Frankly i think the show just plain jumped the shark in the season premiere. This is a poster child for series that get extended with no real story arc or life in them. Much better to have a well scripted, satisfyingly concluded limited run. Fallen Skies is in the same boat.

13 Hot Hookups That Were Worth Waiting For

April and Jackson!!!


As others have said, if I hesr"lising your


I'm going to keep watching but I'm really not liking this season so far.............It's completely different from last season AND I KNOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE......but it's just not the same--not even the same vibe.........I don't feel any of the cast has any real chemistry like Woody and Matthew did..............perhaps that will change in the next episodes..........

Hannibal Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Contorno

I can't believe Chiyo threw Will from the train, that was very surprising. she definitely has something up her sleeves. poor Will, he was hoping for an ally instead he got played. Hannibal vs. Jack was a definite beat down. But, I think Hannibal reveled in it. He was almost gleeful when Jack was wiping the floor up with him. I was scared for Hannibal but he had this coming. Hannibal is an incredible show, but in order for it to continue on elsewhere, like Netflix, Amazon, etc. it needs fans to tell everyone who will listen to watch it, dvr it and take to Twitter during the live broadcast and tweet along with other fans, as well as the writers, actors, and producers. Please help save this phenomenal show.

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Does Chad Love Abby?

I think Chad made the decision to end things with Abby after his
discussion with Stefano. I think the second he walked in the room and found his
father there all the warning signals were flashing. Abby being on the phone
with Ben when he walked into the garden was not what made him end things with
her. To me at least, there were a lot of things leading up to this Chad and
Stefano's conversation on the plane. When he asked his father why he was so
interested in his being with Abby and Stefano being evasive as usual. The
morning after his night with Abby and Chad's thoughts of what would happen if
he told her of his suspicions regarding his father's interest in her. Chad
knows Stefano wants something from Abby. He did the only thing he felt he could
do in sending her away. Do I think Chad and Abby will be able to stay out of
each other's orbit for too long no crazy as this may sound to some people Chad
and Abby make a much better couple than Abby and Ben, they have a great
chemistry that I don't see in Abby's relationship with Ben. Chad does love her,
and that is why he did what he did. Ben putting that tracking app on Abby's
phone was I believe was the first step in that relationship coming to an end.

True Detective Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Maybe Tomorrow

After reading your wandering mini-tome, I have now concluded that you should stop writing tomes, mini or otherwise. First, Vince Vaughn is absolutely killing his role. Second, the entire point of this show is the dark side of virtually every character and their ever changing relationships with each other - So don't get all flumoxicated over the maybe gay guy struggling with his issues. Great stories take time, so calm down. Or better yet, just stop writing mini-tomes. I am just as confused about where this thing is going - again - that is the point. They are like voortrekkers without a map. Scintillating stuff in my mind. And finally, when you have T. Bone Burnett doing the music, well - like Frank would say - it don't get no better!

Ronald simkins

I don't think this show's audience is the same as the CW so we won't get logged down instant exposition of the whole background of the new Big Bad what? And then they spend the rest of the show with warm feelies with the crew and an in depth background f the whole crew's lives prior to the pilot? It's The Last Ship with fire fights and explosions and ship to ship encounters. Me thinks the reviewer is expecting the excitement of PLL.

@ isoron

There actually was a fairly slow, dramatic episode last week. This week being shoot-em-up time is just fair game.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Harvest

Liking Killjoys so far. Characters are great and it could have a future. Action leaves it down a bit. I mean Dutch is supposed to be the biggest badass, but has never been in a fight that actually challenged her. Tough guys can take punches as well as give them - tough girls need to do that too.

Rookie Blue Round Table: Andy Has to Choose

I wanted Andy to break up with Sam and get back with Nick