Just the opposite. I thought this last episode was outstanding. I too had questions if the second season could amount to much -- but I has. As a writer, I would have never thought of a medical ship, full of doctors, techs, and equipment -- out to sea and that the Nathan James might do best to find them -- but in finding them they found trouble of the secret military types already onboard causing problems. Just really like this chapter. And now a bad guy/gal is about to come forth from that sub and cause them all sorts of problems. Well done.


this almos certainly means devious maids will be renewd as well which is both great for me and niyla styers. will have her chug some wine nuts and celebrate with a big slam jam with the skinny pencil of mike hawk

The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Solace

The problem with season two is that it's about nothing, no real goal and no hard decision making process that I enjoyed with the season one. I liked the captain, who thought carefully, planned a course of actions, and showed his leadership capabilities. This new season so far is just an advertisement for the navy, or military. That might be good for some viewers but not the majority who liked season one.
I mostly liked it because of an spaceship captain style setup, which this season has totally ignored it. The ship needs to become more of a character that bounds all the people together, as enterprise was to the crew. That's what I think.


Oh good. I thought I was alone in not quite getting where all of this is going. I mean, I understand how the first episode or two was spent introducing us to the main characters and their backstories but…..enough already. Let's get to the meat of the thing. I'm glad Ray made it and wasn't killed - although the explanation of that left me cold and disbelieving. Yeah, cops use dummy bullets but not usually at such close range. Kudos to Farrell for making us sympathize with his gut injury (noticed how he constantly protected himself even while chasing the guy who torched their car?). The first season of True Detective wasn't so much about the case at hand, as it was about Rusty and Martin. God help us if that's true about this season as well - because I'm just not getting it.

Douglas henning

Another good episode.. So true about about Broadband replacing dial-up.. It did take a while though for it to happen. I had multiple phone lines for years until the late 90's when cable modem made it to my home.. As one who was a tech user in the era of the show, it is fun to remember stuff like Hayes 1200 Baud dial-up modems!!


I'm confused about who in fact were the evil angels cleaved in two? At the end of season one was the head vampire killed (Dracula)? At the end of season two was Lucifer killed by Vanessa crushing the doll's head? Inspector Rusk is great. I hope his story line stays in season 3. I'll miss Sembene. I've been saying in these blogs that I'd like both a Sembene and a direwolf for my home:) Hank, Your recap is excellent. Thank you.


UK autumn seems sooooo far away... I have just watched all episodes and specials of "New Who" and I am missing Donna. She just 'got it' when it came to The Doctor. "Journeys' End" is one of the VERY few episodes of any show that I have followed that made me cry. Clara still doesn't fill the void for me companion- wise. Definitely Donna Noble all the way for me! I hope they can bring her back, if only fleetingly, in the future.

@ Alihan

Autumn IS too far away! (At least for those of us on the "top" of the world - sorry - just couldn't resist - and I DID try!)
And you're right - Donna was a MUCH better companion - if only for the lack of romance-themed everything.
I'm re-reading some of the comments from those who don't like Capaldi's Doctor - I only hope that no one in production takes them seriously, because Capaldi's Doctor is SOooooo much better than the angst-ridden "tragic hero" doctors of the 21st century!
He won't be back soon enough for me!


I gave the show some meta credit with the Sheriff's date, IRL they are actually married. I did think Natalie might provide us a random throwaway like when she told us Coach's first name is Bobby that she might have yelled his first name during that whole thing, but no. But, well, that just leaves Liam's parents and Scott's dad out of the loop, right? Though we don't know how much Lydia explained to her mother after the discovery of not her grandmother's ashes.

@ kate277

Really? They are married in real life? I didn't know that! Good scoop!

Ronald simkins

You're not watching the show it is clear that the Rock and Sean are on one side and Drill is the Adversary. Plus Drill communicates with the children thru games because Drill is a child too. This theme is as old as time (Ghost Whisperer). The only thing that suggests alien in this show is that "Rock" passed thru space 200 light years away. For all we know Drill is only part of the entity's name and it may actually be from a parallel dimension. Perhaps the "Rock" was sent by our "Guardians" the possibilities are endless and if you need spoon feeding explications perhaps you should watch on of Law and Order.


I love April and Leo, but with SMF's availability always being a factor, I doubt him being the endgame choice for April. Part of me would love to see them go through with the wedding, and then for Leo to relapse and pass. It would be good service for April and Leo fans, and a great character growth opportunity for April and would open the door for a Dominic/April reunion. Can there also be kudos for Italia Ricci? She knocks it out of the park every week.

@ Christine Laskodi

I agree about SMF's availability. Luckily, he is in most of this season because they got a head start before he heads off to film Blood and Oil.