NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

It was an unusual format, but it was a good episode. (For once McGee was not the butt of some stupid joke.) It was well acted by the principals, and who cares about the criminals of the week? I look forward to some reruns of the episodes I missed this season.

@ Harriet Harris

yes I give them some credit for trying something totally different then the standard episode beat. It didn't' run quite as smoothly as it could have but it was excellent for what it attempted. I think that the critic is being too harsh on Heidi.. she was after all a teacher once, did something stupid and criminal for money, but she's not a soulless creep. I realize the flashbacks usually incorporated one of the rules but perhaps they were a little overdone, that was what ran less smoothly. Loved McGee's letter to his father, and though I'm sad that he died, real families have to deal with these tragedies and sorrows around the holidays too. They are just reflecting real life. Great episode!.


I hope he does star on NCIS NO Then I'd watch it and give it a try


I enjoyed this episode. I am sure I am not the only long time fan who yelled the episode that all the flashbacks were taken from at the TV. My grandson thought I was having a stroke!! Could have done without the flashbacks from Cote de Quitter but they were quick so . . .

The Best of 2014: 15 BFFs FTW!

Sam and Dean--brothers can be buddies, too! (Supernatural)

@ Jennifer Roberson

They've been at odds for most of 2014. Maybe they'll make their way back to BFFs in 2015!

@ Carissa Pavlica

They're getting there! 8-) I just don't think anyone clicks the way those two do. But I do look for more bro bonding once they get that dastardly MoC issue resolved.

The Mentalist Round Table: The Return of Erika Flynn

Yes Vega lied to Cho and she seems to have a crush on him and wants to be part of the action out in the field but look at the type of team she joined. It appears that Jane gets away with anything and things are a little loose around there. However it should take time for her to earn Cho's trust again. She shouldn't have lied. What she doesn't understand is that there is a method to Jane and the team's madness and Cho knows how Jane works plus there is a history there.
I personally was unhappy to hear that Erika would be back. I do not like her character at all. I would have been happy to never see or hear of her again. We knew she escaped. I felt no need for closure. It was closed for me. But that being said since they brought her back I was happy that they used her to bring Jane and Lisbon closer together. And that Lisbon got to arrest her again. I don't see any need for Jane and Lisbon to discuss their past personal encounters. They weren't a couple back then so it is not important to now. And as far as Lorilai Martins goes she is dead so there is no chance of her showing up and causing any issues so why worry about her. And Walter Mashburn was a one night stand as far as we know. Leave the past in the past. I was thrilled to hear Jane tell Erika that he loves Lisbon. I too want to see them give each other a little kiss or two and snuggle together on a couch or somewhere. And I really really want to hear and see Lisbon tell Jane she loves him. I know she said she feels the same way but nothing beats hearing those words. I think Jane would be thrilled to hear her say it.
And as far as having Cho do the sting while Jane and Lisbon were still in Beirut was just beyond stupid and dangerous for the two of them. Why would you put your people in such danger! And then the two of them are walking down the street yelling into her cell phone information about the whole thing just after Abbott had told them to lay low. Again just stupid. I would have loved this episode but I had trouble getting past the way the writers handled this whole terrorism story. Too much of it was very very unrealistic.

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Sarah silva

What was your favorite quote or scene?
Janice giving Perry a taste of his own medicine in the parking garage. What did you think of the case this week?
It was okay, not one of my favorites but I do love how the show makes each week different. Talk about Perry's next move.
I too think his dad will post his bail and then he will go after Beth and Janice. What did you think of the stalker reveal?
As soon as I saw Jason Wiles' name I knew he would be the Stalker. Could Amanda and Jack get together?
I have a feeling that yes eventually they will get together, however I would prefer him with Janice.

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Cold War

It feels like it'll be Shaw who may die at the end of this just from her goodbye with Bear. I wonder, would the machine sacrifice itself for Root or Harold, instead of the other way around? All this time, Harold said the machine isn't human, it doesn't make decisions based on emotions. Would this then prove him wrong?

Sarah silva

When Root was talking to the child it sure sounded like Root's days were numbered. I think she will be the one to die. Unless Sarah Shahi is pregnant, she wore a coat the whole time and I was wondering if she was hiding a pregnancy.


very telling how quiet the comments section is ROFL.

@ Duante Amorculo

What do you think of the show, Duante?

@ Krystal Sondel

It needs major improvement! I think katherine heigl has yet to take command of her lead role and the show just rubs me as a cheap version of blacklist, homeland and scandal mixed together without any real stand out elements or creativity of its own. plus the ratings shows that people are clearly not that interested as they were in BL, it pulls very average to below average ratings for a show that has the voice, NBC's biggest ratings money maker, as its lead in. btw Thank you for taking the time to review the episode for us. my comment was more to do with the show not your review