Gossip Girl Rewatch: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

i loved this episode. felt so bad for blair who tried to be there for chuck to no avail.

Switched at Birth Review: Bay Isn't Most Girls

Good point about the dress code announced the same day or day before prom. My issue was also the teacher who refused them entrance all of a sudden just dissolving into hateful talk, calling them freaks, etc. I guess the writers were trying to make a powerful scene, but isn't it more likely that he would just claim it was district policy and that he, as only a teacher/counselor, could not make an exception [even the principal couldn't so how could this guy?]

Teen Wolf Review: The Target Has Been Neutralized

I must say I wasn't sure about Draeden until this episode, but now I'm totally into it. You could feel the tension right there. The way he half-smiled everytime he finished a sentence was kind of awesome. I mean, how often does he smile? And having her challenging him is new and refreshing. Stiles should get a break already. I mean, I don't think there's another character that evolved as much as he did. He's the one who does not have powers, but still gets himself in pretty much every precarious situation to sacrifice himself for everyone else willingly, and he's always the one who keeps figuring everything out. And I'm a Stydia shipper. Stydia is endgame, I'm sure of it (even if it takes 15 years, as Stiles puts it. Just hopefully, not that long). Still, he certainly needs Malia in his life right now. That first scene really got to me. The way they fit together and then he turns and he's all alone broke me. But they will figure it out. In the end, when she's in his room, he's cautious but she didn't even accuse him or yelled at him or anything. She's just hurt, but they'll find their way back. Scott's dream, I hope, is a consequence of what they've been dealing with lately. They have so much death around them that is only normal to be frightened of what one can do under the right circumstances. And I loved Liam. As they are all watching over him, the way he fits in the group is more notorious now, and he's already putting himself in jeopardy for the group, so we get to see this sweet growth. As for Lydia, I’m more surprised about her mother following her, than about that new code and the possibility that her grandmother’s alive. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but there’s something her mother knows that she’s not telling her. How did she know Meredith? And she’s not sure if Lydia’s grandmother is actually dead? What’s up with that? Overall, it was a great episode. Looking forward to know more about Lydia’s family/banshee powers, and Parrish (what is he?), and Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski (there’s an opening now, so run for it!) and that Kate/Peter interaction we all love-hate (what is their plan?). And, of course, who is the benefactor?!

Robin Williams: Mourned, Remembered on Twitter

Mr.Williams - Heaven will never be the same. From now on every time I hear the roar of thunder I'll say to myself: There goes Robin making everybody roll on the floor laughing-now you know, it's all good.
ThkU with much love.


I am very glad that Daphne didn't take any of the Oxy, I was yelling at her not to, but for her to throw them in the garbage disposal was stupid. I don't understand why she couldn't take them back to the clinic either. Anyway, she deserved to be fired, and I am glad that Regina knows about her involvement in vandalizing the property. Daphne definitely deserves to pay for what she is done. Grieving doesn't justify all the crap that she has done.
Kudos to Bay for standing up for her friends. I really loved their outdoor prom.

17 Hottest Werewolves on TV: They Can Full Moon Us!



Haven't watched this episode yet, but the good news is I caught up with the previous three. Will come back to comment later today when I've watched episode 8. Honestly I have no clue what's going on LOL


Her name is Michelle Stafford!

Major Crimes Review: For Rusty's Sake

A great finale, November can't come soon enough.
Fritz clutching his chest and obviously in pain, should not be out in the field... Surely they aren't going to kill off a favorite. However, Jon Tenny has been directing some of this season's episodes, and there is talk of a spin off with Special Ops team.
Sharon was magnificent in her talk with Rusty's mom! Rusty's mom showed her true colors. Rusty's character has grown up a lot in some respects, yet is also still a child in many facets of social growth, despite his "street wise ways." I think he may even question whether or not he is gay. The torment he experiences trying to deal with "mom and her addictions", the conflict is well written. Every child seeks a bond/validation with a parent ( be they good or bad) until they really grow into their own confident being, and find that family is not always "blood related." Love Sharon and Rusty's bond. Provenza does a great job as protector of Sharon and Rusty vs. the "mom." His tough exterior, pull no punches, but his tender heart shows through.
Loved the Sykes and Julio moment after she shot the vet/traffic smuggling guy. The plot was well written as always- there have been some realistic scripts/crimes this year that are almost painful to know about.
This is really a great show and will be missed until November.

Most of you don't know me. My name is Blair Waldorf. But a lot o...

i don't get it

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