18 Cancellations That Cut Deep

Ummm, where is Firefly and Pushing Daisies. Some of the shows on this list were just bad shows.

Days of Our Lives Recap: A Bouncing Baby DiMera

Get rid of Eve she is a sick slut.


The show could get renewed now that he's signed-on for another season, but I think the chances increase if "Beckett" is the one to disappear this time (& never returns)!


I think Cyrus is the real evil character on this show!!!! Hope Jake Isn't dead.....live Jake Ballard!!!

@ Sharon

That should read "love Jake Ballard"


I like your synopsis, but it doesn't explain a few things. Ragner does seem to be in real medical distress. You could fake coughing up blood but, he is also peeing blood and he's not going around showing that. So, this seems to be a real physical problem.
Then there was his "I see dead people" episode with Athelstan. Was this a near death experience? Is he that bad off to have one? None of that with Athelstan made any sense if Ragnar isn't afraid for his own mortality. Is he using a baptism to gain entry to Paris or heaven, or both?
Also, on another note, I'm wondering if Kalf isn't deep under cover for Ragnar. It seems as though he could have hired him to make it look as though he had usurped Lagertha's earldom. Using him to get intel on Erlander, and anyone conspiring with him. Certainly would explain why Kalf is always by her side, even saving her in battle,when you would think he would want her dead. Wouldn't be unlike Ragnar not to clue Lagertha in, and explain why he didn't help her regain her earldom....just a thought.

Agents of SHIELD Round Table: The Cavalry

It is possible that there are tie-ins to the avengers movie since it's being released in most of Europe and some parts of Asia next week.

Sarah silva

Enzo had more screen time this episode then he had all season.
I think there is more to the story of Enzo and Lily than we saw. He sees her and then he decides to set Sarah free.
We now know why Lily is so adamant about getting her friends. They are witch-vampires. Let's hope Damon gets to his mother before she get her friends to present time Mystic Falls.
I am glad Stefan has his humanity back. However if Caroline got him to turn off his humanity so easily the first time, how does Damon think it won't happen again and therefore why did he let Stefan go to find her on his own!?!?
So I am pretty sure Damon will give Elena the cure and let her live her life as a human and tell her to leave and find a guy, get married and have babies.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Ugh they better not make Enzo a step brother or something

Sarah silva

They better not kill Derek.
I did not get a preview for next but my friend did and she said that Derek is fine. However Ashley you are making me nervous.
I am glad that Alex told Arizona.
Amelia and Owen do not have good chemistry so I am fine if they are not together but I agree they were annoying last night.


I could never give the first season anything but an A. I could barely wait for every Friday for a new episode and it's going to be a long wait until season 2. My favorite episode was Paradox. I liked the character stuff in the episode. Father/son bonding and Cole/Cassie scenes. And past Jones was interesting to see. I was also glad they didn't drag out Cassie finding out Aaron had betrayed them in his desperate need to save her and himself. My biggest disappointment was Ramse teaming up with the 12 Monkeys cause it's always the friend or uncle or some other relative that goes "evil" in shows/movies and it's sucked the shock out of it and only leaves disappointment now. But they totally made up for it by Ramse helping save Cassie (even though she's the one who shot him) and Cole turning back to save him, basically his love for his friend/brother overcoming their fates. Awesome. Also was disappointed Cole and Cassie didn't kiss but that was to a lesser degree. I can be patient. As long as the payoff is good! Not sure if I'll like the direction they're taking with Cassie being more dark, but I get why she is/will be with everything that happened and will happen. And it'll be a twist to see Cole trying to help her back from that as she did for him.