A is back! Is it Mona or are they acting separately?
I do not think this A that has returned to Rosewood is Mona, but I do think Mona is working with this A. What's your opinion on Sydney now?
I should have known she was trouble. I was really hoping she would be there just to get Paige and Emily back together. Ezria and Emison are reunited. React!
I have always liked Ezria so I am on bored and that scene was hot! Ali is 100% using Emily to get her on her side, she knows that if Emily falls in love with her then she will side with Ali over Aria, Spencer and Hannah. Any idea on Bethany Young?
I know someone on the recap page commented that the reveal was a let down. This is PLL they would not have revealed the name if it was a let down. My first thought is that she is Alison's twin that was adopted by the Young family. So I am interested to see how that develops! Biggest shocker of the 100th episode?
The explosion...100%! It is funny because half way through this episode I said to myself that this show is now a drama not a suspense drama as there had been no A action and then at the end of the episode BOOM and then we see A is back.

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So when the lawyers at Harvey Spector play dirty, like they always have it is okay. When Mike does it, it is not okay.
Mike left the firm because of what Jessica told him last season, that he had hit his ceiling and that would be it for him. Mike learned things from his time there, he is also good at what he does. So combine those things together and Mike like Harvey is a force to be reckoned with.
I felt worse for Louis when Harvey yelled at him and then talked to him at the end, than I did when Mike did what he did. Yes Louis loved Sheila and still does but like Rachel did point out, maybe that is what he needed to realize he wants Sheila back.
Speaking of Rachel, not a fan of hers now. She is going to cheat on Mike and sleep with Logan, this time she is the one in a relationship. I also do not like the way she talked to Mike either and he was 100% right it what he said to her.
Donna knows what Harvey does to get what he wants and needs and she should realize Mike is doing the same thing. I can see her being hurt and I do agree with what she said about her and Mike but I do not want to see her yell at Mike each week in defense of Harvey.
I may be naïve but I think that Mike made the right choice at the end, yes he wants Sitwell cut out of the deal, but I have a feeling Mike will get Sitwell his money.
I really like Mike assistant.
Jeff and Jessica are a good match, I would like to see them take on more clients together.


Another stellar episode.
I have a feeling Briggs is developing feelings for Kelly.
I agree Carlito is a creep to beat all creeps. I feel bad for Johnny especially when Carlito told him to sit and watch him and the girls when they were at his house, but going undercover is part of the job.
Oh Jakes, you should know better than to sit in your truck and drink. I have a feeling his drinking is going to get him in trouble! It almost lost him the chance to go under cover. It is good that Briggs tagged along that first day and had his AA chip to give Jakes.
Mike was right the dugs are coming in on that bus, when they took the crow bar to that panel, I had a feeling that is where the drugs were! I hope that Jakes tells Mike, well he has too.


This episode aired a couple weeks ago here in Canada.
Chris is heading down a very dangerous road.
I too like Nick and want him to get a love interest, I say it each week...sign me up, LOL
Oliver may not want to be head of 15 but he is good at it. However I do miss Frank.


First I must say I'm thrilled you introduced Discuss to your site! #ThumbsUp 1.Mona & "A"!?
I think Mona sought out "A" at this point. She is quite desperate and she knows how to contact "A". Can't wait for "A" to out smart Mona and set her up at some point. But if you think "A" was the 4th person to arrive at the secret meeting, my gut is saying that Caleb is part of Mona's minions. 2.Sydney!?
I'm so surprised how well Chloe is playing Sydney, Donna was such a stellar character and Sydney is quite different. I knew she was trouble but the story needs new characters I'm interested to see how well she is fitting the whole Jenna/A story.
3.Ezria and Emison!
I knew Ezria would get together at some point but still thought the would have a tougher time to get there.
Emison! Not a fan! I wasn't an Paige fan but I fall in love with her along the way and now I'm a Pemily fan all the way, 4.Bethany Young
Bethany is maybe even the reason "A" is hunting Alison. Maybe Ali did something to her and things got out of control. 5. Biggets shocker!
None! Really a bland episode. The thing that surprised me most is Caleb's adtitude, didn't watched Ravenswood so I don't know where that shit is coming from. Favorite moments: The Ali vs Mona. One of the most epic showdowns PLL ever gave to us. Just sad that Ali was so easily outsmarted.
Besides that their phones ringing was a nice touch.

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#ThumbsUp much appreciated :)


lol this is a shocking waste of time, i think peruvians have a few other things they should be concerned about - like the 25.8% poverty rate in 2013

Pretty Little Liars Review: A(li)'s Back

Alison is clearly on a redemption story where the whole point is she was awful before and has changed now but no one believes she has. if she was truly evil then we wouldn't see those private moments where she's broken down and scared. she's not A or out to get anyone, it's Mona who's become the true villain out of all this, and god knows who else.


Here's the thing with TV show interviews, especially the mentalist. This is a serial mystery and while they are not reading a script, they are still acting and their speech is scripted. If you noticed all of Baker's interviews are ambiguous and polished. They release only promotional information meant to boost the ratings. While I enjoy the off set interviews, I have not seen one yet that was not carefully scripted. They are not about to give away the store.

Extant Review: Welcome Home

Curiosity piqued. Tuning in for episode 2.

True Blood Round Table: "Fire in the Hole"

I don't agree with Carissa's comment about Sarah Newlin. The funny thing is, she keeps talking about how they have all these annoying characters that take away screentime from those that are important, yet she's not really saying who the important characters are, which is more or less another way of saying the characters that she likes most in her eyes. Who are you referring to, because there really aren't that many "important" characters?