17 Hottest Werewolves on Television

How is Isaac only 12!!! Glad both Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin are up top though!


I am happy she chose Marcus, Chris and Josh but she should have picked Brian over Nick.


I really like Joss and Scott! I hope things get better in the bedroom for them as I would like to see him around for awhile.
Oh Daniel, why do they have to turn him into a bad guy? I really liked him. I like the PI angle. BTW it was mashed potato sculptures :)
There is nothing wrong with Savi getting a tattoo. She does have to be a little more careful with Zack but I am not getting a bad vibe form him. I think he is a good guy. With Daniel being bad I can not see them having another guy on this season with bad intentions. However we will see.
I still say that Dom and Savi will not make it to the end of the season. I hope that Harry's decision to leave will not stick and that he will stay.

The Bachelorette Review: The Game of Love

Nick as a salesman is "closing" the sale of himself to Andi. I am agreeing with the other guys on this. The fact that Andi thought it meant it was about her when he showed up at her hotel room and showed he really was going the extra distance for her, makes me wonder how really smart this woman is. Maybe Andi just loves the Bad Boy type and Nick fills the bill better than any of the other guys for her. If she does pick this guy over the other fellows, I give their relationship a limited time. He is obsessed with winning the game first and the prize(Andi) is secondary. I like Chris a lot but I can't see this woman wanting to give up her career to become a farmer's wife, Marcus is my favorite and has expressed his love for her almost right from the beginning. I find this guy the most honest and believable of the bunch! However maybe he isn't "bad boy" enough for Andi. She will probably be back on the market looking again by picking Nick

Under the Dome Review: An Angry Dome

I thought Jr/James's mother was dead, however, if she isn't and since no one can get into the area because of The Dome, maybe she has been living with her brother Sam. I do think she's dead though. Speaking of Sam (I just luv, luv Eddie Cahill) looks like he just might be giving Barbie a run for his money where Julia is concerned. It's to soon to tell however about the school teacher. I wasn't surprised that Linda was killed, just the way it happened (smashed like a bug by the car) which was so Steven King. Angie on the other hand meets a rather gruesome end via an axe, also so Steven King. Speaking of Angie meets Axe--- I don't think the axe fell out of the locker, to me it looked like someone was holding it. All in all I thought the episode was pretty good.

True Blood Promo - "Fire in the Hole"

Good grief! This show seems bound and determined to kill off everyone by the end of the season....In the books, Sookie ended up with Sam, but this show is so far away from the books now, that no telling what will happen!

Mistresses Review: Holy Shoe Fetish!

Savi must be suffering from post traumatic stress or undiagnosed depression....crazy decisions, the worst not being the tattoo (although it's plenty stupid) but definitely her relationship with Dom. Is she maybe over him and doesn't realize it? Karen continues to stress ME out as she plays with fire. For April I just feel sad, she deserves some happiness and honesty in a relationship. Joss....just love her humor with Scott & her wisdom at the failed "intervention" with Savi.

Teen Wolf Review: The Heist

Does that mean he does not feel guilt over killing Paige anymore since he has Scott and Scott is always there for him?

True Blood Review: Those Who Can

Everything Lettie Mae annoyed me as hell. Why do the writers torture me with her storyline? I'm so over this crazy woman!
Everything 'rednecks clinging to their prejudices' annoyed me as hell. After everything that happend there's no one in Bon Temps who doesn't see things differently? Seriously?
And even the opening scene annoyed me because one could clearly see it's a dream and Eric wasn't back/found yet. This episode was even worse than the first (and I didn't like that one either). Arlene, of course, was brilliant. Also liked Andy's and Jasons's scenes. But these parts don't save the whole episode for me. Though I have to admit I'm curious how they will save Jessica (in case she got somehow infected) and Eric - bet it will have something to do with Sookie's or Adilyn's fairyblood. Because I'm absolutely sure they would never dare to kill off two fan favourites.

Teen Wolf Review: The Heist

Peter DOES know about Malia actually. Lydia told him in one of the later episodes of season 3B as leverage to get him to try and help Stiles. So, pretty much everybody in town knows that Malia is Peter's daughter...except poor Malia! I have a feeling she's not gonna be happy about that...just a hunch! So there you have it...when you thought he couldn't get any worse, Peter actually DID leave his only child to fend for her newly human self against some crazy huge Berserker creature (well, with Scott but let's be honest...neither of them were really super stars in that fight).
I thought this was a great episode! It FLEW by, so that's a sure sign of awesomeness right there. I couldn't picture in my mind how Peter and Malia's first meeting would go, but now that I've seen it...that's exactly how I'd picture it! He was a creeper, she wasn't about to put up with his crap, and Scott was just like...oh no, this is awkward...what do I do?
I loved the dynamic between Kira and Lydia this episode. It made me miss Allison, but gave me hope that maybe Lydia will be able to find some comfort in other friendships besides just Stiles and Scott. She needs some ladies in her life! And it's not looking like Malia is going to be that girl (though I was kind of thinking she might based on the hallway scene from the finale last season).
And of course, Stiles and cousin Miguel! Can't go wrong there!
Malia was ADORABLE in class. Poor thing is stressed and literally was highlighting her entire book. I LOVED IT! Also loved the little scene between Scott and Stiles where Stiles admitted that Malia sneaks in to his room literally almost every night. Amazing!
Being back in Beacon Hills did make all of the losses from last season seem more evident, but this is just the beginning with this new crew, and I'm looking so forward to seeing where it goes.
Also loved seeing Malia step in and want to protect her Alpha...that gave me some fuzzy pack sibling feelings!
Another great episode!