I agree with the bright spots .. Fornell and Wagner (but I would've recognized her. I didn't think Lindsay had changed that much). I would also add that I was glad to see Vance back. Even though it was just a quick appearance, I find I miss him when he's absent too long. Still loving the current Tony and especially the Tony/Fornell moments. I always thought it would be nie for Tony to have his own Fornell. For a time I wondered if "Slacks" could've been groomed for a lightly frenemy role but that ship has sailed. Bishop .. I don't know. On the one hand I kind of liked seeing her in a different setting and I rather liked seeing Gibbs casual out on that porch rocker talkig about talking to Taft. But I'm also a proponent of not immersing whole shows in a character's personal life. I like a case mystery with the team interaction surrounding it. Totally agree the comparatives with Bishop and Gibbs just wasn't called for. And, apologies for my broken record-ness, but he's there being so fatherly, caring and supportive to newbie Bishop while he's been belligerent and dismissive to Tony for so long, but especially this season. I get it's the whole daughter button pushing but it ticks me off. The whole 'Saving Private Ryan' thing needed more time devoted to develop to where it deserved to be. I've said it before and I'll say it again, why do tptb feel so compelled to wrap every episode up so quickly. If a plot bunny comes along that needs 2 eps to do it justice, then by all means, make it a two-parter. Oh yeah, Palmer ... enough.

@ Easton

That's a great point. Rather than tell us about the Lieutenant's dead siblings and how important it is they find this last one, why not spread it out over a couple of episodes and actually *show* us what's going on? Talking about it just won't get the audience nearly as engaged as showing. I was glad to see Gibbs opening up about his need to talk with Taft. That's the first overt signal we've seen that he's actually taking Taft's advice dead serious - enough to advise Bishop to do the same. I think Lindsay looked amazing. But I watched closely to see how much she matched the Lindsay we saw in other shows - and couldn't see the resemblance at all.

@ Douglas Wolfe

Maybe it was because her performance was so understated? Jaime Sommers was a more lively and energetic character. But I think understated was exactly what was called for in the role of Bishop's Oklahoma mom.

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Good review Christine. You're feelings reflect mine precisely. I don't like what's been done or where they're heading, but I love this show and will stay on board until the wheels fall off. Here's what I don't get...the original premise was that if Rick wasn't involved, he wouldn't be a target if Kate's investigation was detected by Loksat. It follows then that both she and Vikram would be targets because they are both investigating it. So...if Castle is now working with Beckett and Vikram to bring down Loksat, he too will be targeted, so why do they still require this false public separation? Their investigation is obviously not going to be carried out in public. They are quite deliberately keeping the investigation on the down low. If Rick is an active part of said covert investigation, he too will be discovered/targeted along with Kate and Vikram, irrespective of the public's perception of his marital status. The objective here is to NOT be detected by Loksat. So if you are NOT detected, what does it matter if the public thinks you're separated? Conversely, if you ARE detected, you have to assume everyone who might be investigating will be killed. Her AG team knew nothing about Kate's computer query, and yet Loksat still had them all killed (on the outside chance they MIGHT be involved). So the way I see it, if they are discovered, Castle will be toast. If they aren't disovered, it won't matter. So what is to be gained by Rick and Kate convincing the public that they're not together? The logic here escapes me.

@ Microgrey

I think it escapes everyone.
It would be a public separation with the media all over it.
given Lockwood's and Montgomery's behaviour in Knockdown we can assume there is a plant at the 12th Precinct that worked for Bracken. wouldn't Locsat use him? The whole premise is silly.

Sarah silva

Love this show.
I can't believe how fast the hour went. I did not want the episode to end.
Looking forward to next week.

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Sharp Elbows

This was a very good episode. Boden should have taken the olive branch from Voight and let him do his thing. I truly believe Patterson has a hand in this. It looks like we will find out next week. Enjoying both Fire & PD this season. They have hit their stride

Sarah silva

It was not Riddle that was in the room when Voight came in. It was the detective.
I liked Gabby standing up for Boden. (Also she is no longer a candidate) :)
Loved the scene with everyone and Boden the party.
I really hope that Boden gets cleared of the assault charges.
So is Patterson going to turn into a good guy now? Severide is awesome and the scene with them at Molly's was great. I have a feeling that he is going to tell Riddle that Severide is ready to be Lieutenant again and I think he is going to help clear Boden's names. While I want those two issues resolved, it will seem really convenient and quick for Patterson to become a good guy. However we will see what happens.
Casey was a little harsh on Jimmy and Otis on the scene of the first call. I know that Casey was hit by a car, but tensions are high with Patterson in the house and I would hate to see everyone turn on each other the longer he stays.
So does Brett like Otis? I get this feeling she doesn't.


Right on about past LaSalle--I wanted to kick him in the sweet meats m'self.

@ MrWriteSF

I know many officers from my local department, and let me tell you, the sort of behavior LaSalle demonstrated would not stand! Good heavens.

Ronald simkins
@ Kathleen Wiedel

Apparently you don't read the news. Police have acting that way since the 50's. They still make the news.

@ Isoron

Could you clarify that statement?


Christine, will there be a round table for this episode, given the short work week? I just wanted to tell you I enjoy your reviews and the roundtable. I wonder if Terrence, Alexi, et al, read any of the boards or forums re: their work, or do they just stay to the positive stuff.

NCIS Round Table: Paging Dr. Phil!

So after missing season 12 because of Bishop I decided to take a look at a single episode and see After if the show my wifenand I used to love became better... no, as a matter of fact, it became worse... Let's start - the stupidity of bishop this episode is appalling and yet people defend her - talk about having blinders on by having to justify her actions. What she did was stupid and nobody in production checked what crap the writer wrote. The fight scene was also weak and contrived to mitigate her stupidity in the first place. Abby could have called 911 as Bishop was attacked but she acted like a silly twit. As for the others... Tony has a heightened character stupidity revealing weak writers with no original thought which is a step backwards. Mcgee and Gibbs were ok but the performances could have been better. The show has grown worse in the sense that if the characters don't act stupid the performances look phoned in. The showrunner and writers need to be replaced - the show is gradually being run into the ground. There can only be so much clinging on to the things that made the show great a few years back but to repeat the same things using aging actors is foolish. Try getting the camaraderie, humour and family aspects back but let them age gracefully instead of recycling the old hits.

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Sharp Elbows

I absolutely loved the episode the whole otis brett thing was pretty annoying i like both character but that story was utterly unnecessary and gabby was badass first when she respectfully told him to mind his own business and then when she flat out confronted him
and boden oh dear boden no one touches boden or they'll be sorry
wish they give donna more to do love her to pieces ever since teen wolf

Amy conner

I am beginning to think that letting Ellie believe he cheated, is the lesser of two evils over what he really did. Maybe he is the one that blew up the building for whatever reason. He did have that ominous look on his face in the cab. It wouldn't surprise if Jake is killed off soon.

@ Amy Conner

Now that's an interesting hypothesis. Jake the patriotic terrorist? Jake the double agent? Jake with his own, as yet unknown, agenda? Way to think outside the box, Amy.

@ ebau

Somehow, I doubt the writers would go there. But it definitely makes for a fascinating conspiracy theory!