13 Terrifying TV Shows

TWD is terrifying. X-Files has moments. Buffy? lol Really? Buffy? HAHA


"soldiers getting there faces torn up by helicopter blades" One dude got it in the face. Their not there.

Elizabeth harlow

Morgan Freeman as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Best. Cameo. Ever. I'm so hoping that his relationship with the show means this won't be a one off!

The Affair Season 2 Episode 1 Review: A New Perspective

Thanks for the review Carissa. Excited for the second season. Although I felt it was just a little flat for a season premiere, guess it was to be expected given all the different perspective we are dealing with. The differing mediator perspectives was great. Thinking Max's time with Helen will be about as short and boring as their sex scene.
Curious if you have heard about how many different perspectives we will get this season? Thought I read 4.

@ reality adictt

Hello old friend! Yep. There are four. I have already seen the next episode, which I liked considerably better than the premiere, if only because it closes up both hours (and maybe because I have an affinity for Joshua Jackson). I think it will be an odd season that way (which I will go into a bit in my review, but it's no secret, as others have already done a review of both episodes), but we do get an additional two episodes out of it this season, so that we can get a full four takes every two hours. Wouldn't have worked with only ten.


this is why i love shows like this so much, right out the gate the very first two episodes, so much thick juicy Drama that comes and dives in head first into the whole plot. as for what you said Allison regarding Alex not searching her apartment more, it didn't bother me as much as she literally had no time. even with just packing her stuff she STILL got caught leaving so if she had spent anymore time looking around, she may have had the entire FBI force at her apartment before she could make her escape. what DID bother me was why was natalie the ONLY agent that returned to the apartment. surely it would make sense that if she had to split from the group, she would carry at least another agent. so that was a huge hole there. overall i'm quite enamored with Priyanka Chopra and would love to see her open up more and really engulf this thick meaty Drama, own her role as Alex Bruka, buddy & make the role her own. ABC may have finally filled the gaping hole that they have had in the Sunday 10 pm timeslot since Revenge's thin-plotline ultimately failed at filling the gap. the only good show that ABC has had on Sundays the last couple of years is OUAT so Quantico has been a pleasant surprise.

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I love NCIS: NOLA. But the writers need to step up their game. Use the plantations, swamps, awesome NO sites, etc. to set unique stories. Work outside the box. Give us something fun. Buy the way, the new girl is a little too cocky and arrogant for my taste.


I see you have already picked a side. It makes this season thrilling its new perspectives! It can't be fun if by the first episode of season 2 you already a side. It's funny these perspectives everyone sees something different in the character switches, that's what makes this show amazing! Which is why it's hard to see who is telling the truth if at all.

@ Vee325

What do you mean by a side? With regard to what? The affair, the death of Scotty...? I have certainly formed opinions on the characters, but I don't particularly LIKE any of them (as in, I doubt we'd be friends), so I'm interested to know what side you think I have taken.

@ Vee325

She usually picks sides, and which side is easy to predict.

Joe desiderio

Best episode of the series so far, not just this season. It was intense and didn't let you catch your breath.
The goodbye moment was cool, especially Setrakian trying to smile for the camera.
I was surprised to see Nora die and with the rest of the gang on the boat what's Eph going to do next?
The look on Eichorst face when he realized Quinlan was there at the truck was priceless, he was truly frightened.
Dumb Zack reared his ugly head again. I've really had enough of that kid.
This season took forever and I'm sad to say I'm glad it's over. 13 episodes to get to this point was about 6 too many. I feel like out of 13 episodes we had 3,maybe 4, really good ones and the rest were just filler. At least the finale left me wanting more. I can't say that happened too much this season.
I really hope the rumors are true and that next season is only ten episodes or I fear that we'll have another slow season next year. Maybe the show runners will listen to the feedback and tighten things up next year.
Hank, it's been fun keeping up with you. See you at your Shield reviews.

The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Bond

Good review! I was sceptical which direction the writers would go this season. But I'm excited they seem to take another turn with this season. I think Peter has had it good for too long. He needs to be knocked off his pedestal much too arrogant. And Alicia has suffered because of it! Now, she has Eli. Good luck, Peter.

The Strain Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Night Train

Can't believe Nora died. Looks like the arent following the book , which is ashame because I loved the book ending :(! Still have a lot of faith in the show but we need a lot more of The Master!!!