Sexy Saturday: 25 Torrid Television Affairs

No Gary Ewing and Abby Cunningham from Knots Landing??? Are you kidding me?

@ Rebecca A. Springer-Seeman

Blame the lack of photos on the Internet! I tried finding one of them for an hour and even went for YouTube video shots and they were all so terrible I switched them out for another couple at the last minute. Until then, I had them ready to go. Knots landing was my favorite!!!


I don't understand why Sam took the book to Rowena, she is worse than Crowley, and can't be trusted at all. She will try to screw them all over and Sam should know that.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Report Card: Grade It!

Season 1, grade = A
Best character/s = Ramse and Jennifer
I don't think Ramse will stay with the 12 ARMY unless its to dupe them and keep their money. I think he will help Cole in some way after all OLIVIA LIED TO HIM. She KNEW Cole was still alive. WITCH
When Cass returns Ramse should tell her that one strain was CURED and maybe they can do something NOW.


The only alternatives to Dany regaining control of her dragons are that they get set free and cause mayhem all over Westeros, or that somebody else gain control over them. There's no point in them flying free, as they are an integral part of Dany's story, and would reduce her to a vulnerable figurehead. The same thing would be true if somebody else could control them. The storyline requires that she regain control.


i did not like this episode, they killed jake ballard off to get rid of the controversial love triangle. If Jake gets out of the picture, and Fitz goes down for operation Remington, Liv will save him and they will walk off into the sunset together, or in their case, Vermont.
Marcus is not my favorite person, and yes, there is hypocrisy in his actions, i mean come on,the mayor's wife?. Glad all that was resolved in one episode. the only silver lining of this episode was Susan Ross for being absolutely fierce and not allowing anyone to walk all over her, You go Girl! ... Susan Ross for President. P.S. I just clicked the link and saw Jake Ballard alive, well i hope he doesn't die. And why is Travis from Cougar Town dressed all military??, looking forward to seeing him

Daredevil Review: Avocados At Law

i love everything about this show.


There isn't much Grimm could have done that would have been worse than the last two episodes, but I think I owe it to the show to mention: This week was OK - at least what the b-plot is concerned. The Juliette arc on the other hand has made no progress what so ever and frankly, I still don't care much for our veterinarian turned emo-hypocrite-hexenbiest. I was surprised that she didn't throw sleeping with Renard into Nick's face to push him away even more. I'm actually looking forward to next week. It looks like we'll finally see something happen.

@ yama1291

I love your description of Juliette. She is such a major pain in the rear that I almost fast forward through her scenes. Rosalee is the only major female character I can stand to watch anymore. Both Juliette and Adalind are so whiny that they are an embarrassment to women everywhere.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Mishipeshu

I totally agree Charity , what ever those red clawed bloody hands belong to now has possession of Renard .this entity hitched a ride from the underworld, when mom pulled him back from death...I rewatched the episodes following ...don't anyone find it was strange that she waited to intervene until after her son died . she could have stopped time during the frantic ditched to save him, but she waited till he died....why did she look relieved , when her son woged in front of her , when she wanted to make sure he was okay(why did he have to woge to do that? and where did she get that 2 headed snake? don't believe hexinbeast just have it laying around . I think Mom knows what is going on with her son.....and why she is now clearly trying to avoid him. hmmmm what if mom in return saving her son has to give her grandchild as a trade

@ Kathryn Wooten

You present some interesting questions and theories; I hope that we get a good answer sooner rather than later, because we're fast running out of episodes for this season!


I definitely like Diogo Morgado


Aliyah should be jailed in a cell next to her murderer brother.

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Thanks, Barb.