Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 6

I really wish you continue this one. The way the girl Mia and Perry locked fingers told me something else was there!! AWESOME plot to this episode :D

The Best of 2014: Romances!

Stefan and Caroline aren't even a couple.

The Best of 2014: Character Exit

Wheres Mona Vanderwal !


Bushi101, Winter, Sojourner, and all the other posters We have spent a lot of time examining Grace and her motivations, yet maybe we have not examined why Simon has become so attached to Grace. We all agree that Simon has been running a somewhat successful escort business bedding scores of soccer moms, why is he willing to give it up for Grace? What has given him the impression that she cares about him? We don't really know what was said between the two, but we have some indications that the feelings Grace shared with Simon may be more than she may admitted to her therapist or sister. Grace doesn't just make appointments for sex, she spends time with Simon. We have seen Simon interacting with 2 other women in his apartment, and they were expressly sex calls. When Neil visited Simons' apartment after he left for a run, we got a glance into Grace's interaction with Simon on the couch. I believe the writers were showing us a closeness between the two. Secondly, in the tryst where Grace indicated it was a mistake, Simon stated she was so happy there. Grace must have indicated to Simon how much she enjoyed their passionate time together. I wonder if the reason for Grace turning to a psychologist was more than just trying to save her marriage, but actually trying to figure out what course to follow. She may actually have developed physical cravings for Simon. This would seem almost like an addiction. She is able to stay in her marriage, because the physical cravings have been satisfied completely by Simon. Grace may have put more emotionally into her love making with Simon than he experienced with his other clients. Simon could easily interpret this as more than just affection. Another strange indicator also was the nature of Grace's rejection toward Simon's advances in episode 9. Her main point was that he "screws other women". There was no statement of I don't care for or love you. Not exactly a rejection. Several possibilities remain very much in play for Season 2. First, Simon actually does become a transformed man. He acts like a man of wealth and presents a maturity which he lacked previously. This was the Simon of Grace's daydream. The daydream took place only two days before Grace and Neil met at the therapists office. The age differential meant nothing. The physical attraction now has the opportunity to jell with a better version of Simon, particularly if some portion of Neil's exploits become public. The daydream also showed an important event, that given the choice between the two lovers the subconscious Grace chose Simon. Another possible obstacle in the Grace- Neil marriage, would appear if Stephanie's relationship with Dylan becomes strained. Would a somewhat liberated Grace act on an obviously mutual attraction between herself and Dylan. Dylan represents the type of person she envisioned herself becoming partnered with. The physical appearance and creative aspects of Dylan certainly appeal to Grace. Grace was clearly a woman who enjoyed her interactions with a lover. Her main concern apparently was not getting discovered. If a disruption in the communal relationship with Neil occurs, will Grace take that as an opportunity to openly pursue physical intimacy with other individuals. Grace has stated that she does not need a man to support her financially, a role to which Neil had almost singularly dedicated himself. Grace will have an interesting time selecting a permanent partner if what she desires is principally physical, emotional, and or passionate fulfillment. This does open up the possibility for both Simon and Dylan or someone else. She will have many choices.
Adriana's role as a love interest for Neil are really over. He clearly indicated to her that he was not interested. Adriana will however aid Simon in his quest for Grace. She will do this in the hope that she can continue to persuade Neil to escort. Neil has the potential to be a large money maker for her. It may well be in this function that Neil meets someone with whom he has strong connection, thus threatening his reconciliation with Grace.

The Best of 2014: 18 TV Couples Who Made Us Swoon

Regina & Robin Hood - Once Upon A Time

The 100 Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Spacewalker

Yep, no big surprises. I enjoyed Finn as a character and hated how they turned him from a peacemaker to a mass murderer in a few episodes. It wasn't earned IMO and I am disappointed. If there had been a random, out of left field, shocking death I would have been sad to see Finn go but would have found I more believable.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: The Queens of Darkness

I guess I am a little worried what four villians will do to the story. I like all the villians individually, except Rumple. I was very disappointed in making him go down the road to evilness when he had come such a long way. I really don't understand that storyline. I know we have been told that the second half will focus more on the regular characters but we were also told that for the first half. I don't want to see another 11 episodes of trying to make our regular characters fit in with the Villians. It should be about the regular characters and how the Villians fit in with them. I have read some spoilers about some of the characters being tempted with darkness. That seems to be a recycled theme every season. Now that we have finally got some CS going somewhere I really hope we don't see Hook starting to go down that path- that would just be redundant as we saw him change over the course of 2 1/2 seasons to win the woman of his heart so can't imagine what would make him suddenly want to jeopardize that, if it is only to create drama and angst , we have seen enough of that already. I don't mind Robin and Regina eventually being together but they need to earn the relationship like every other couple has on the show.

Ronald simkins
Days of Our Lives: Catfight Part 2!

Plus we found out that Rory has chest hair! He and T are the most underused characters.

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The Best of 2014: 16 Characters Whose Exits Made our Heads Spin

Are we seriously leaving out Dr Sweets?

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge and Katie Make Love!

I wish katie did not brake up with ridge he reallys loves her and has feelings for her and I hope he goes back and says he loves her and wants her back and Tht he wants her back and I hope carter tells him to go fight for katie and go win her back and I hope he goes back and carter helps him and Katie says yes she will take him back and give him one more chance and she gives him one more chance and he loves her and he wants her U could see it in his eyes so I hope he goes back to Katie's ans says he wants her back and Tht he loves her and his feelings for her is to strong to let go and I hope she say yes and they get married