"
Sometimes, but we all new Finn was going to die, and then he did. I really hope Lexa doesn't. She's so amazing and I want to see more of her and more of her relationship with Clarke. How repetitive to keep killing off Clarke's love interests?

@ TJ

If she does die I think it will be a way to make Clarke the leader of the grounders. They believe in reincarnation. It can't be like the dalai lama because they can't wait for a child to grow up. There must be another way they find out who is the next leader.


I loved it, and I’m SO relieved that Killian and Emma apparently continued to build their relationship over the six weeks since we last saw them! It makes me happy that she’ll have him at her side no matter what happens with the new trifecta of badness.

Helix Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Cross-Pollination

Maybe I've missed something along the way but how did this whole immortality thing begin as evidenced by flashbacks to 1601? I thought it was a drug developed by Elaria in the antarctic. The writers are all over the board on this series and nothing is making any sense..........And without any sense and direction, that's a quick trip to the trash bin of Sci-Fy series that could'a been...........I'm still watching but my interest is dying real fast..........

Derek st john
Arrow Round Table: Raylicity FTW!

Regarding Oliver being offered the Leadership of the League, I hate to be That Guy (but I am): told you so! Back in November, before it was revealed that Thea killed Sara (yes, I picked that, too), I said that Ollie would be drafted into the LOA. I didn't think as the new Leader, but close enough. Now, does it make sense, and should Ollie accept? No on both accounts. Ra's intent in offering Ollie the leadership position, sets him up with the "How do I reject the leadership job--and somehow save my sister's father" question. Indeed, if Ra's is as clever as he's suppose to be, this is exactly his motive for offering Ollie the leadership job: forcing Ollie to "allow" (by turning down the leadership) the LOA to kill Malcolm. It's a moral quagmire, and exactly the type of logic the LOA uses in "cleansing" the world. My bet: Ollie turns down the Offer, and Malcolm dies. On to Raylicity. Yea...Yea...Yea! I love them together. I know how many people (I go to comic con) LOVE Ollie & Felicity--but they just don't work together as a romantic couple. Remember: Ollie is pretty sleazy on the romance chart. Laurel...Sara...Huntress...Shado...the mother of his child...Felicity. Who am I forgetting? Let's just say every woman apart from his sister, mother, and Lyla (so far). So, if you like Felicity at all, you don't want her with Ollie. Being a terrible romantic partner is one of his many flaws (Yes, and he's the Hero of this series?) The Laurel/Nyssa relationship is a bit icky! Nyssa was in love with Laurel's sister--and now what? Will Laurel & Nyssa hook-up? I hope not. It would cheapen the Nyssa/Sara relationship, that I loved very much; and seemingly take Laurel in yet another new direction. And we've had way, way too many turns with Laurel character already. So, again: let's not go there. All of which, in looking back on my comments above, leave us with the same old question: "Where is Season 3 going?" I don't think the writers really know, and that's too bad. Let's hope they do a better job on Season 4.


A person who turns puppies into a coat should have the blackest heart. Just MHO. Cruella's makeup is fantastic though; and I love the car. I also thought "CASTLE!" when Hook brought coffee for his law enforcement girlfriend. I liked the "Night on Bald Mountain" reference from FANTASIA. My kids got that before I did. I guess Belle's Beast will never turn into a prince. He'll forever be a Beast because of his selfish choices. If losing Bae & Belle multiple times wasn't enough to make him give up the Dark One, I don't think he ever will.

Gerry haines

Great show, liked it the first time I saw it. On my list of must watch shows, please don't screw it up.


It is interesting that Deanne mentioned that Rick's group was the first group they even considered bringing inside. That implies there were other groups. How did they fight them off? A tall fence is good, but will not protect from an assault by a group of bad humans, like the prison assault by Woodbury.

Vikings Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Mercenary

Discoverd the series last week. Then, in one day, after several hours sayin .. "Just one more", I realized I'd gone 8 hours straight through to season 3 episode 2. Facsinating show. Great characters!

Sarah silva

Another fantastic episode.
I knew Harvey would get Donna out of the mess she was in, however if it was not for Mike's idea I am not sure how Harvey would have done it.
The look on Harvey's face when he left Donna's apartment after saying he loved her, seems like he really is in love with her. However I am sure if they do get together it will not be until the end of the series.
I was surprised that Jeff resigned especially after what Jessica said to him.

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