25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone


Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Review: He's Alive!

There was that moment last night at police station that David told Victoria he knew exactly who she is….he has a plan. In the preview when he said he would find out exactly what happened to his daughter…..Watch out Vicki…your treatment of that child (Amanda) was criminal.

Supernatural Round Table: No More Mr. Nice Dean

No offence but I need more Dean man pain like I need a hole in the head . However given the show's past with Dean we shall see exactly that like last season how something impacts him is all and everything , meanwhile Sam can get called out on his methods to find Dean and save him. with a big neon arrow pointing at him 'real monster;.

@ sharonally

I"m sorry -- I don't understand your comment. You are not enjoying Dean's portray as demon Dean? What is all and everything? Who is the real monster?

Doe rae me

Hook should've just told Emma the truth about his hand. Did he learn nothing from keeping the Kissing Curse secret??

@ Rae

Exactly!!! This is SO frustrating, I really blame the writers... Hook should be way smarter than that.


I completely agree with this review! The whole time I was watching, from the very beginning, I was already thinking wow this is going to be a great episode, probably one of the best ones yet. It was a little predictable of course. I mean, as soon as everything went downhill for Jake, it was easy to see he was being played. But it was still a great time, nonetheless! I always enjoy when Jake can make Captain Holt just a little less serious and a little more playful. Their relationship is great to watch. Captain Holt explaining all of this to Jake was a really great scene. Especially when Jake began plotting his revenge for next year, only to learn he's already 3 months behind. He's going to have his work cut out for him now!

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3

Where is episode 3 round table?

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Old Scars

I guess every television series is entitled to a clunker but this last episode was really bad. Has the writing team been replaced by the Days of Our Lives crew? This episode was one hour of television melodrama in the worse possible sense. I guess every television series is entitled to a clunker but this last episode was really bad. Michelle Fairley is a wonderful actress but even she couldn't have saved this script. With lines like "Fred! You're my brother." followed by a long pause filled with unmeaning "Uhh yeah." Resurrection appears to be headed for the long slow death of a cancer patient with Alzheimer's - it knows it's dying it just doesn't know why.
Hopefully the show will return to being the mysteriously creepy show of last season


I completely agree with the reviewer about Hook and Emma on this one. I mean, he knows how she feels about lying. And that she can sense when people are lying. Why not just be honest with her? It's not his fault. He thought he was doing something nice for her. She would have seen that. This is just a way to create drama between them. After taking so long to get together, we don't need all the drama that most tv shows assume we do to keep things interesting. I would much rather just watch them grow closer as a couple. They're one of my favorite couples on tv. We'll see what happens I guess. Anyways, I did like Henry's point about Rumple knowing who the author is since there's no way he would have originally had a happy ending written for him. It gives them a solid lead without creating some kind of huge plot hole. I enjoy watching him rebuild his relationship with Regina, but I still hope we get to see more bonding scenes with him and Emma. Their relationship is another one of my favorites. I'm very curious about this Snow Queen story and how Emma ties in to all of that, so even just the small bits we saw last night were enough to keep me interested. I also think it was pretty silly of Anna not to get more information out of Rumplestiltskin when she had the dagger. She could have had any of her questions answered. And lastly, I loved David's reaction to Emma going on the date and hearing about it afterwards. I do wish for more flashback scenes of everyone else again, not just Anna and Elsa and those involved with them. Hopefully soon!

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Apprentice

I love Hook but he got played. He fell deeper in. Rumple played on his fears coz he has changed and there is Rumple taunting him he hasnt and that seed of doubt increased. I really need Emma to find out coz Rumple is being to selfish esp concerning her too - making out she isnt all that...
I do love Emma and Hook together and i do love they got a normal date that showed Emma all open and embracing and their intimacy. And really she doesn't care if he has a hook or a hand but trust is what matters

Debbie scott petty
The Affair Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Different Things to Different People

i'm watching for joshua jackson. i fell in love with him on fringe. i couldn't stand noah's recollection of cole being a wife rapist but now we know that is unlikely. i feel like the whole cheating thing has been over done but i'm going to hang in there for peter bishop lol

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