Major Crimes Review: Deputy Chief SOB

Good synopsis and insight. Good comments, too. I hadn't considered Fritz and Cooper as a spinoff team, and because of my ignorance, the potential pairing of Fritz and McGinnis was so blatant that it was irksome. Lauri Holden as an LAPD officer works (Silent Hill, yeah?), but I'm still recovering from her role as Andrea on TWD - not her death, her presence. Fritz shot the bad guy in the head - didn't see that one coming - and I thought his career was finished until I realized that the little girl slipped right into his arms. Heck of a shootout and super-fantastic leap behind the couch! I'm still trying to make sense of Fritz's argument to Andy about leading the assault, unless it was because he knew he needed to kill the bad guy for reasons other than murder and kidnapping or his concern for MC's record of officer involved shootings. I thought Julio Sanchez would have been clipped when he pulled up in the ice cream truck, not tangling with a bad guy on the floor of the parking garage. That's twice for Julio! He was ticked that his suit was ruined. I was ticked that he could have died... again. Malcolm Jamal Warner brought back memories of his role as Theo Huxtable when he feigned the story about his appreciation of the hot rod. I hope he remains a member of the supporting cast; unless, of course, he's brought on as an SOB, too. Pun intended. Though Rusty's presence can be annoying, it's very much needed to round out and balance Sharon Raydor, lest she be re-relegated to unfeeling outsider. I like Rusty, I don't like Rusty, then I like him again. Pretty much like dealing with real teenagers. Their scenes together are touching and important to the series. That's a nod to the writing and direction, I think. The LA City Attorney? The posted comments speak my mind. Now that Rusty is adopted, I think he needs a pet. How about the black murder cat? One abandoned soul helping another.

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The Strain Review: Face The Master

First two episodes have been awesome! I felt bad for Eph this episode during the AA meeting.... He's a good guy struggling to make things right. That creepy girl Emma at the end.... Oh man! Can't wait for next week! Great review Hank!


I am really excited to see Hayley as Hybrid mother who had to give up her baby and I think her character's development going to be very interesting .


It seems something about Red John will have to come up in S7 because they have to deal with the end of Jane's indentured servitude and the list of names he is holding as leverage but are just made up.


Glad you found a way to get back on this site, Washgurl! I hope our other chat friends find their way here OK. I kind of think CBS is holding TM to see which of its new shows flops so it can put TM in to save the ratings. Some shows last only a few episodes - maybe 3 or so - before they get pulled. Let's hope whatever flops, flops early so TM can start this fall in time for the end of year ratings sweeps. It it does well it could be slotted for the full season. Also, like Ani, I'm hoping S7 will give us a face-saving revisit to the RJ phase so we get a credible ending. I'm very much in favor of an ending where RJ is never actually revealed but just disappears out of Jane's life. He WAS mainly a symbol of Death, which is never defeated but can be accepted for what it is. Jane could thus learn to accept that life is what it is (which seems to be his philosophy anyway) and learn that we can't always have what we want (as he said to Erica).


Remember when Brenda Leigh pointed out the squad's new stationery to Chief Pope? It said PMS at the top of the sheet. Priority Murder Squad. I'm wondering why no one has said anything about SOB.

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Well.....I tried the new sort and the reply seems to work too. The one thing that was
different was that I used my computer instead of IPad. Hope it works there. I tried and tried to change the sort on with the IPad. Couldn't do it. Maybe this will be what is needed for me to get around. Hope so. So......they start filming July 30 or Aug 1? Read it somewhere on a Mentalist page.
Gee that's a long time till the first of the year. Maybe some program will flop and
Mentalist can come to the rescue!

Major Crimes Review: Deputy Chief SOB

Deputy Chief SOB was the best Major Crimes ever! Who ever did the writing and producing just upped the game. Loved it.

Teen Wolf Review: Hunters and Hunted

I actually don't mind that lacrosse kind of took centre stage in the last two episodes since inspite of them being supernaturals, they are still teenagers. There have been a lotta filler moments in Ep#6, esp in regards to Liam and Scott trying to reign in his anger issues. We get it, lets move on. I wish there were more scenes with Lydia and the girls. I'm loving Lydia this season. She's trying to embrace her banshee power and adjusting to her supernatural power. The major moment for this episode was leaning that Parrish is a supernatural ! Wha? I so wanna know what kind though? And I'm kinda digging his lil moments with Lydia. About time she starts moving on from teenagers. And Parrish isn't that much older....

@ Raina Ahmed

I agree about Lydia. I was having a hard time with her undeniable chemistry with Parrish, but not so much now that he's a supernatural. Weird that. She's been doing great this season and Kira and Malia are creating a nice trio of female friends. I'd love to see more of the three of them together.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Yeh, Allison's untimely death did a number on Lydia and she definitely needs more friends in her life now. It is good to see the girls bonding. I'm glad that the show creators want to showcase the development of this friendship. They are all so different, yet similar in their supernatural abilities.
I do wonder what kind of supernatural Parrish is though? vampire? seems unlikely...

Family Guy Review: The Road Less Taken

you suck at reviews! of course it follows the damn story line! its a parody! and that think you said how it turns out all fine in the end? thats because seth makes family guy a linear show! when brian died and came back to life, he said it was to show that everything doesnt just go back to normal in the next episode!!! this is why i always go opposite the reviews! usually when critics say a movie will suck, it turns out great, and the other way too! so shut your trap, it was a great episode!