I disagree, the scenes with Wendy and Nero were some of the best this episode.I could see both of their characters surviving through the end of it all.

Castle Spoilers: All the Season 7 Scoop!

Could Vinnie "The Scar" Cardano be part of the new mythology or an aide to helping Beckett find Castle?

The Blacklist Review: Scam or Second Chance?

James Spader is perfection in any role, even with the weakest of writing. The Blacklist underwhelmed with its predictable plots, lack of depth, and subpar acting (sans Mr. Spader, of course). Unfortunately for me, there was not enough juicy meat to sink my carnivorous teeth into. Spader deserves better.

The Strain Review: Kelly's Flashbacks

Finally got to watch it tonight. Crazy week. Another good episode. I am getting tired of the way Eph is treating Fet and Dutch. Get over it already. CDC doesn't mean crap anymore. I think the actress playing Kelly plays a better vampire than human lol. She was really creepy in that part. Another good review as always Hank!

Sons of Anarchy Review: Tired of Counting Bodies

Those scenes with Wendy and Nero were boring and superfluous.

10 Best Supernatural Episodes

where's yellow fever? that was my favorite episode of all time! I also loved the season 9 finale do you believe in miracles?

Nick Tarabay Cast as Super Villain on Arrow Season 3

That makes 4 actors who were part of the Spartacus on the Arrow. Who is the working connection in casting?

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

ok...I know that the show has continued fairly strong with out him.....but I still can't buy Law and Order SVU with out Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler. The chemistry between Melonii as Stabler and Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson is what made that show. It just isn't the same show without him.

@ John Fuentes

I would agree with that. I always expect him to come back. Stabler denial. ;-)

Under the Dome Review: Thank You, Jim

I agree about Pauline's painting ability! For an art teacher, her stuff is very underwhelming. They don't do a lot of special effects in this show on a weekly basis. So, you'd think they could have splurged on the art budget for this season. I find Big Jim to be the more interesting character, probably because the actor (Dean Norris) is able to convey that he has a heart under all that bluster. More than any other character, his love for his family is consistent. He takes all manner of insults from Junior & Pauline, & it's clear he would do anything for either of them. So, he isn't a stock villain IMO. The teens have gotten short shrift this year. All they do is run back & forth, between houses, the cafe & the tunnel, conveying messages. Their characters haven't really grown from Season 1. And, I could really do without Nori's perpetual scowl. There were some surprises in this episode. Looking forward to next week's finale!


Emily deserves all of it coming her way and MORE! She took things incredibly too far, messing with both Daniel and Charlotte when they were both innocent of framing David Clarke was one thing
But perpetrating the MURDER of multiple people is psychotic!
And now she's living in the Grayson House, WTF?! That girl needs a serious smackdown, and now everything she has done would be in vain as David Clarke is ALIVE! Have fun dealing with that on your conscience Emily, but oh wait, the bitch doesn't have one!

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