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do we remember that the new blond was Gibbs young daughters best friend when they were kids. not a good fit

Agents of SHIELD Round Table: Double Shot of May

Does anyone think the oblisque (sp)? the original 084, looks like Ronan's ship in Guardians? I read that it was his body that they were using in the lab as well.

@ mikejenkins1

That's actually the first time I hear that comparison. Honestly don't remember what the ship looked like. I only saw Guardians once. That said, because the Marvel Universe is consistent across the movies and TV, it can't be Ronan in that SHIELD lab... didn't he explode in GotG?

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

I miss Bobby Singer on Supernatural in addition to Kevin Tran


Back To the Future with Simon.
Sorry to appear to dominate the startups, but I will be gone for a week starting Monday, attending my granddaughter's wedding, and I want to finish some of these thoughts. Season 1 has presented Simon growing an emotional attachment to Grace. He finds that he wants much more from her than he ever expected from his other clients. He knows she loves him (use your own words) and he wants to help her satisfy her dreams. He knows Grace has not been happy with Neil and she is happy with him. He is willing to give up his profession and provide her with money and security; hence plan B. He's not an honorable man. His job was to satisfy the needs of married, or unmarried women, who wanted what he can offer. Essentially, he intends to compete with Neil for Grace's love. "All's fair in love or war." I agree with Carissa that Grace is not a bad person. She has needs that have exploded into her psyche, and she chose to satisfy these by starting an affair with Simon. The question for season 2 is how does these two men compete with each other for Grace's affection?
Season 2: No one can outfox Jablonski, so I'll just tell you how I see season 2 developing. I would start with Grace in Adrianna's home telling her she's ready to finish her project. A flashback would show Mallory's husband accusing Neil of sleeping with his wife, which would infuriate Grace. Husband can't shoot, breaks down, and leaves. Grace is furious and Neil won't explain. Grace tells Neil to stay home with Annika while she goes to Milan; she needs time to think. Neil agrees. Three months later she returns home to finish the project for Adrianna. Adrianna tells Grace that she has lined up another project from a major corporate CEO to design his house. Neil has been kept busy with his product development and talks with Grace periodically in Italy. They agree that when she comes home they will see a marriage counselor together.
I think Simon's fight with his father is over him taking over the business. He didn't want to. His family still loves him, hence the paintings. The father dies, or Simon decides to follow his father's desire. I know he can't handle money, but he has advisors for that. At the end of season 2, episode 1 Grace meets the CEO of her new project: it's Simon.
I feel relatively sure of 4 things: Grace will go to Milan, with or without Neil, Grace will reconnect with Simon in a full sexual and emotional relationship (power and money), Neil will have to fight for her love, and Grace will become a great success in her field. She will be lauded for her work in Italy. I believe that Annika is the key to the future of Grace and Neil coming back together. It won't happen in season 2, and their relationship will have to go through more severe trauma before any chance emerges for a reconciliation. I don't think Neil threatening divorce will affect Grace all that much, only how it might affect Annika; she begins to believe that she doesn't need a man to be safe and secure. She is all about feelings and love and independence. Her soul needs to feel satisfaction. My guess is that Simon will fall short in some critical areas, and Neil will begin to look best for the longer haul. Season 3 brings them back to each other.

@ Winter

I agree in most part with your scenario. Isn't it ironic, that the betrayed individual, Neil, is the one who will suffer the most acute and lingering pain. In your scenario, Grace continues to benefit from the adulterous conduct, and Neil becomes the stalwart cuckold. This sounds like great advertising for adultery. The writers have to insert some negative aspects to the betrayal or reality has truly gone amiss. Neil at some point has to become a man, and react. Whether, it is to threaten divorce or looking for his own happiness elsewhere, Neil cannot continue to lay down and be run over. I believe Anika will recognize her mother for what she is, a lying adulteress. Anika will blame Grace for the destruction of their family. Grace will be successful at her business, and Neil will throw himself in to his work. He too will gain attention, but at a global level, for his innovative dating app. His fame could translate into many offers, including those from potential female suitors. This could make Grace extremely jealous, because life won't be just about Grace. Grace feels empowered because she holds all the cards. Should the occasion arise when Neil is faced with options potentially better than Grace, I believe Grace will again look at Neil as a viable mate. Without Neil asserting his manhood and becoming a competitive alternative to her lover, Grace has no reason to leave the passion filled arms of Simon. Just a couple more thoughts that rambled into my cluttered mind. How does Neil compete with Simon if Grace is back in a full sexual and emotional relationship with him. Grace is obviously not going to have on-going intimate relationships with both men. She cannot honestly be there equally for both men. So Grace will make the choice early. If it is Simon, then Neil's only way of competing would be to become the better man. That may mean to become more successful in all endeavors. If Simon is filling Grace's sexual and emotional needs she really doesn't need to fix her marriage. The marriage is gone. Neil must now become what he was when Grace met him. I assume that he was the best thing around, because she gave up a lot to be with him. He must become that person again. He must be more desirable in all aspects which Grace admires. He must become highly successful in his own right (not by inheritance). He must become sexually desirable, maybe be seen with famous and attractive women, who have selected to be with him. If Simon has short comings, Neil must not be the remaining or convenient alternative. Grace will only drift away again, if the right stimulus presents itself. Grace will have to affirmatively fight to win back Neil. She holds the cards, and Neil has to force her in some fashion to get rid of the deck. Grace will have to feel that she won Neil back and not visa versa. Grace's ego inflation requires that she be the victor, so Neil has to present himself in a manner which makes him the most desirable prize. Neil got his prize in the original marriage, now Grace must win hers (hopefully Neil).

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Well it took 6 episodes, but finally the season premiere of Haven. This was the best episode since sometime in S3. I will admit that the Vince and Dave in North Carolina stuff comes out of nowhere, but it was interesting and the best use of the Teagues in quite some time. I have to bring up that this was Nathan's best episode in quite some time as well. But wait, he was in another body. Still, finally a more intelligent, frustrated Nathan was fun to watch. For those thinking that Mara wasn't just taking up space, well you now have your answer. Compared to the first 5 eps, there was only a sprinkle of Mara on this one, and like this - it works. But I do agree with the reviewer that Mara is really a one note character that few will buy into as the evil doer of the Troubles. There was just more "balance" to this episode. Let's hope they build on this episode and get some momentum going.

@ CM

They should have played Mara more low-key. Had her act more mysterious and secretive rather than a one-note baddie. I agree with everyone who dislikes the Mara character. It was obvious from season one that Audrey was probably the real villain but the execution was awful.

@ Unak78

Yes the execution has been awful. It would have been cool IMO ,if Mara had emerged when Nathan shot Howard and the barn exploded. She would be playing them in a low key way, we would just think this is another personality not the original evil one and I think that could have been much better than what we're getting now with Mara, she is just annoying and not frightening at all.


i hate what they did to jack and Jenn and i just hope they havent killed off EJ to .


i love Ejami but before those to Lumi was my favorite he was always there for her and always has been


I liked this episode because:
1. Damon and Bonnie are awesome together. The scene where she saved him was great!
2. love caroline and Enzo together. He is a great replacement for Klaus.
3. Kai looks like a much needed villian and I can't wait to see what his deal is.
4. I like this side of Stefan; he's usually such a " goody two shoes" kind of vamp.
5. Elena wasn't her usual whinny bratty self who needed saving.

Sarah silva

I can not stand the Reverend and I was really not looking forward to having to endure him for another episode. However I think this is the last we will see of him.
The Reverend did not deserve one more chance, but that is just like Frank. I did cheer out loud (yes I know it is just a tv show) when Frank said to him what he did at their last meeting!
Eddie annoyed be this episode, she told Jamie she was not jealous and she is and then she told him she was but then said to go enjoy his date. I know Renzuli said if they ever dated they could no longer be partners but I do not want a whole season of her being jealous,
I am glad that Gromley will be working for Frank now.
Christine he is the liaison between the cops and Frank, just like Dino was, who got fired last season for inappropriate acts. Yes Danny and Baez are getting a female Sargent.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I agree that the Jamie and Eddie storyline needs to go somewhere and not continue as a teenage wannabe romance thing. They are adults and some adult behavior would be nice as would a decent case for them to work.


I don't get why everybody is raving about this show it is not that great. It isn't like Scandal where you can hardly wait until next week for the next episode. Viola Davis' last nine words weren't shocking at all and I didn't even flinch when she said them. It's not a shocker at all her husband is a horny cheating bastard, that was established in the first episode. I also don't find any character on this show likable. The students are so whinny and annoying. SHUT UP ALREADY. Wes just needs to keep his nose in his own business. He's like an annoying puppy dog that won't leave you alone. I'm only still watching the show to see if Annalise killed her husband. I hope it gets better. Disappointed in Shonda.

@ Tvgal

Looks like your going to be watching for a while because there's NO WAY who killed Sam is going to be solved in the first 5 episodes. As far as Shonda is concerned, since she's not the writer (only the producer) what's the reason for the disappointment??

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