"What, if anything, didn't work for you in this episode?" Well, I have to agree with David on this. The cameo's from the cast of the original NCIS is getting to be overkill. Now, don't get me wrong--I love NCIS. However, since this show started, EACH episode has had a cameo from the original. I'm wondering if NCIS LA cast members will start showing up as well. I totally understand the need to get viewers to stay tuned after NCIS for this show, but the show needs to be presented on it's own merits and we should be given the chance to start to care and bond with these characters.


I am glad how the speed of the storyline is going , not so slow to get you bored and not so fast get you lost , and the most important it's focusing on the characters .


On the last question, I have to say I agree with Doug, BUT, I don't think it's that McGee doesn't have anything to offer--it's that he is AFRAID to offer it for fear of being ridiculed for it. Love the round tables!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

I mean do these shows based on comics need to follow by heart eveyrthing the comics say? I say this cause I really do not want Laurel to become the Black Canary. I dont find her strong enough to pull that job off. She better is as lawyer ans he better stick with that. Also Team Arrow will be too crowded alreayd and that is no good.. So what if the producer of the show do not follow by heart what the comics dicates and he twist the story a bit to make it more interesting? I dont see no harm on that

NCIS Round Table: Can McGee Really Be a Team Leader?

They seem to be falling all over themselves giving McGee lots of extra importance and business this season. I thought his sudden reluctance to take lead was OOC too considering he seems pretty ambitious and rarely admits doubt. They had Tony channeling Gibbs in season 3 when Gibbs resigned, only of course since it was Tony, everyone was nasty and critical about his leadership whereas McGee got a nudge nudge wink wink for being so darned cute. I'm kinda tired of all the McGee B and C plots. Meanwhile Tony never sees any action and the only thing they seem to be doing with him is highlighting his dysfunctional love life. I guess they want McGee to surpass Tony in popularity since McGee is being flattered while Tony is being seen as something of a desperate loser yet again this season. Sucks to be a Tony fan if you want to see smart hero Tony resurrected instead of the barely significant punchline of seasons 5 to present.

Reign Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Lamb and the Slaughter

quite sad and to have it happen so soon after telling Francis, perhaps thats for the best rather than further along in the pregnancy. Rightfully, Mary should be equal in her anger with both of them, one the man she loves the other a good friend. come on, enough is enough and hopefully thats the end of it. Conde and Mary, sorry I dont see that at all, I find him kind of creepy the way he looks at her. Now Lola and Narcisse that I can see now that we know why he was so angry at losing his son. I think Castleroy is now too good for Greer, if she was so committed they should have married months ago.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Corto Maltese

Fianlly I watched the episode and there are things I like others I did not.
The episode was not that good but not that bad either, it was OK.
I believe Thea at some point will be fighting against Oliver, Malcolm will teach her to be Ollies enemy in some way and she cant say no in the beginning. Ollie did nto really tell her the whole truth just half of it, another reason for Thea to hate him more in the future when she really finds out who is really Oliver Queen.
I sense Layla is hiding things from Diggle from her job at ARGUS. I dont know why but I sense that and she will get him in trouble somehow without thinking of the consequences..
When the Death Squad will return? Any news they will be returning?
Funny how Felicity try to juggle 2 importants calls at the same time one from Laurel and the other from Oliver and Ray just standing there wtching her trying to figure it out how to answer both calls. Neat she has her own office and her own assistant.
I like how Oliver built arrows out of local stuff he found in a room and yes Oliver can shoot a gun, even him did not believe he could.
The worst part: Laurel. For God sake give that lady some acting lessons, she was terrible on this episode and as a vigilante lousy lousy, You can easily see she cant beat bad guys like that, Of course we do not know if she will be trained to becoem the Black Canary and all of this will change and she ill be a badass later on but so far she has been terrible trying to fight enemies. I mean she is a lawyer she better stick with that and let Oliver and Team Arrow deal with dangerous enemies and fight them the way they do, they are trained and have the resources for that. In S1 she was determined, she look more secure about herself and now she tries to hard. It is like she needs someoneto snap out of her!!!
She now tries to hard, she was much better in Season 1, what happened to her? IN Season 1 she was like more determined, stronger,


I'm totally with Tanya in regard to Harrison Wells. I'm normally really good at getting a read on tv characters, but this guy I just can't get a read on him, it's kind of driving me mad actually :P People keep saying that he is Hunter Zolomon I really think that's to obvious, so while I'm certainly not ruling the Zolomon option out I'm not putting all of my eggs in that basket like lots of people are, I really think he could be someone nobody's mentioned yet


Enough of Nell already. I like Eric but Nell has taken over the show and its annoying

Sarah silva

What's something in your life you wish you could outrun?
Does traffic count? I would love to be anywhere in 2 seconds Do you suspect Eddie might get jealous of the red streak?
I do not see Eddie as the jealous type but we will see. How would you compare The Mist to the first two metahumans we met?
I think that Multiplex was the worse villain but Nimbus was creepy. Do you think Caitlin knows she's a meta, or will she be triggered somehow?
Well she did say that her and Ronnie were like Fire and Ice, so was she hinting at something or does she not know yet? Weekly check-in: Who is Harrison Wells?
After this weeks episode and we see Harry in the secret room and he sees Barry the night of the explosion and says "See you soon Barry". So I think he orchestrated the whole particle accelerator explosion. He wanted to play God and create a new species...or several species.

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