wonderful actor gone to soon RIP Robin Williams


happy for Ian somerhalder!!!! teen wolf s Tyler Hoechlin too bad Teen wolf didnt get best sci fi show but i loved Tvd this year great for big bang but as for Candace Accola as much as i love the actress Caroline is driving me crazy !! always putting down Damon and Elenas choice of Damon .Damon has saved her and deserves more respect .so no i dont believe she was the scene stealer .i liked the old Caroline who is supportive not the one putting Elenas choices down saying you and Stefan are epic everytime they show her .i used to love Caroline but now i want her staked


I am absolutely heartbroken. He was one of my favourite actors - he could make me laugh as easily as he could move me to tears.

Food Network Star Finale: Who Won?

I'm glad Lenny won. He got my votes. I think he will offer a different, lighthearted prospective for the Food Network. I don't remember a more humble, and talented contestant on this show. Go Lenny, go Lenny.

Ray Donovan Review: Loose Ends

Ms Pavlica...do you understand what the word "racist" means? You know, the actual definition of the word?

@ AndyDD

I do. There was white racism against the Irish for a long time, something that seems to be perpetuated in the nosy holier-than-thou neighbors in Truesdale.

Food Network Star Finale: Who Won?

Really Lenny! i don't think he will last any longer than that gastro guy (What was his name again/when was the last time you saw him) Its a unique concept (Cowboy) but I just wasn't inspired by his on stage presence. Nice man don't get me wrong, but you are going to have to work with him to increase his stage presence. Give Luca a Show Please.


Yeah I knew early on Cosetti was a goner, too much focus on the guy. Also knew Sorenson was patient zero and I can't believe he got away ugh!!! It's not so much what's predictable about The Last Ship but how they resolve things and the characters. I don't mind Danny but glad the romance thing cooled off, it's the end of the world people. Skip the grinding until we start curing some humans LOL As always, another awesome review! I'm all caught up and will definitely throw in my 2¢ (that's Alt+0162 btw) for the last two episodes. These shows end too quickly.

The Strain Review: Terror at Treblinka

The slow buildup for this show is very effective, IMHO. I watch an episode and can barely wait for the following Monday (I'm watching on FXonline). I have not read the books and appreciate that those who have are not dropping spoilers here. This is a very interesting take on the vampire genre. I love the intertwining of horror elements with modern crime procedural. The physiological explanations for the infection ground this in a reality that transcends standard horror, which I'm not that much of a fan of. And I don't find it campy at all. Rather, it's scary as all getout

@ Gene

Gene the series is different enough that even us book readers are constantly surprised by certain things. Besides, I read it so long ago I can't recall every little detail. They're doing a fantastic job bringing del Toro/Hogan's world to life. Those campy comments always surprise me. It's like people expect everything to be so serious. You can tell the creators are having fun with the genre and personally I really appreciate that. Thanks for your feedback!

Suits: Renewed for Season 5!

So excited! I love this show!


It's hard to choose just one so I'm just going to type all the ones I like. PLL, TVD, Saved By the Bell, The OC, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Boy Meets World.

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