I wholeheartedly agree with your review, it was really good and accurate - Penny and Sheldon interactions has been flawless since the beginning, also the most memorable on the show. I have said this many times before, on here and to my friends that Penny and Sheldon as a couple would have been awesome to see. Their chemistry is off the charts and they so complement each other - I think those in charge really did a mistake with that part. The zombie thing was dreadful to watch, talk about a filler scenes. Bernadette threaten that woman was priceless, but that was the only part I did enjoy in those scenes.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Nanda Parbat

I still buy that Malcolm loves Thea; he just isn't above using her. At the very least though, even terrified as he was he didn't try to offer her up to R'as to save his own life. I don't think there's any big mystery about why he had her kill Sara either - it was all part of the long game to get Oliver to fight (and hopefully kill) Ra's. He knew Oliver isn't the type to find a scapegoat once he learned the truth about Sara's death, and the League was about to start killing civilians if the killer wasn't found and turned over. Even if he'd deleted the video immediately after showing Oliver, Malcolm would still have achieved the desired effect, because it was never about holding Thea's life hostage; it was about demonstrating that this wasn't a problem that could be solved with the truth. Or that's my take on it, anyway.


I ended up not caring who killed her. Poor Oliver. The only nice character on the show. I was looking forward to them being happy for a while. If Connor doesn't stand by him I'm not watching this show again!
Even felt a bit of sympathy for Rebecca today. Seems like she was doomed as soon as she made friends with Lila.
They are starting to become friends and tell each other things. Was shocked when Connor told them all about the HIV test, then Laurel returned the ring and Micheala told everyone her wedding was off. If they're all talking to each other, we might learn a bit more about them series two, we still know very little!

Vikings Season 3 Episode 2 Review: The Wanderer

On e word for this episode : CREEPY ! Though I definitely was glad the girls were together (girl power) back in Kattegat, the dream they all shared was freaky ! They been hanging around Aslaug for too long ! Though I am glad she has "friends" now. Was a bit lonely at the start, for good reasons though. There was also the dream with the seer. WTF ?! And Athelstan's hands at the end, is all related ? I too thought it to be Odin, though I didn't know the name was one of his many names. What is going back in Kattegat that Odin has to come visit ?!
BAck in England King Egbert had his flirt on full force ! At this point I cannot say if it is genuine though I enjoy the display. Lagertha is exquisite. The King definitely seems infatuated though. And btw, I think it's time for them to learn the language a bit. Athelstan always in the middle is getting old now lol. Lazy peeps ! I thought Kalf would be the trickster. But is it too obvious ? Too soon to tell ?
Torstein did not look good. I knew his arm was at fault but was is puzzling is that no one caught this on time ? Couldn't they have done something earlier before the wound fester to the point where they had to chop it off ! Which btw, Floki was waaayy to eager to do. He is a wacko, totally ! Ragnar could not stomach it, neither could I . Had to fast forward. Now it seems like Torstein will die.
Thorunn and Bjorn were so funny. That proposal was sooo...awkward and out of the blue. Her reaction was so girlie was well. But I too have to agree, she'll end up getting killed. Poor thing.
Judith better not cause my Athelstan any trouble. Coz her husband already caught on that and now the King ?! She had to confess the obvious. Athelstan needs to stay away from that woman ! He can pop his cherry elsewhere, but not with this one. Danger and trouble, that's what she is.
Kwenthrith's story had my stomach churning. And then when she went all nuts of her dead's uncle's head, I gave up. She is not stable at all ! Queen, her, no way. Ragnar is probably wondering what King Egbert is thinking as well when it comes to her.
So many stange omens in this episode... What does it all mean ? Is there trouble brewing ?
Btw, I forgot to say this for episode 1, but gosh I LOVE the new hair styles ! They are awesome. Bjorn's is finally making sense lol .


I'm curious to see who the "major" characters they're referring to are. With Bats, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even Cyborg appearing on the big screen soon, I doubt it's any of those guys. TNT's Titans will feature Nightwing, so he is probably out. Who's left Green Lantern, Hawkman and Hawkgirl or Shazam? Wait doesn't he have a movie coming too? I honestly can't think of which major characters are left. Can you guys?


Red and the reporter didn't have a better handle on the Deer Hunter -- they had the entire handle. The entire team was completely clueless. Liz was never going to be able to catch the Deer Hunter because she kept calling her him in her refusal to accept that Red was correct. It was sheer luck (and getting caught AGAIN) that was able to nab the killer. The comment about Red offering un-solicited advise was just another example of her incompetence as an agent. In the amount of time she has known him, Red has been correct every time and Liz has been correct never. I really wish Liz had been under the blade of the murder charge longer. She gets off of all of her bad behavior due to the rescue by Red and then treats him like garbage. If not for him she would be dead, arrested, fired -- take your pick. Her petulant attitude is unattractive and needs to be killed (or her killed would do fine). At this stage, the point that Red made that the fulcrum was what kept him around and her fear is that he would disappear if she gave it to him is the only one that makes sense because she is completely useless and irredeemable. When the show began I was not a fan of Ressler but he has grown on me. In fact, everyone (especially Aram) has except Liz.

@ Roni O

she is a bit angering but think of it in her place she never know her real parents she only had her dad(the one that raised her) he is dead now and tom we all know how he turned out so the only person who showed her real care and who gas been there for her every time is red and she found out that he just wanted something from her and that maybe be he does not care about her what is she to do i mean what would be your response in her situation i mean red lies to her about most things who does she have in her life to not be angering with, personally i pity her

The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Ghostwriter

Terrible review. Out of all that is wrong with this show, the author's complaint is that someone actually writes with a pad and pencil?
The fact of the matter is both main actors are out performed by the supporting cast.
Oscar isn't grouchy. He is a sarcastic twit. The portrayal seems labored and uninspiring.
Felix is played too quirky. The lines are read/spoken in an over-the-top manner.
It is as if both actors expect everything they say to floor the audience which they woefully fall short.

Noisy from norway

For me this was a filler episode but I did enjoy it a lot. Penny and Sheldon together is always fun to watch. I liked the zoombie thing too. It wasn't any laugh out loud moments but it was still fun and enjoyable.

@ Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad

Aren't all episode that don't have a storyline filler episode? BBT is it like NCIS they don't have a storyline for the season.

Noisy from norway
@ Mike

For me, a filler is an episode that isn't very special. Nothing major happende but it was still fun. Compairing BBT and NCIS is like compairing oiland water. Two very different things.

Arrow/The Flash Superhero Spinoff: Coming at The CW?!?

I really hope they don't bring back Sara as a character. She is dead. Let it go. I actually really like Ray Palmer on Arrow. I think Ray and Felicity are adorable together. So go on and hate Olicity fans! Half of Firestorm? Yeah probably not so I would assume Robbie Amell would be joining too. Wentworth Miller was AWESOME as Captain Cold. Definitely would watch him again. It's an interesting concept, but I don't know if it would work that well.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 13 Review: Staring at the End

The "Tumors are alive" speech was just awfully written, creepy and unprofessional.