Grey's Anatomy Canadian Promo: A Death Sentence?

Hey where is the round table for last week's episode (8x15)

Gossip Girl Promos: "Cross Rhodes"

I used to be a huge fan of Chair. Their chemistry is seriously off the chain. But recently I've switched to the Dair side. Maybe because, in real life, I've dated a few guys like Chuck and they are COMPLICATED. You know the ones - they're from extremely rich and messed up families. They're complex, trust no-one, and are capable of hurting you terribly. They are also capable of great love, are often passionate and make extravagant gestures and give expensive gifts. Unfortunately their love has so many strings attached and you end up losing yourself... Guys like Dan are actually capable of loving unconditionally, being honest, without reserve or manipulation. Blair can be herself with Dan. I hope she chooses him - apart from being the sensible choice, it's a good example to all those girls out there who are being hurt by their own Chuck Bass. I chose to marry my Dan Humphrey - 3 years into the relationship I have not regretted it for one day :)

Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

Nope, not feeling Dair. Their kisses feel forced as does their whole friendship. Plus you don't love someone just because they turned up to an awards presentation when your mum didn't. You love them because there is something magical between you, something you can't let go of. Its about being soul mates, its about chemistry.
Dan loves Blair because she has Vanessa's common interests in film and books, but Serena's "damsel in distress" persona right now. Blair has this feeling of need for Dan because they've been through so much together. She can't turn to Chuck because he's too obvious in the public eye unfortunately. As soon as Blair deals with her problems, there will be only common interests left. Something that friends have, not necessarily lovers. Honestly in some scenes I feel that Dan and Blair could be brother and sister. I think when they try and have sex, they will feel the weirdness. It will be like Joey and Rachel off Friends.

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Return of The Bromance

It's 5am, can't believe I'm up. So excited about this ep I couldn't sleep. Everything that was missing poured into one ep, loved it. It was all about the 4 back. Steve and Danny at Steves house at the start and the team hanging out at the, we've seen far to little of that this season. Danny jumping in the water, priceless. Kono coming of age, standing up to the rest of the team defending the suspect and doing so with conviction and Steve giving her credit at the end, love it she's not a rookie anymore.
I was disappointed in the Apolo Ohno part, but doesn't take away from my love for the ep. Welcome back H50.

Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

It so makes sense that Dan and Blair have found their way to each other !
Come on, they have been to universty, are real adults now. It's the time when you stop beeing an elitist or stop beeing so narrow minded with the people you date or hang out with. High school was this whole secure microcosm and it made sense by they were so tacky to each other.
Now the realness of their beeing is just beyond everything ! DAIR all the way !

Once Upon a Time Review: True Love Isn't Easy

Ok maybe as a guy I feel compelled to defend david but he is doing as well as any dead man placed under a curse by a wicked queen. Charming didnt care that he left abby at alter. He was just lucky that it was a fairy tale and everything worked out in the end. No luck david. He did not want to hurt catherine but he did not love her but loved mm. what could he do, tell catherine that not only was he leaving her but he was dumping her for another woman. Sure catherine was no desperate housewife, that would have made it easy. I prefer her to mm or snow. I hope she was kidnapped by queen and not erased or killed. This show is like heroes where guests or minor characters are so good u wanna c more of them. What I find amusing by all the responces is that charmings supposed out dates mocho heroics and old fashioned honor are still popular.

Mrs cleaver

Felix Unger returns home to find Oscar Madison has trashed the house yet again. Oh wait, wrong show but LOL our boys are back! Yay!
The five minute Guest Star (who Steve so cooly tear-gassed, loved that scene), the obvious murderer, never explaining exactly where the shark tooth in the dead guys neck came from, the car chases, someone diving in to save the suspect, the car-gu-ments; it was like Season 1 all over again. Loved it!
And Jim, you can never have too much bromance. The "you know you love me" line was the best! And I agree AOL looked better than he's looked all season. Think they fed him this week.
Fun, fun episode, the chemistry was back, first time in a long time.

Castle Review: Checkmate!

I have only one question regarding the review. Courtney, do you think anyone in 1914 would have thought that the death of an Austrian Archduke would be the "linchpin" that led to World War I? I have little difficulty buying a Chinese businessman's daughter as the precipitating event to WW III. With so many products made in China, they have become a major player on the world scene and therefore, depending on who killed the little girl, it could be the domino that sends all others falling. Just one thing to remember, the removal of a domino from the chain will stop others from falling. For example, if the driver in 1914 had not made a wrong turn, would WW I have been averted?

Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

First of all I apologize for my English, in some parts I used the automatic translator because I do not know how to express my thoughts.
I just have a word to comment: pathetic.
She married, when? Three weeks before? On the day of his marriage she professed a total love to Chuck, then she sacrificed for her family, and now she is in love with Dan? And she does not know how to deal with his feelings for Chuck?
Ok another character ruined by the talented writers of Gossip Girl.
A similir person now sucks as girlfriend: both for Dan and Chuck.
Definitely I think that Gossip Girl should end with this season. I hate to think how it would be a sixth.


i would like to see sage but reallly? why isn t there any more caroline and klaus?

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