Dominion Canceled After Two Seasons at Syfy

Cancelled this but kept killjoys . This is the most popular social net show they got. Just ridiculous.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 24 Review: You're My Home

"It's a satisfying ending that would actually work well for a series finale, if you don't count that last strange black-and-white shot of Meredith dancing." WTF are you talking about?
that was the only part that MADE IT seem like a series finale, and it was utterly perfect as well. christ, the dumbasses on this site XD


Nobody said anything about Sally or Liz Taylor... best characters by far

Amy jackey

Can't believe after next season no more seasons. :(


Another average episode. Travis is taking longer to emerge from his "Everything is going to be ok and I'll be back teaching and polishing the Beamer within the month" stupor than it takes Axl Rose to come up with new songs. I did enjoy his road trip with the grunts, although the show scrimped on the dollars again by deciding not to show the carnage that was going down in the library, while he sat there looking perturbed in the safety of the Humvee. He's so repressed I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the season he loses it completely, turns green and hulks out. Madison embraced her inner-bitch again and decided to sponsor Daniel in the "Who resorts to torture first" competition. This bothered me immensley. The Walking Dead getting their brains blown out hither and thither is one thing while I'm eating my supper but I for one don't want to see torture scenes in shows I watch in the hope of being
entertained. It reeked of sensationalism and has now completely derailed Daniel's character for me. Kill him already, and use the dollars for zombie sfx. The Producers are sinking even further into their Nubile Alicia fantasies and had her riding a pretty little pink bike around the streets in this one, with a pigtail and short shorts. I guess they must have panicked because soon enough they had her break into a neighbours wardrobe and suddenly she'd transformed into Rita Hayworth.
That's basically all she does on this show, look nubile, pine for Randy Wagstaff From The Wire and scowl at her parents twice an episode. Kill her already. Use her fee for some zombie sfx. The "Hospital" scenes were weak, and didn't the fact that Strand bribed the guards by
handing them diamonds and a Rolex annoy anyone else? My eyes were rolling like it was going out of fashion. Surely even those cerebrally tepid grunts would realise by now that money and diamonds and Rolexes are worthless. Mrs Salazar finally bit the bullet, or cattle gun in this case. Maybe now they've killed her they can use the dollars for zombie sfx.


are we certain its mateo, though? The baby came back lighter....

@ corey

It's definitely Mateo. The writers would stand to make Jane look like a bad mother if she couldn't recognize her newborn. Plus where would Sin Rosetro get another baby to switch out without setting off alarms somewhere. Just seems like too much trouble. plus the main reason she kidnapped her was because Michael's ex-partner knows he's a little sucker for Jane and knew if Rose took the baby, he would break the law just to get him back to Jane, simp.

Castle Season 8 Episode 4 Review: What Lies Beneath

These episodes are something I never thought a show with Nathan & Stana could be: Bad TV.

Ronald simkins

I know that this is the last season but could they make it a little less catering to the teenyboppers? Just don't let it be a total teenage fantasy let-down. Tamara doesn't deserve to be with anybody let alone Jake. Quite frankly I could get onboard with a Jake/Matty off into the sunset.

Caralynn lippo

Great review, Christine! I absolutely loved this show. I was so looking forward to it as soon as I saw the trailer earlier in the year and it didn't disappoint at all! So good. Greg is so, so much better than Josh in every way already.

@ Caralynn Lippo

Thanks Caralynn! Greg FTW! :) He's SO much better than Josh! I just don't get it! Why Rebecca!?

Once Upon a Time Review: Chilling Consequences

["The moment Emma helped the woman in the cell next to her escape, I knew it would lead to disaster - then again, how do you look that woman in the eye and say, So sorry. Good luck to you? It's simply not in Emma Swan's nature. "] That's not much of an excuse for her incredible act of stupidity. Especially since she had convinced Rumpel to take the memory stripping potion so that he would not be tempted to change time and save Neal.