Arrow Round Table: Is There Faith in the Audience?

I am pissed because I wanted to see Ollie rise from the LAZARUS PIT. I wanted the three or so episodes he was supposed to be gone, to deal with the madness that ensues after rising from the pit. Tatsu better have some Lazarus leaves that she used to resurrect Ollie. To be honest, the fall that he took, the beating and stabbing, and the cold exposure should require a full submersion in the pit.

The Vampire Diaries Photo Gallery: Will Sheriff Forbes Survive?

Julie Plec is an idiot if Stefan and Elena aren't endgame. Caroline is a friend. So dumb

Revenge Round Table: Emily vs. Amanda

I totally dislike the idea of Emily and Ben being a couple, or even hooking up for one night if that's what this turns out to be. When Emily showed up at Ben's door, I started saying "no,no,no - don't do it, don't do it! But did she listen? Hell no! And the fact that he's tall or they make a cute couple doesn't change my attitude whatsoever. I really just want Ben the stalker cop to disappear - and the sooner the better. As for Jack and Emily, I think they have had more chemistry this season than in the past. Seeing her with Ben (of all people) had to be a gut ripper for him. How much emotional pain are they going to pile on this guy before they cut him a break? He's still trying to get over having to kill someone (ironically to save the life of someone who just broke heart). His wife was murdered. His brother died. Margaux dumped him for Daniel, basically, His bar got torched. Holy crap! What's next for this guy - terminal brain cancer?

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

the following is a great show you ingrates!!!!

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

I say bring back Catherine Bell she could reprise the role of Colonel Sarah MacKenzie as a retired Marine and join the NCIS Team. I was in Love with her on JAG.

Beauty and the Beast Adds Mentors for Cat and Vincent

Does anyone knows when the show will be back on the air?

@ Maria

I believe summer of 2015.


Unfortunately i think what this guy is saying is our opinion of this kick ass show doesnt matter. He had one of the best shows ever on his network and let it go. I hope someone else is smart enough to pick it up. I say everyone stop watching CW until they bring it back. There are decades worth of story I would watch. I'm sure funding wasn't an issue. Make it happen or we wont watch your channel.

Sarah silva

I enjoyed this episode!
Andrew looked like Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.
It sure looks like Harrison is having issues with walking, when he fell he said "Not now". I wonder what that is all about.
I am sure Iris will win over Mason. I loved that Harrison only wanted to take a question from her and she asked the same question that Mason did. Mason's reaction after was priceless!


Rick isn't looking at the map.. He's looking at the viewer..

Sarah silva

Loved this episode.
I knew Talia liked Emily last week even when she made the comment about Ezra's butt.
I am not sure if Emily will go there but she may.
It was a rough episode for the couples. As much as I understand why Ezra said what he did to Aria, I am one of the few that likes them as a couple and want then to stay together.
I am glad that Caleb did not let Hannah break up with him.
Sadly I do not see anything good ahead for Toby and Spencer. I think they will break up and Tanner will turn on Toby and he will lose his job or something and want Spencer back.
I am glad that Ashley told Jason their hook up was a one time thing. However not telling Ted about the hookup will come back to haunt her.
I have never liked Tanner and she is up to something.
That scene with Aria and Spencer in the ice cream factory was insane!!!