Gotta love Jim for saying and letting them know - that he is CaptainSwan fan! yay for Jim #cooldude
But really good interview Jim and questions. #thumbsup
Sounds all interesting.
Emma/Elsa yay - my wish was that we see them meet and bond, talk and bond over fears, walls, love and obviously magic lol.
Very interesting about Emma/Hook.That we will see their past issues come up again, i had this feeling that was going to be one of the cases. Their past and their issues are what makes them who they are and how they have always fitted and seen more of in each other and can their love overcome and progress. Interesting angle coz its the struggles inside of them that is the issues.


Thank you for asking about Hook and Emma! I'm excited to see them struggle to be together since they're both complicated individuals and I'd like to see it all play out. Smooth sailing is not realistic and I'm happy Adam and Eddy are staying true to who they are as individuals but also not neglecting the fact that these two share a special something that they need to figure out and fight for :)




Emma and Elsa do have a lot in common. They're...both girls! They're both blonde! Friendship! Please, please don't let Henry be working with Rumplestiltskin. That abuser needs to be far, far away from children.


If the murder suicide
Timer is false then. That's Mallory's husband with the gun or Niel daydreaming.

21 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

You don't actually mention what shows the characters are in. This is poor and about as informative as a gum wrapper.\

The Mysteries of Laura Review: A Preschool For Criminals

I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I'm just so anxious for new programs that I will like anything. Time will tell.

@ Bonnie Maynes

Hahaha I completely agree with your thinking! I know last season it seemed like every network seemed to just miss the mark and the news shows went away quickly. I have some hope for this series, with a strong female lead and the mixture of comedy/drama, I can see it lasting.

Red Band Society Review: Send Pizza

It was so good and really a feel good story. I do have to admit that I called the dad thing when I first saw him. I can't wait to see more of this show. Its not a depressing show but a hopeful and light show. Good job guys.

Prince Oberyn Martell

Prince Oberyn died because he was showboating. He could kill the mountain without difficulty. But no! He must show the viewers that he is even a bigger jerk than the mountain himself.

Hell on Wheels Review: Major Choices

It didn't make any sense that Campbell let Cullen have 15 minutes to reason with Elam, he doesn't like cullen so why would he agree to that. And the crying part at the end was ridiculous tv over acting. Elam had been gone for like a year, Cullen would've had plenty of time to face the fact Elam was dead. That moaning felt totally fake and "actory". It would've been more effective to silently pan out with Cullen sitting over the grave.

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