The Mentalist Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

this will be one of my all time favorite shows.... it had all these great elements and simon baker was and always will be a class act...we will miss you all...

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hey Carissa i know no one is perfect, but its not salem season 3, but salem season 2 as noted in the heading of this review... you really had me questioning my sanity...LOL

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Right you are, Leon. So much for the new healthy diet I'm on! Thanks so much for the way you kindly pointed it out. You have a lot of class and it's much appreciated. :-)

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I'll be waiting.

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Why is Martha thinking of moving out ? She hardly has any monologue as it is. Moving out would make it worse.Where the heck did she pick up that guy! There has been no mention of a boyfriend at all and now she is sleeping with this stranger in her son's p.J's!
She should be ashamed of herself.I'm the same age as her and I would never do that to my family.
I can't see C.& B having a baby till the end of the series. Maybe the end is near .I'll really feel bad,its my favorite show!

The Mentalist Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

I can't believe it is over:( I miss it so very much!!!!! I am thrilled though that it didnn't end with season 6. I am grateful we got to have at least half of a season 7 to wrap things up. My best episode ever choice is a tie between "White Orchids" and "Red John" I was thrilled and satisfied that Jane got to catch and kill Red John after all those years of hunting him down. With all the help Red John had with his Blake Association cohorts Patrick Jane's smarts, skills, and determination won the battle. He is amazing! I was thrilled the writers had Jane do what he said he would do all along. I was so happy Jane finally got justice for his wife and daughter. (I realize the Red John episode wasn't in season 7) Ofcourse being a Jisbon I loved seeing Jane ask her to marry him and I loved seeing them get married. The look of total joy and contentment on Jane's face the final time he picked up Lisbon right after their wedding was priceless and heartwarming! It was so great to see the original five so very happy and together for this special event. I totally agree with what Christine Orlando said for her most disappointing moment. It totally frustrated me too. I felt they had been there for each other more in the past when they weren't a couple. They at least held hands after they failed to catch Red John and their boss Luther Wainwright was killed in the "Crimson Hat" episode.
I also agree with C.O's best change. I didn't hate Fisher but she just didn't fit.
I agree that for season 7 the most pivotal episode was "Nothing Gold Can Stay". But as far as the whole series goes I would say the final episode of season 6 when Jane finally declared his love for Lisbon.
I never liked the character of Erika Flynn and wasn't happy to hear she was back but since Lisbon got to make her get on her knees and got to arrest her again it made it worthwhile and I was glad she returned for that end result.
I would put Greybar Hotel with the scene with the gun to Lisbon's head and the scene where Vega is dying in Cho's arms in "Nothing Gold Can Stay" as a tie for the most dramatic moment.
Best bromance, I agree with the Abbott and Jane choice. I admit I would have never seen that coming. I think their relationship changed a little faster than was realistic and I still don't know why Abbott would trust Jane with his life but I am glad he would.
The funniest moment for me was when Cho appeared at the bridal dress shop to give Lisbon his opinion of the dress she had on. What a total pleasant surprise.
The happiest moment for me was when Patrick and Teresa got married. The joy on their faces, especially his was so wonderful. He has found happiness again and she has found someone to share her life with. Someone romantic, devoted, loyal, and has her back. She doesn't have to be quite so tough anymore because she has a partner to share her life with, she isn't on her own anymore. It took some time but Jane did do what he told the faux Red John he would do after Red John was dead and that was get on with his life. And I am so glad he did that with Lisbon.
For me the most surprising twist was Vega's death. I did not see that coming and I was disappointed it happened. I did think that perhaps Lisbon would be pregnant just because the show was coming "full circle" and I felt Gabriel telling Jane that the number three would be significant to his getting over what was troubling him was a hint from the show. I don't believe Gabriel was psychic I just believe three is a common number like Jane said and that the writers had Gabriel say that as a hint to the audience. I wish there were new episodes to come but alas there are not. Thanks to Bruno Heller for creating this fantastic show and thanks to everyone involved in making it. It was and is my favorite show.

The Mentalist Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

I have to admit, I thought S7 was one of the strongest (and best) seasons of The Mentalist yet. Though I was a bit sad it was a shortened season, I think it actually helped that they had to keep things a bit tighter rather than string viewers along. Each episode worked well in and of itself but also served for the set up for the finale of Lisbon and Jane getting married. I loved watching Lisbon and Jane grow in their relationship too. The finale was perfectly done and it came full circle with Jane regaining what he had lost in the beginning of the series, a wife and child. I hated to see it end and yes I would have liked more but to me, that's one of the earmarks of a good TV show, it leaves you wanting just a bit more.
Kudos to Bruno and Simon Baker as well as the rest of the cast! You'll be missed!


I'm so glad the show is back!! I loved all the moments with Emma and Hook. It's been so long so I couldn't exactly remember if Hook had confessed to Emma what he had done under Gold's control, or if they even showed it, but I'm glad that didn't tear them apart. Though he still seems to be pretty torn up about what he did. But I think that just shows how far he's come and how much he's learned to care about Emma. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have the conscience he does. I love a good fight between Emma and Regina, but I think I love it even more when they're getting along and having fun, though I'm not sure how much fun they were having killing a hell beast! When they were driving towards the town line though, I was also starting to think it was actually after Emma. But it was sweet that Regina was willing to sacrifice herself to save Emma and everyone else. She's also come so far! Her redemption story has been a treat to watch. Also, I feel like we saw in the previews down the road that Hook would be back? I thought they showed him in NYC or something in a preview of what's to come for the rest of the season. At least I hope he comes back! I love them together. I'm kind of over Gold being the bad guy all the time. If he can't change, I wish they would just kill him off once and for all. He's served his purpose. He's an amazing actor, I'll be the first to admit that. But it just seems to be the same thing over and over again. I am very intrigued by what went down with Snow and Charming and the newcomers in the Enchanted Forest. I can't wait to learn more about that! I'm also still super intrigued by the story of finding the author, but hopefully Regina gets there first!

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Sadly, I think Tommy is the killer. I really like him and Lindy together.... so fingers are crossed that I'm wrong. Also, has there been any news if a second season has been ordered?

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Another for Tommy! I'm surprised, my explanation is in the previous comment. No word yet on a renewal. Keep spreading the word about the show. :)

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kayla is my fav person on the team...


OK, I've only started watching the episode, but so far it's hilarious! The first two potential clients are borderline nut jobs, especially the one with the "toilet buddy" invention for young children. I thought it was strange at first, because I don't watch porn. But when Saul pointed out the suggestive nature of the encouraging messages, along with how Pacific Rim nations would love it, I got the joke and LOL. Wicked. Can't wait to watch the rest later. Gotta go! ;-)