Revenge Photo Preview: Mourning & Memories...

can't wait

Shameless Review: Grammy Gets Cooking...

top show had to watch it several times as you miss bits. you are all so well cast. special mention to mm as fiona you have become an actors actor, next step miss m is to put fiona in into your sinning. you have chased perfection all your life, but now you have the added x factor.your heart and soal performace makes the gallagers a family.
p/s mabe song at the local watering would give another dimention to fiona;s charactor .keep up the great stories about real life problems.big fan from down under

Warehouse 13 Season Finale Review: Who Died?

Hey man the song is not from placebo but from : Track & Field. Cheers

The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Flying First Class

Stefan's character needs a change ... please!


@tck! Yeah, the swimming pool lawyers, loopholes bit was funny.

Which ABC bubble show do you most want to see renewed?

Please save Private Practice! It's the longest running show of all of these; and it has gotten so much better in the past two seasons. Fans have stayed dedicated for almost 5 years and we LOVE PP! Please save it!


Mer looks a little annoyed at Cris, can't put it down to she's feeling ill, or going by last week's promo she's annoyed that Cris is wanting to leave and basically end all friendship run away essentially from her problems.

Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Salon of the Dead"

Just make Chuck a prince and then Blair will be all about her princess passion again...lol. It's getting boring watching rufus and lily 2.0

American Idol Results: A Shocking Save

I think the judges have every right to say or suggest that the voters got it wrong, the judges have the musical knowledge that most of the voters don't & how many times does it have to be said that this is a singing contest so let's once & for all forget about who looks the cutest etc & vote for the best singers but I'm still not too confident this is going to happen sometime soon.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 203

Nate: So how did you become so rich and powerful
Diana: Well, lets just say I am part of the British Monarchy Blair listening through the door gasps as she soils her pants.