Guess Mistresses will regret that decision. Lose the star, kill the show, the savings won't exactly amount to much.

TV Ratings Report: Selfie Struggles, Fox Flops

Come on New Girl


POI is one of my favorite shows on right now and this episode delivered. And I really wasn't sure whether Finch would be able to "save" Claire and I like it when the answer isn't obvious. It's sad that Finch couldn't get through to Claire, but I'm sure we will see her again. What Shaw said about Claire - she would do whatever Samaritan asked her to do - is scary when you think about how powerful Samaritan already is and the level of assets it is recruiting. It won't be an easy fight and I look forward to it since in most cases Team Machine often had the upper hand. I know there people who still don't like Shaw and/or Root, but they have really grown on me.

Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Nautilus

Decent episode. I liked how Harold played a key role. A really nice bat cave. I still do not get excited by Shaw, sorry Shaw fans. I like Fusco, but he's superfluous character. POI doesn't need him.


This was a decent episode.
I really loved the ending, that was m favorite part.
There were some funny moments as always.

Forever Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Fountain of Youth

stalker is jo's husband. popular actor's photo used just for one shot? No

@ corey

Good point. I find it unlikely as the stalker had big hands - probably from a heavier person than the guy in the picture. It would be a great twist though!


I loved that Fitz and Mack made a connection. I wasn't sure about his character in the first episode but now I'm on board and glad he's there. Fitz having the breakthrough on the destabilizer used to take down Creel is a sign of things to come for him I think.
Simmons has to be working under cover. No way she'd abandon Fitz and the team without a good reason.
I'm excited to find out what the alien writing signifies. It'll probably take all season to get there and maybe it'll be Avengers 2 that gives us the answer but it'll be fun.
I love that Kyle MacLachlan is playing Skye's father. I've always liked him as an actor all the way back to Twin Peaks.
I like the Hunter character but still not sure where his loyalties lie. When will we see Ward again? Now that Raina's back in the picture will Ward be used for more information or will they try to send him undercover to learn what Raina's up to?

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Kindred

I like sleepy Hollow, and I am looking forward to the new season, and that of Supernatural both programs are great.

Selfie Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot



I guess Dawson and Casey really are going to get married. BOO
However I have a feeling that she will be a medic at 51 for most of this season and the strain of keeping their engagement secret may not end well.
I feel bad for Severide, he is on a downward spiral. It looks like that spiral will not end anytime soon.
Also from what I have read, his relationship with Det Lindsay is over. He will be hooking up with another girl. That does leave the door open for Lindsay and Halstead to hook up on Chicago PD.
I loved Hermann this week, I always do but from the hilarious storyline of getting Mouch and Cruz to come up with and idea for Molly's 2 as great. I also like how he handle Severide, he knows he is hurting but he also knows that he does not want him making a fool out of himself in public by drinking to much.
So Mills will have a condition that will make it dangerous to do his job and he will have to go and talk to his grandfather as it will be hereditary. Either that or he will need some sort of transplant be it a liver or something and his grandpa will be a match.
I too think there is something fish about Brett, however she is now a series regular so she is not going anywhere.

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