so wait, Undercover Boss premieres in DEC on Sundays, then moves to Fridays in January but then TAR takes it spot on Fridays so where does UB go, back to Sundays???
and i'm wondering why put out a schedule if you have no idea where you will put POI?
and that wednesday schedule, even though it's for a short time, looks wacky, too comedies leading into serious dramas???
8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT — 2 BROKE GIRLS
8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT — MIKE & MOLLY
10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT — CODE BLACK and then where do 2BG & M&M go after Survivor returns??????? CBS WHY YOU SO CONFUSING!!!


the episode was a 'B' for me. i do appreciate them delving into the backgrounds of the 3 main characters (Rebecca, Josh, Greg) and having us see how their lives before led to them being the way they are now but nothing necessarily hit home for me personally. not saying it was a bad episode by any means, just not one where i felt totally engrossed in the happenings. and for some reason, i never recalled rebecca's mother being THIS OVERBEARING. she always seemed suffocating but Rebecca never seemed this interested in being a 'mommy pleaser' until this episode (she would not call back,let it go to answering machine etc.) granted her mother is quite insufferable (though they had a nice moment at the end). PS: THIS MAKES two weeks, we have seen no onscreen interaction between Greg and Rebecca though I didn't mind Greg getting his groove on with Heather. they aren't a good fit if you ask me, they may both be screw ups but she's a little too immature and flighty for the Gregster but it worked last night so we'll see how it goes.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Broken Heart

Loved the episode. But I was disappointed how Merlin was killed so easily. First he was introduced as the greatest sorcerer of the world who can and has been defeating the darkness in fights for centuries and Hook just walks in, rips his heart and crushes it? And I'm not really buying the "taken by surprise" act. I was expecting Emma to continue working on her own devising some bad ass plans like she has been doing all season (I'd have loved to see Emma and Hook go head-to head) but it was a good thing to see her reunited with her folks. Dark Hook is so mean, just loved him. Regina calling him Captain Dark One was so funny. I loved every Zelena moments too.

TV Fanatic: Writers Wanted!

Hi. Is there still a position open at TV Fanatic?

@ Lzz

We almost always have room for more writers in some capacity or another. Feel free to send your information my way! :-)

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Red Faced

Possibly Lord had something to do with Kara losing her powers (temporarily), but I'd agree that it's more likely that channeling all her anger into her heat vision simply drained Kara of her solar energy and thus of her powers. All Kara probably needs is a good solar recharge -- but not until she has a chance to prove that it's not her powers that make her a hero but her heart or personality.

Fargo Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Loplop

JUST SOME ADDITIONAL FOOD FOR THOUGHT Also the song playing on the radio in Rye's car (turn on the captions) and when he first enters the diner is about space invaders and war machines, vis a vie "WAR OF THE WORLDS" I just went back to Episode 1 and the sound in the back ground while Rye was heading to the Waffle Hut was the same sound in the original George Pal movie "WAR OF THE WORLDS" (starring Gene Barry and AnnRobibson) that the Martian War Ships made. Also, Rye was distracted and didn't notice that he was about to be hit by Peggy's 1965 Covair by what we might consider a UFO. INCREDIBLE SERIES,


with the slow music and long look from the dad to the captain... I knew it wasn't him lol

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Broken Heart

I was really enjoying the Emma going dark storyline and I even wished they'd taken it a few steps further. This season made me excited again after some pretty awful storylines in years past. I liked that they turned Hook evil but it gets hard to care about villains if its just the same darkness being used over and over agin. They've basically recycled the same plot 3 times over and even though I think its inventive it really is more of an echo than anything else.

Castle Round Table: Caskett Is Back!

I would love someone to corner Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller to get how they feel about what the two exec producers are doing to the show they created.
I know AM is credited with Consulting Producer, but that is a mere formality to get a paycheck. it is doubtful he does any writing or producing.


I found it a bit lackluster as well, but to answer a couple of questions in the review:
1 - they don't do the walker guts all the time for VERY good reason (and Kirkman actually addressed that since the episode). The odor fades, and therefore doesn't mask their "human" smell as well; they have to move incredibly slowly with it to blend in, which can pose a danger, and at *any time* something can go wrong - a sneeze, hiccup, whatever - that draws attention and then you're toast. It's an EXTREMELY high-risk tactic which, I'm sure we'll see when it comes back, can and does backfire. 2 - a headshot would not get off in time to not get Denise's jugular stabbed. Almost no one, not even trained marksmen, take headshots that close with a knife to the throat. Even if they got him, a) they could have missed and gotten her, b) he could have even inadvertently stabbed her artery in reaction, or intentionally taken her out in the process. You have half a second as you watch someone start to pull the trigger to respond. I think they needed to give Deanna more to do before she died, so I was okay with this. Her explanation on the Talking Dead was helpful, and I also saw it as a clear support to building Michonne's character. She's been differing from Rick for a while now, and this will make it even more so. Tovah Feldshuh said that she saw them as President and General, and worked best together; Michonne can take over that role. Balance Rick out. I too think it will be Morgan or someone else to get offed by Negan. Morgan needs more to do as he was really only recently "added" permanently, but he was also dead by now in the comics. Someone on a different site even said Maggie which would be horrible! I don't know what I'd do with a terrified kid like Sam. He should have been closer to Jessie so she could cover his darn mouth if needed. All that being said, I don't think the episode was as bad as you seem to think, but I didn't think it was great. I've been a little ticked since the Glenn manipulation (and let's be honest, that's what it was) so they're on a short leash with me right now. Suspense and cliffhangers for the purpose of a good story: excellent. Just to manipulate your viewers? aholes.