How much do you reckon that the closing scene where someone was "hunting" Stefan was actually Caroline?? His crazy ass mother probably turns her into something during those three years. I mean did no one else notice to blonde strands of hair under that hood?

Bones Season 11 Episode 1 Review: The Loyalty in the Lie

I fucking hate grace miller. She should fucking just died.

Castle Season 8 Episode 4 Promo

Yup, yup, There's a few interviews with NF about now in a attempt to make nice with the viewers and justify the position the writers took but not helping and it looks as if more C/B angst on the way..Viewer backlash was a little bit more than expected lol

Amy jackey

I didn't like the back and fourth dealing with black and white and then to color.

Sp mckenna
@ Amy Jo Jackey

I hear you. I know plenty of people who didn't like it either. I thought it was an interesting choice for the episode though.

Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 2 Review: The Witness

I Thought I new Charlie's wife by her face. I can not find her. Anybody know who she is? I thought she looked like the daughter from the seires Six Feet Under.

TV Ratings Report: Blood, Oil and Very Few Viewers

MS almost doubled Quantico in total viewers. Abc has a tough choice as its still okay in the demo. Although for how long as it can only get worst.


Average episode. It had a few good moments, Madison walking around outside the fence and stumbling into the military looking all creepy with gas masks and guns was tense, slapping her junkie son all over the room was strangely satisfying and Travis seeing gunfire lighting up the distant building (the "hospital"?) was eerie, Junkie Nick getting his second beating of the day and carted off to the "Hospital", I also enjoyed hearing more from Mr Salazar and his El Salvador stories, that was one chilling memory. The bad is still frustrating as hell. Travis & Madison having a domestic in the kitchen, Madison having the same expression on her face in whatever emotional situation she finds herself in (Botox syndrome?), Alicia swapping her short shorts for a short skirt and basically confirming my worry that she's only there as eye candy for the younger male viewers, and the cast spending the first half of the episode like they were in a remake of Dynasty, lounging around the pool or having sex. Don't know about you, but if I was in the middle of that apocalypse I'd probably be huddled in a corner rocking to and fro, contemplating life and the universe endlessly. The tan can wait.

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NCIS Lands Sarah Jane Morris For Major Story Arc

Um it was Ziva not Tiva as you mentioned in the article.


I am so loving this season.. Jen is doing a great job as the dark one. I so don't trust king auther

Spindae 2o

I missed these RTs. Love all these discussions.
1. Expectations!
Honestly it upped my. I was expecting a good start but this episode really nailed it. It was opened well paced and just mind blowing at the end.
2. Team Dynamics
It was good! I liked the lighter happier Oliver, his different approach really gave the whole episode a different dimension. I agree with Carissa a bit more of Olicityless Team Arrow would be nice. But here is for hoping it happens further along.
3. Damien Darhk!
He killed it. I adore Neal and he proved to be this devious bad a*s just upping all the previous Big Bads.
4. Lance!
I wasn't surprised, he is frustrated. Loosing Sara a second time took all his fate. Lets see if he regains it upon Sara's return.
5. Did I miss skmething?
The Canary cry. Such a powerful weapon barely used. We need more of it.
6. Who is dying?
My guess is Oliver's Baby Mommy. Prime suspects for who Oliver wants to kill Lance or Papa Smoak P.S. How did U forget to mention the Lian Yu twist in the Fbs? I certainlu didn't saw that coming.

@ Spindae2

Glad to be back, Spindae! Who no flashback talk? Because to talk about them means we have to address why Oliver seems to have regressed to such a massive degree within said flashbacks, and I know I'M not ready to go there. I still find them as annoying as ever, dropped into Lian Yu or not. :-D (Wish my computer keyboard had a groovy emoji set.)

Spindae 2o
@ Carissa Pavlica

I have to stop by the Flash RT a bit later, didn't have time to read over the weekend. I expect the Flashbacks to step up a bit and push Oliver to his quest and decision to become the Arrow. So I hope after all this training we get a bit more focus on the agenda not the training. Also Bratva should be around any corner now. ^^