Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Draw Back Your Bow

I'm not even a huge oliver and felicity supporter and thought ray was creepy. Felicity came off as materialistic when we all know there is more to her. I don't understand how people think it's organic when it didn't even seem like she liked him much until this episode.

@ B.

Yeah. She was kind of tripping over herself fawning over him when there had been ho inkling beforehand. And btw, there is NO chemistry there whatsoever. And there is certainly no witty banter between the two. If there is, I'm not seeing it.


I don't think it was selfish of Zoey, I think it was selfish of Gunnar to assume that Zoey would step in and become Micah's mom-figure. He never once asked her about what she thought or felt about the situation. He put her in a tough spot, assuming she'd acquiesce and she did, until she couldn't do it anymore. Gunnar didn't care about Zoey, he cared about Gunnar. Not knocking him, it's a tough situation, but I don't blame Zoey one bit (doesn't mean I like her character, because she's arguably my least favorite). Love the dynamic between Deacon and Scarlett: "I thought you weren't watching"...."Shut up and eat your party mix." They were great last night. Loved the scene between Avery and Juliette when he dropped her off. There was obvious sexual tension, they both felt it, but Juliette didn't push. Avery knows how she feels about him, she knows that Avery knows and she's gonna let him come to her. It seems as if she's ok with her life right now and she needs to be healthy and happy mentally for herself before she can truly be happy with Avery. So I was very proud of her she didn't make a move or didn't ask him to stay. Teddy is an idiot. Liked not seeing Pam. And a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts. Hope Rayna knows that.


Honestly, Kara is my least favorite character on the show. So if someone had to go.... I would probably hope for it to be her. Though that seems unlikely since the girls are already outnumbered by the boys. But I just find her character to be the most boring. Kara, on the other hand, is quite entertaining to watch! And I love seeing her character grow and actually try for things that she wants. Seeing her in the skater gear was pretty great. I also love how she seems to become more and more insightful as the series goes on. And watching her take advice from Brittany and actually have some girl time with her was fun to watch. The story of the boys and Emma trying to get presents for Charlie was cute, but it wasn't that entertaining. I think I would like Emma a lot better if she was with Jordi. I just don't see any chemistry with her and Leo. But I can't wait for Bella Thorne to be on next week! And I can't wait to see what happens with Brittany and Dr. McAndrews!


Oh please Jesus, let this Steroline story END soon.

Castle Round Table: So Not Their Honeymoon

Ryan and Espo were right, They did have a hand in getting them together and should have been at the wedding. And Kate, having only 1 girlfriend, Lanie should have been her maid of honor because she has helped Kate through many things with Castle. Hope the loving moments continue with the now married couple.

Sarah silva

One of the guys that was sent to get Auggie was the same guy that was following the conspiracy theorist friend of Auggie's who died. He was the same guy that went to see McQuaid.
I would hate for it to turn out that McQuaid is bad, it sure seem like he is not, but you never know.
I think there is a lot more to the Joan storyline too!

NCIS Season 12 Episode 8 Review: Semper Fortis

The first thing that came to mind here was the "Good Samaritan" laws, which are not universal.
But there is something much deeper involved. The U.S. government trains corpsmen -- or whatever title they give them -- to provide a much needed service. That service is also needed in the civilian world, and it is a damned shame that any of these people can't find decent jobs doing what they were trained for.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Find Your Happy Ending

I do not know why I do this but here goes with the opinions:
1.Surprised? No, never surprised by anything David and Mary Margaret come up with; these are the same pair who took out a mail box teaching Henry to drive. What was surprising was Regina saying she had a regret now when she had none in Neverland. The Mad Hatter: You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.Sadly none of them were there for that line.
2. Yes, Hook is truly doomed because for some reason, call it longevity, Rumple now sees Killian as his oldest living friend. The question is why would Ingrid know learn of be taught the missing ingredient to Rumple's problem as she gave the Apprentice back the hat? Perhaps this is simply an attempt to claim more of Emma. Next she will buy some cats for Emma, Elsa and herself. Really, who would waste time solving a problem for the Dark One that end up in him having ultimate power over people? Not seeing it.
3.I believe he told her she would find her happiness(Emma) if she did what he said, and asked why then call on the Dark One: the Answer maybe she never spoke with the Wizard and This is the Apprentice making this deal. Besides she has two girls on ice, and two girls dead so a wait and see answer is not very comforting. The question is only one person knew Emma's name that early in time and is unlikely to tell anyone any thing, could the hat be hers?(Blue)
4. Rumple and the writers apparently forgot season one and thought he would sacrifice Emma for power and freedom, but as we know if Emma dies the town dies as she is the reason for the curse and the town existing. As for can he be redeemed, No, he has no soul and the price of his magic is a soul to take his place. Neal replaced him in the vault but Rumple keeps calling on the Dagger's magic which can only wind up in his being killed for the power. Lets assume Rumple got his soul back but to free it again he has to be reborn, how would he do that? They tried a quasi Harry Potter/ Voldemort thing with the Oz after a quasi Star Wars thing with Neverland. Perhaps they need a quasi Tron thingand put Rumple on the grid.
5.Thought one: they should put the mirror on the ceiling as anywhere there is mirror in the room people will misbehave. I was happy at the barb Mary Margaret came up with about sleeping with a married man. It has gone too long without notice that David is officially married to Abigail so technically Abigail is Henry's step grand mother and Emma and Neal's step mother thanks to Regina and the first curse. There is a lot of twisted moral ambiguity in this show, as in the writers do as they please and to hell with the viewers or their values. That is simply the way it is and if we do not accept the terms of the deal then we do not get the magic the show stands to offer.
6.The fire works, though they seemed short lived, perhaps why I liked them. BTW, the ribbon in over the spot Lily drew that star on Emma's wrist so it would not surprise me if the star comes back and the ribbon falls off. Like in Star Wars 3, the rebels win and the fireworks go off. Would like the show better with pop tunes in it like a Katy Perry number right there. I know shows avoid current music right now but still it would make this show pop like Charmed or Grey's Anatomy used to be. Oh well, opinions off.

The 100 Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Human Trials

This was my post from another site, but it sums it up I think.. I'm going with Finn having a serious case of Battle Fatigue Syndrome, which I realize is an antiquated term but its must more expressive then PTSD especially since we aren't post trauma. I think Finn showed a bit of frayed edges in the first season which actually got him laid. But I think he is holding on to finding Clarke as his lifeline and his lifeline is seriously unraveling fast. I don't think its uncommon in real life soldiers who are under duress over extend periods of time. They lived a fairly sheltered if f'ed up life on the arc and now they are having to deal with all kinds of things they have no frame of reference for. Now that Finn has his life line back and she rejects him it will be interesting if he totally implodes or if he fixates on another person or thing. I feel for him because I think he was the least capable of handling the real life or death situation and you could see him losing it and making choices that he was not comfortable with in season 1. Where as Bellamy once he got over the high school I am ruling the school yard mentality he matured into a real leader.

Sarah silva

I am still not 100% sure what to think about Ray.
I do like his witty banter with Felicity and when she saw him on the Salmon ladder and said she has a type. They also do have chemistry when they kissed.
I felt bad for Oliver when he went to confess his feelings to her and saw them kissing, however I really do not want this to be a love triangle story. I really like how the show has handled Oliver and his ladies so far so lets hope they keep it up.
I knew that Oliver was going to call Roy, Arsenal again and it happened a lot quicker than most people expected it would. Which is good, because it is not like Oliver can shout Roy's name when they are on a mission. So being able to call for Arsenal like he did was good.
So is DJ boy good or bad? It gives Thea a new love interest so for the moment I am on board.
I am sure all the Laurel haters are glad she was not in the episode tonight, but I would like to have seen her training with Wild Cat, but I guess their needs to be a break.
I agree the Carrie business was a dud.

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