Loved this episode. I'm happy too that Simmons is back! Other shows take a season to find the time for an auction, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings characters back from strange planets within two hours ;-) Absolutely great. I loved Simmons from the start and I'm SO excited what her storyline will be like. Is she now inhuman? Has she met other travelers and if so, will she try to bring them back as well? So many questions. "Are we nearing the end of his story, since it appears to be coming full
circle? Would you hate to lose Ward on the show, or are you almost
expecting it?"
I certainly hope so :-/ I know HYDRA is the big bad in the comics, but I believe the tv show will do perfectly fine without it, especially now with the porcupine inhuman (Lash?!) and the government organisation led by Rosalind. Both are more interesting than Ward imo, he should have bitten the dust already... Also agree the dialogues were awesome again. Liked the little Skye/Daisy reference after Skaisy fainted.

@ San

Love it. But also feel sad for it, sounds like Skeezy lol.

@ TiffanyO

When I talked to a friend and couldn't decide whether to say Daisy or Skye (much like Coulson, ha) I accidentally went for 'Skaisy' ;-)

Castle Season 8 Episode 3 Review: PhDead

The new showrunners are saying they want to put the spark back that was in first 4 seasons before they got together. That's just stupid. Those season s were fun but that " will they or won't they was depressing. If I want to see that I'll just watch the first seasons. They have no right to ruin a great show. Who want to see a married couple break up and getting back together. This is just stupid.


I'm so glad we got Simmons back. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time Fitz was on the planet. It wasn't until Simmons popped up next to him that I knew she had made it back. I kept thinking that he would be right there and would have had her but then just lost her. I can't wait to see what happens with Simmons this season because by the looks of the ending she's going to have so serious PTSD and it looks like she and Fitz will become a lot closer. When Coulson called Daisy Skye I thought it was so normal and didn't think anything of it until the others corrected him. I'm still not use to the whole Daisy thing. I thought it was cool that she could activate the monolith. Was it explained though why she heard a noise no one else did and it gave her a massive headache? I thought that part was interesting and wanted to why but I might have missed the explanation. I also thought it was interesting that Randolph knew the word Inhuman and hope that means we'll see him again. Ward is a serious threat and a scary one. He is a great bad guy. I can't imagine his story ending but I think if his story were to end this season or the next one I would be okay with it. Because even though I love him and he's a great bad guy I feel that if his story never ended then he'd always be this bad guy that was a threat that always just popped up which would get boring after awhile. And I wouldn't want that to happen to his character because he's such an amazing bad guy.

@ marissa

Imo Skaisy heard that noise because she senses everything related to low-frequency range in a very enhanced way - even normal people react to low frequencies with their whole body and not only their ears. So while a certain low-pitched sound won't be audible for Coulson and the team, Skaisy will still hear and feel it.

@ marissa

yeah I had the same feelings about Ward... I LOVE having him on the show, but eventually, for it to be realistic, he has to go. They can't just keep going back and forth forever or it'll get pretty boring. But 2 to 3 seasons is not a bad run for Brett Dalton, no matter how it ends up!


Do you really believe that Jerome is dead?

Lisa babick
@ thedistantdrummer

Other than his spirit living on....yeah, I'm pretty convinced he's dead.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Legend of Marcos Ramos

Loving this show so far

Sp mckenna
@ johndoe11

Glad you like it! It's been an enjoyable ride these first 3 episodes


I was wondering how they would babble their way out of having a black hole of all things show up at the end of season 1. Now I'm just happy they didn't make Dr. Caitlin Snow ask about the accretion disk again.. yeah it was pretty bad. Over all the episode was fine. The meta of the week ended up being one big contrivance, but I cut them some slack there since they had a lot of catching up to do.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Blood and Oil. I was on the fence after the pilot, which I thought was loud and all over the place. This episode felt more streamlined and focused compared to the pilot. I love all the drama and not-so-subtle hints the writers are dropping. This show, in my opinion, certainly fills the sex-love-drama-murder hole in my Sunday nights that Revenge filled so well (in its heyday at least). I also enjoyed reading the review so I will be back again next week.


I was wondering ..now how does Lady Love convince Wilkin to have sex with her? I am feeling that he has a destiny and maybe that is to save his country somehow. All of the instances of divine intervention must be for a reason. Would they play with history..I'll have to read some English history to see what the succession is.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2 Review: The Price

Best episode! Still blows my mind how they put everything important in just 1 episode!


So many twists and turns I got dizzy. But the fact they kept wanting the the plane to be declared not at fault in every other scene, made it obvious that the plane was at fault. Also little Miss Helpful Corporate Exec, made it obvious she had something to do with it too. I loved the scene between Pride and the pilots dad after he was caught taking the syringes from her secret apartment. Also that as a father, Pride could see where he was coming from. Doesn't make it right, but you can see why he did it. I am glad that they ended up not being illegal drugs.

@ Amy

Yeah, they really did overplay things with Little Miss Helpful Corporate Exec. Way to broadcast the ending, NOLA... I agree with you about the scene with Pride and Captain Garrett. The captain could potentially face some very serious charges for interfering in the investigation and tampering with evidence (despite the fact that the needles proved to be yet another red herring), but his actions were very understandable, even relatable, under the circumstances.