Nashville Season 3 Episode 2 Review: How Far Down Can I Go

SO FREAKING HAPPY the baby isn't Jeff's! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


If Castle lied without good reason then it would be a total contradiction of the person.
I would like to think the zombie drug is involved.
Espo was an ass and shown up by the Hampton police force. give him an extended holiday.
There are theories because it is simply bad stortytelling. The wedding should have happened but it is a good thing it didn't because after all this Beckett still does know Castle. incredible. do the writers realise how stupid they make her at times or they simply have no idea of what a relationship is about? Grading? Only an average episode but at least not a horror like Watershed, ITBOTB or even FBOW. Enough to keep me waiting for next week

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1 Review: X

I thought it was a good episode; it moved along astonishingly fast. That must be "the thing" this season -- to set up a season-long arc instead of just having episodes. Castle. NCIS. CSI. Several others whose reviews I have read, but whose episodes I have not yet watched .... When did all that start? I cannot imagine anyone disliking JLH; she is a precious doll. Her character is nice, too. I also liked Blake and Jeanne Tripplehorn; it was too bad to see her go. I still do not miss Prentiss or Paget Brewster. Garcia is so sensitive that I doubt that she is going to recover from the necessity of shooting that man any time soon. I expect she is in for a lot more sleepless nights. From the previews, Morgan's slash at her for visiting the man she shot is plain nasty. It struck me as a slam which may offend a lot of fundamentalists; I hope I misunderstood what he said. Daring writing, if I did not. But perhaps the audience is not replete with fundamentalists.

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

This episode merely gave us more questions and no answers.
It would have been nice just to know the Hamptons police handed the case over to the NYPD. money, ( i loved Espo being shown up by them by the way) expertise resources. All valid reasons
Why was the best Homicide squad in New York city involved in a kidnapping especially when one is the fiance'?
Who was doing homicide and why was Kate still on it two months later?
This has 3XK all over it except we have been told it wasn't him. Whom else would want to stop the wedding and put something between Beckett and Castle. We know Beckett should not have gotten married as she simply does not know Castle well. That is why she asked Martha and Alexis. How sad she still hasn't asked Castle the right questions.
The good thing is even she must grow from this however she is a very weak emotionally as a woman as present and to be honest has been all the time we have known her. We must learn more in the next few episodes. Not a great episode but not a bad one either just bloody bad storytelling.


I'm really liking this show. Let's hope that the audience numbers steady, otherwise we will be lucky to get all of this season, let alone another.

Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Driven

If Kate has all those doubts, the last thing she should do is marry Castle. And Espo is not a good friend. This episode was so off in so many ways! No deep emotional feelings from anyone about anything, unless it was betrayal by Castle. Lastly--the highly stale amnesia ploy. Terrible season opener. The writers are digging Castle's grave.


I'll be glad to see Tim DeKay on Agents of SHIELD, even if he's playing a villain.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Was There Too Much Frozen?

is it just me, or wasn't Pinoccho/August responsible for making the book to show Henry/Emma the past and where she came from? I didn't think there was that much mystery to the book, and I thought it just showed the things that happened, not decide the path peoples live were to take? Especially when the book changed from when Emma and Hook went back in time, it didn't decide their fate there, they did, and what they did was then put into the book.... I'm just confused as to how they're going to try and go about this..

The Strain Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Last Rites

Loved the episode, was a bit disappointed that after all this time Gus still hasn't "joined the team" so to speak but maybe they're saving that for next week or next season?

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Poor Little Lambs

I think that the "calm" Jax displayed at Diosa was NOT calm. It was a storm brewing - on top of the storm he already had going on. He's IN SHOCK from losing his wife and then all the bloodshed and THEN the Diosa thing- and Colette-flirty-gurl is laying there dead. I think he just didn't outwardly freak out because it is becoming all too common for him to deal with the sh!t storms.