The final battle scene with Kelly was very disappointing to me. It was great that Zach came face to "face" with Kelly, but other than that, it didn't see very thrilling. The fight scene in the church was much more thrilling! Other than that, agree with everything in your review. I've thought about the Palmer/Coco romance previously and always knew something was up with Coco, I'm very curious to know who she is working for while trying to get info out of Palmer. If it turns out to be nothing more than a romance, I will be very pissed off as well.


I'm enjoying the show. Is it as exciting as the original, no, but it's a different location and a different time frame, early in the outbreak, so it's not already "in our face". Plus, we're already so invested in the original group it's hard to shift gears and go backward in time, as if we don't already know what to expect. I like seeing how these characters react as they come to understand what is going on. Most of them have no real idea of what is happening, but Madison knows, even if she hasn't fully comprehended the full horror yet. I'm all in. But I think AMCs biggest mistake is in making us wait two weeks for the next episode. Reviews are shaky at this point, and to take a two week break may affect enthusiasm and cost viewers.

Haven Review: The Root of The Troubles

I wonder if Mara"s father found the aether years ago, got sick and she came to earth to find a cure and went insane with worry so when William came along, he talked her into giving people troubles for bad reasons and not to see if she can cure her father. Charlotte has come to get her back home because her penance is up and or because they managed to make her father better.

Kate criley

although it did kinda answer one question me and my husband always seem to ask when asking any zombie movie or show... "arn't their Zombie movies in this universe"? You would think that in the year 2015 with night of the living dead and every other zombie movie you see the police shoot a guy 100 times and he keeps coming then he bites and tries to eat the cop....ZOMBIE, you see a bunch of people start getting sick , then they start coming back and eating people Zombies, Bu I guess in the Walking dead universe there were never zombie movies.


Boring show not even worth watching. The walking dead is getting boring too. Only the die hard walking dead fans will keep that show running and will even be enough to get this snooze fest a second season renewal. There's no good tv shows anymore...

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

The episode moves slowly and the upcoming danger is in the air all the time, but in a subtle and latent way. The obvious shimmers through only, short but cleary. Thus the episode (and I hope the series as well) has a very own air, which is different from the original Series. Therefore I like it!

Spindae 2o

Great list! So many feels coming up.
All of Elena's goodbye's!
OUAT! Eddies death!
Htgawm! So many scenes! Can't wait for the new season to start again.


Yup underwhelmed here too Sean. It's early, I don't mind the slow burn.


Those of us ADULTS who have been watching the show since it 1st came on are sick & tired of all the kiddies on it now, like Chad, Serena (thankfully she's GONE!), Chad (what a loser), JJ, boring Paige, etc. We're THRILLED to see some of our oldies but best characters from the show return! Yay Patch!


I totally agree with your review............this episode really wasn't that interesting. At this point, and yes it's still early, this is just too much like the original only with new characters.......I'm expecting flashbacks on just what exactly got the virus started in the first place.............and yes, I fully expect Tobias back at some point................there has to be a group, like Rick's group, that are survivors...........but if the original is any indication--then we already know none of these people survive. I've been told at some point the original and this show will interact..........I guess we'll see being as nothing as of yet has been said about a 2nd season of this show.........

@ Terrie

A second season has already been ordered.