I was a little surprised Jenna didn't tell Matty, it showed some progress for her character. But I understand he is mad at her, she is his friend...you'd want your closest friends to tell you something this big.

@ LenaRossi

I do think her mother hit the nail on the head when she reminded her about Eva. I do think he'd have believed her this time round though.

@ Paul Dailly

Yeah I think he would've believed her too...especially because of the Eva incident.


I think that comparing being deaf and having Down syndrome is not exactly fair and Daphne kinda got on my nerves with the way she butted in.
I dont really love the predictable plot they came up with...John is such a typical man who needs to solve everything on his own instead of just communicating with his wife about the problem..why doesnt he tell her, what does he plan to do?
Bay is so gonna date Travis because tv shows suck at portraying friendships, people wanna see romantic relationships so this way they're gonna create drama between Bay and Mary Beth which really bugs me.
And then there is the love triangle with Daphne...also predictable...I like that Mingo is trying to learn sign language, I laughed when he said ALS instead, but Josh is also a nice guy...


I love that Bay & Travis have such a great friendship, but I feel like they've gone there already with Travis & Daphne. I really like him with Marybeth, and I like Marybeth in general, and want to see them get back together eventually. You know what I found really interesting about this ep? Zero Emmett, and I didn't care! He's become so unlikable with the way he treated Bay that it's nice to get a complete break from him. I need to cool off my anger toward him before he comes back into the fold. I admire Mingo for learning ASL, but I think there's a triangle brewing with Josh. That jealousy....


I think they'll eventually put Bay & Travis together or at least attempt to go that route. They're consistently showing them together and growing closer. Travis has been there when Emmett wasn't and he seems to get Bay in a different way than anyone else.
I was actually glad that Daphne talked to Toby and urged him to reconsider. Like it or not, Daphne was somewhat pulled into this by Lily. Also, she can offer a different perspective than what Toby is used to (much like what she did with Mingo). Is it her decision ultimately to make? No. But she's coming at this from a place of love and it's refreshing to see the alternative angle being talked about here.
Mingo is growing on me a bit. He definitely seems like he's making more of an effort with Daphne which I appreciate. However, I still think this is going to be a love triangle between Mingo, Daphne and Josh. Especially since Mingo is now taking signing lessons from Josh. It was clear that their first meeting was awkward and it almost seemed like Josh was slightly jealous.
Well, it looks like they're going down the Kinnish losing their money storyline. That just feels like it's trying a bit too hard to give the parents something to do. I could do without that.

Under the Dome Canceled After Three Seasons

A point many have missed...they have been jerking the faithful viewers around. It was supposed to have been a one shot one summer series. For $ Reasons it was extended for a second year. After year 2 we were "rewarded" with a half a$$ "ending" which resolved nothing of the storyline because the 3rd year renewal was not confirmed. Now as the third year is ending and the series is cancelled, we will not get a decent end to the story because they wrote an ambigious third year ending not knowing whether or not it was renewed. No real resolution to the story. This is like reading a thousand page novel with the last page torn out. Thanks CBS.

@ Gary Wilson

Same with Zoo it was suppose to be a one and done so now the same fate will happen.

Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Tulip

And where was Conor? This was the second episode in a row where he was MIA and not even given a mention or hint as to his absence.


I agree with TC, I'm loving this series. I think those that don't like it are underestimating just how stubborn most people would be even in the face of things going to hell. I can see how a lot of people would not be willing to accept a zombie apocalypse because they don't want to let go of their comfort zone and the lives they've built for themselves. It's like we expect everyone in the show to be instant preppers. I love too that this series doesn't have any baggage from the comics. So tired of hearing people compare TWD to the comics.


The strongest emotion I feel about this show right now is..frustration. As covered by Sean, the characters know nothing yet and we know everything. It doesn't stop you from yelling at the TV set. Hopefully, they'll get a clue real soon and we can move on. I'll stick with to see how this show unfolds.


I'm losing interest in this show. None of these characters are worth caring about. Started out strong in Season 1, but has slowly declined.


I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole episode. This is a truly engaging series.