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The review was really good some things missed and points.
1. After stiles brought up the "bad seed" theory Malia remarked "Like Peter and the Desert Wolf".
2. The lovely scene between Mogan and Liam where Liam tries to distract Morgan with the thought of shirtless soccer players.
3. The last scene where Morgan realizes that Liam is a werewolf.
4. Thank you for realizing that the doctors are a twist on Frankenstein - the scientist and not the monster.
5. I think Jeff Davis said they would be the Big Bad spilling over into the next season. I also think that the geneticist creates the parts, the surgeon puts them together, and the pathologist figures out what went wrong.

Sarah silva

Lesley may be crazy but I do not think she is A. If she was then we would have seen her face at the end when A was making hair for the next Aria doll.
The dance scene at the start was the freakiest ballet I have ever seen.
I do not like Kenneth at all. I really like Ali and Lorenzo.
Sara still seems like A to me.
There has been the twin theory for a long time so I am sure at some point someone will actually have a twin.

Power Season 2 Episode 4 Review: You're the Only Person I Can Trust

Who was that rapper in episode 4 and the name of that song? It was banging!!!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Parasomnia

I really enjoyed this episode but more then that I enjoyed your review..I can see both Stiles' and Scott's perspective which is a good thing because that means the writers are doing their job.Is it wrong that I like Tracy a lot and want her to stick around which probably means she'll end up dead..

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Creatures of the Night

notice how the post-production sound mixing for this show is the absolute worst?


Although The Creature is something of a jerk he doesn't deserve to be imprisoned by the odious Putneys. Those cell-door hinges didn't look very solid so Mr Putney has probably overlooked that a freak may have freakish strength.


At least we got a somewhat happy ending with the villain dead and the family reunited albeit very briefly. I liked this show and am disappointed to read it has been canceled.


its so obvi that stiles' dad and scott's mom will start dating if they arent secretly doing so already which i suspect they are.
i suspect tracy's dad to be the leader of the "doctors". he oozes super villain to me. dont trust him or theo and i was proven right tonight with theo. psycho. what is he after? is he working with the doctors or on his own?
i suspect malia is the next target as she was having flashes as she was taking the driving test, the way it was done was similar to tracy's day nightmares and thats why i see a connection there.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Creatures of the Night

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