Supernatural Round Table: A Brand New Angel?!?

I didn't care a whole lot for this episode, the Clair thing should of stayed dead. I want to see the boys out hunting what they do best. I like Cass, but they need to keep him busy helping Dean find a cure for the Mark. I want to see Bobby come back, everyone else did. I want bobby to stay alive he was important and helpful to the boys.


Well, I knew that it was Dorney as soon as they announced it. So not shocked at all...and really he wasn't that significant to the viewers or the team. As for seeing the 'dead agents', I felt that was a little cheesy, CGI Kate and Jenny from old episodes but have Paula and Pacci shown as older....took me several rewinds to realize who they were. Just my opinion, of course.

@ Marla

Well color me disappointed. The writing this season has been so good, I didn't think they would go with so obvious a choice as Dorney.


It doesn't surprise me at all that the ratings have been dropping, this season has been a major let down for me. After a great first season, the last couple of episodes were anti-climax at best. Which is a shame because I really liked the premise of the show but somehow they turned it into every other 'teen drama' out here. They need to go back to basics and focus more on the Wilsons and Lori and leave that god awful Crash on that bus to nowhere. Him getting back to everyone's good graces after shooting Max and leaving him to die is ridiculous. Same thing with Elizabeth letting Crash stay at their home, that was so out of character of her

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 23 Review: The Lost Boys

"Talk a lot and too many people end up thinking they heard things you never said." Those of us who've suffered thru a bad marriage & a divorce know damned well he was referring to one (or maybe all) of his ex-wives.

@ Michael

THANK YOU. I was trying to figure out what he meant by that. Couldn't recall a time when any of his team made the mistake of putting words in his mouth.

@ Douglas Wolfe

Actually, it's good advice in any circumstance.


G2 and Co. are starting to piss me off. Dorneget was one of the very few characters we've been allowed to watch evolve and grow over time, from an insecure probie to a confident, and quite capable, agent, and he gets killed off. What a waste.

Ronald simkins

I wonder if the blue capsule is the blood that Wells took from the meta who absorbed Barry's speedforce.

32 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone



Well now it seems like any redemption we were hoping for with Ward has been shot to hell! Though I am interested to see what him and Kara are up to. I, for one, was happy to see Gonzalez go. I can't stand his character. It's hard to like someone who is so against Coulson. Same with Mack. I understand what he went through was traumatic, but it's clear to see Coulson is in control. I think his actions were petty. I couldn't believe that Jiaying did that to Gonzalez. In the end, I hope Skye realizes that she started this and goes back to her shield family. Or that they can restore peace between shield and the inhumans. That really makes Jiaying no better than Cal. I think May needs to get over her issues with Coulson. Her attitude has been quite annoying. He was just trying to help himself with that he was dealing with. As for the operations information he withheld from her, he was under orders from Fury. Shield had always been about particular clearance levels. She should be very familiar with this. I was also a little surprised to see Gordon side with Jiaying. It seemed like he was starting to trust Raina and her visions. I'm guessing he'll be regretting that later. Overall, the episode was good. Just not enough Fitz for me!

@ Amy Lynn

I agree with everything you said!

Spindae 2o

1. Reverse Roles?
- Hook is probably number 1 on my list, as he is neither good or bad.
- But this whole story reminds me like the Charmed alternate universe episode. U really can't escape from who U are as Cole and Phoebe couldn't escape their faith I see characters reverse to their old patterns as no book can change someones core.
2. Lily and Maleficent - I wouldn't mind some for them to stick around if they'll have some purpose, but as said there are to many characters fighting for a solid story and they played their part in setting up those finale 2 hours of the season. 3. Zelena and motherhood!
- I think a hilarious spin off comedy could be made out of this. I hope Rebecca gets regular status next year and we see so much more of her. She is so tremendous as th WW and I just want to see what happens. She drew a nice parallel between Regina and Cora, but what will she do when she has her own child with a men who doesn't love her. Should be interesting.
4. Regina's happy ending.
I think a big part of Regina evolving and growing as a character is realizing that nothing can be perfect in live. I think she realized the issue and embraced what she got. 5. What I didn't like`?
Hmmm nothing really! It was a good episode. What I maybe missed is Zelena meeting Cora? I can't believe that didn't happen earlier! Hope we get that in S05.
6. Favorite scene
The mother daughter scene between Male and Lily. It had everything. 2nd The finale scene between Zelena, Regina and Cora.

Castle Round Table: Flattered or Offended?

I watched SNL years ago when I was living in Chicago and on central time. I am east coast now and rarely watch it. It is way past my bedtime. I can't even stay awake for the 11pm news. I have seen the Jeopardy skit done on awards shows and think it is hilarious. I have always loved weekend update and Stephan is kind of funny. The skit with the family treading into incest territory, totally not funny.
The model cop skit was more funny than anything. I guess I will go with flattering, because it wasn't offensive to me.
It is hard to pick one guest star, they were all great. I did love the puppet attorney.
Nothing disappointed me. I know some people didn't like Kate flirting. I think she was being more fan girl than anything. Her twirling her hair was pretty funny.
My favorite was Castle and Beckett dancing. But the thing with Kates hair and running in heels was great too.