Faye!Uhhh when she isn't in the focus after Cassie,she is really a Brat!And a bit annoying!I really thought they accelerate her pain over Lee, but than they remade it in the bassement scene!
Adam!The potion has some side effects!So it seems at least!Or is this the real boy who isn't in need to be perfect BF!
JB! He really works his stuff! Such a strong performance! But yes he has power, more than the circle? I doubt it!? The circle must first learn to use their power right!


a pretty good EPISODE! The tension slightly rose till it got EPIC! The show gets better with every scene! Blessed be A.Miller!
Mel become such a delightful character! She really is out of the whole I'm not worthy phase! and she is so funny! can't wait for Nick to rock her world again
Cassie never irritated me so much! I hated how the writers made it all about her! I hope in future when the WH sets down, they take us back to her past! Maybe bring some past "friend" or enemy back! Loved her connecting with Jb just don't know if he is faking it!
Diana and Grant! interesting!There is chemistry!Skating it's all about contact! She is just a poor boy, but I don't trust him at alllllll!

Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode. I do not get the hate for TVD. It is a great show.
I was not expecting the whole bloodline thing! I guess Klaus and company will be sticking around for awhile, while the others figure out who led to the eventual turning into Vampires of Stefan and Damon. I know that Tyler will die if they kill Klaus, and I do see that happening eventually. Bonnie may come up with a spell that can save Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Tyler and allow them to kill the originals.
Just when Damon and the crew and an advantage with the white oak stakes it was foiled by Klaus. If Bonnie would have taken Damon with her when she left the mansion then Klaus would not have found out there were 3 more stakes. Now when they eventually find a way around the whole blood line thing there will have to be some new way to kill the originals.
I liked the scene with Caroline and Alaric.
This show is the best on tv and I think if people are tired of watching it and think it sucks THEN stop watching!

The Vampire Diaries Promo: "Heart of Darkness"

pls can anyone tell me what is the song title in this promo

Heart of Darkness

pls tell me waht is the song in the promo

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Deadly MiStake?

@Matt: once you agree than anyone can be manipulated, then you should also see that there's no reason to single out Bonnie. Why blame Bonnie when it's the writing that resorts to using magic and witches to convenient manipulate the plot whenever it suits them? Even if Bonnie goes, they'll just bring in random witches to use their plot changing spells


Dan will accept Blair for "whoever she is"? Dan is the guy who hated Blair for the first three seasons!


Blackwells speech was very ominous. He wants to destroy the demons and hunters and come out about who they really are to outsiders. Doesn't it sound like and endgame than a season finale plot? Maybe the writers know they aren't getting a season 2. I really wish they would fix up the writing and plots and then maybe ratings will increase.

And the Project Runway All-Stars Winner Is...

Mondo's collection was amazing! I can see myself wearing 5 out of the six pieces and that's only because the skirt was too short for me. I really liked Austin's and Michael's collections but I absolutely Loved Mondo's! I think that he definitely deserved to win! I agree that Mondo was a whiny baby this time around but nobody's perfect!

The Secret Circle Promo: "Crystal"

I think it's Melissa and not Faye. Faye is too obvious and it would be so anti climatic... The other thing is how did Cassie know about the other Blackwell Child? Doesn't make sense, only Jake knew. And the way the promo showed only three eps left, I really hope it doesn't mean that they are not renewing the show. I want more seasons. They just need to fix the writing and stories and the ratings will increase.