Being Human Review: I'd Like A Different Season Finale, Please

Carissa: I wish I could delete my post. It was unfair or, as Josh would say, douchey on my part. Yes, I've been reading your pieces and they're very good. I can tell you like the show. But I think reviewers sometimes fall into what I call the Monalisa syndrome: they criticize Leonardo for having painted a legless figure. Can't wait for next season. I'm sure Josh will save the day.

Gossip Girl Review: Building the Perfect Serena

First of all...what is wrong with Nate's upper lip in the middle? It looked the same last week. Fever blister? That was probably the most interesting thing. Dan & Blair...snore time. Oh... I did love chuck's red workout clothes. He can pull off anything & look smokin hot. I want more Chuck. Plain & simple. Why can't Eva come back for him. I wish she would come back for him & have it turn out that she's a princess & Chuck falls madly in love with her & they marry making Chuck a prince. I just think Blair's character needs a consequence for all of her bad choices. One that crushes her heart because she realizes Chuck has changed & he's the ONLY man who truly meets all of her needs. Dan is not that man. I really hate, HATE! season 5 & don't get excited about upcoming episodes because when you get right down to it...NOTHING noteworthy happens. I TiVo it & watch it later. When the writers talk about upcoming episodes, that guy, Josh (?) is always so giddy with excitement acting like all the fans that have watched since season 1 are going to love what's been written for the characters. Wrong!!!!! Wasting Chuck's sexual chemistry by not letting h be with anyone the season is just plain crazy!

Gossip Girl Promo & Sneak Peek: Dair Goes Public

Who thinks that the real mother of Chuck is Diana?

Bones Review: Parents and Children

Okay, I do watch this show, but admittedly it's not in my top ten. This episode led me to be even less enthusiastic.
How much camera time are we going to devote to the baby? We get it, it's adorable. And as Bones is so willing to point out, it has superior DNA and bone structure, so it will be smarter and more beautiful than the rest of us. Okay already. Of course the baby is adorable, they held auditions to find an adorable baby! Finn would be okay if he wasn't such a thinly/lazily defined stereotype. 'Aw Shucks, I'm a mighty-polite country boy but unlike every other country boy on this planet I got me some of that fancy ed-u-ca-shuns!'
Please, have the producers ever actually met a real-live country/southern person? In all my derned put-togethers I myself don't spit out as many twisted and convoluted 'quaint' analogies as this guy uttered in one hour... what the heck was that about strawberry seeds? Sheesh, an insult to all my kith and kin, yee-haw! Way-too over the top.
Wait, let's not only freeze the camera on the baby again, lets freeze the camera on IPhone photos of the baby....
I'm sorry, but this was all too distracting for me to be amped up about any actual story that may have played out.
I hear in the near horizon the subtle sound of a shark being jumped.

The Client List Review: The Lure of Happy Endings

Big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt watched this on Netflix loved it will be watching...

House Review: Settling for Mediocrity

After 8 seasons I think viewers either see the cup half full or half empty. I understand your "been there, done that" attitude about the episode, it's House again showing through manipulation that he cares, about Wilson, about his team. Trying to teach them that objectivity matters, not feelings or emotions. Yes, it's a well worn path, and a lot of viewers have lost interest, judging by the week-to-week ratings drops. This season seems to be about House paying attention to and trying to teach lessons to the team and to a lesser extent, to Wilson. Seems his interest in the medical puzzles is waning, and his focus is the people in his life. Perhaps preparing them for life without him?

Bones Review: Parents and Children

It is nice to have a couple of tender moments between my favorite crime-fighting sleuths. Very good to see them chatting at the beginning of the show - Booth being confident (a little cocky even); Brennan concerned and somewhat humorless until she thinks Christine winked at her, then asserting her prediction that Christine will be extraordinary. Nix Booth pulling Brennan out from under the truck. Big no-no, Booth! Brennan was doing something we'd all expect her to do - no need for him to chastise her or attempt to remove her from her investigative location. The scene between Booth and Agent Shaw was precious. I think this was the first time we've seen genuine surprise and affection in Booth's face since he learned he was going to be a father ... that is ... until we saw him at the end of the episode listening to Brennan talk about missing Christine. That last four minutes made the episode for me. Still very badly looking for some affection between B&B - glances, kisses on the forehead even. Please, people! Michelle - she's cute - but things are waaaaay too serious for one date. That seemed forced. And Camille should have been a little less joyous about giving in. A more begrudging caving would have been more realistic. Looking forward to next week ...

Frank lee meidere

I've not watched House for quite a while (liked it, just didn't have the time), so for me it's refreshing to see him playing his games again. A large part of my love for this show has to do with its complete lack of sentimentality. Any other show in which a character starts feeling despondent about not having children would play it out until it reached a tear-jerking Hallmark Moment(TM). Only on House do we see a fantastic and oddly cruel "joke" used to show the character that, as House said in the beginning, he'd "dodged a bullet." And as we can see by his expression at the end, Wilson agreed. (Oh, and the "Can you do an Australian accent" comment as House and the kid were leaving was priceless.)

The Killing Review: Everybody Hurts

I know what's going to happen in the next episode: Linden and Holder will find a suspect whom they are sure murdered Rosie Larsen, but then, in the last minute of the episode, the suspect will turn out to be innocent. Stand Larsen will mope around for a while. Mitch will once again do something stupid in the name of grieving. Linden will try to discipline her son for something or other. AMC will show a lot of commercials. And, of course, it will rain. Sorry for the spoiler. I hope that if any AMC execs, or Veena Sud herself are reading this, that they get the point.

Smash Review: Bombshell

You are a woman, so naturally you see things more from a woman's perspective. And I'll admit that Debra Messing did a good job expressing emotional pain and guilt over what she had done and how she had managed to turn her life and the lives of those she (supposedly) loves completely upside down. However, as a man who has been in Frank's shoes I feel much more empathy for the living hell Julia is putting her husband through. How often since he found out do you think he has replayed in his mind Michael and his wife making love? How often do you think he has hurt so bad physically deep in his gutthat he wasn't sure if he could endure it a second longer? No, his angusih is a special kind of hell that is far worse (IMO) than the pain of guilt. If Frank was the one who had cheated and was consumed with guilt about it, I would feel much worse for Julia than him. Also, Julia is very fortunate that her son, Leo did not leave with his Dad. Why he stayed with his Mother is kind of unrealistic, I think. How could you see someone destroy a person you love like that and want to be around them. Does he know she she cheated before with Michael? If I had done what Julia did, I would not have expected my kids to stay with me or probabaly want anything to do with me for quite awhile. And that would be exactly what I would have deserved.