The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Sound and the Fury

That was an excellent episode. It looks like the Reverse Flash we saw earlier shouldn't have been the current Dr. Wells, considering that he can barely sustain his power. Wonder if he was a past or future version.


Both episodes had so many fun parts tonight! But I'm still really bummed that we were in Leslie and Ben's house and everything and STILL didn't get any interaction with the triplets! And I have been waiting for the next edition of treat yo'self for what feels like forever!! I absolutely loved all of Andy's Johnny karate and the older brother Jonathan karate scenes a lot. They were so fun to watch! I love that he's found his calling. So hopefully April will soon too! And the ending scene with Ron coming in with the shot down robot was a classic Ron moment. It was great to see the whole team get back together finally. And it was nice to get some more scenes with Craig and hear about his visits to the famous dr. Nygard! Chris would be proud!

Forever Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

Can't wait to learn more each week about the back story. The writing is brilliant and the acting top notch. While no street signs are ever shown we learned that Abe's store is on the corner of Suffolk and Stanton Streets which is oddly the street I grew up on. Kudos for the show and series

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

Glee is just plain obnoxious. I dont want to ay it is too gey because i am no homophobic, but it is gey in a bad way. the characters are obnoxious, and these last few seasons felt like all of sudden turning into Lea Michelle's kingdom and all about Finn whose actor passed away. Not watching it anymore after its third seasons. The only reason why i still give Under the Dome chance after chance is to see Mike Vogel in it. I love his character, and his interpretation for the character. I am kinda disappointed with how Dean Norris interpreted his character. he deserves better. and this series makes me feel that Under the Dome shouldn't be a TV Series in the first place. it would be better off as a film. one film, and all the mysteries done in an hour. not 20 fucking hours, or two years if you prefer. and the writer said 5 seasons is a good way for the series to end. not a wise move. not a wise move at all. Teen Mom. why the fuck did this show get invented in the first place anyways. MTV sux. New Girl is great. I dont know why it is on this list. My vote goes to Teen Mom tho. this show is horrible, teenage-hormon driven drama, which is not important, and misleading. its like saying "Hey gurls, u can be pregnant on your teen, and it will be okay bcoz u will be staying with us here, and become a star, and you'll be happy forever with the monay, and da fame." fucking MTV. i despised the network. and Scream TV Series is gonna be on tehir network. I just knew it would be horrible. New mask, and youtube shit. blah.

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I like how people say I am not Homophobic before make raciest jokes about homosexuality

Ronald simkins

Excellent analysis. Clearly there is more to Hartley than our initial impression. Plus he knows about Firestorm. I am glad that both Barry and Joe are on the same page with Harrison. I am so glad that Barry is not as naive as earlier and I agree that Barry and Iris was the most genuine exchange they have had since the beginning. We finally get to see more of Cisco and some of his back story. Cavanaugh really does spin Harrison all over the place which is great The show definitely continues to improve.


I loved all the flashback scene especially when Marcel turned all the soldiers into a vampires and they attacked the enemy .
I agree with you Miranda Elijah is and will forever be a noble man , I mean telling Klaus the truth about Tatia only to break the spell that might reveal Hope's secret , it's very noble of him . Klaus's forgiveness surprised me A little because usually he take a long time to forgive someone, but telling Elijah at the phone that he really meant it was really sweet .

The Vampire Diaries Photo Gallery: Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

She's pouting like she always does. Stefan's around Elena for Bonnie's bday party. To quote Tyler "She's a butchy little twitt!" Steroline will never work romantically . She ran off Matt with her jealousy and she'll run Stefan off too.

Galavant Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Season Finale!

was i the only one who hear the Kissed the Girl music? I laughed during that part.

19 Best TV Character Catchphrases

I love Bazinga, and never tire of hearing it. I think Stephen Amell's (Arrow) Sinceriously is a much better word.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Kali Yuga

While I respect your opinion, I do not agree with saying that the stand-alone episode was bad. Personally, a steady diet of Moloch can get VERY boring, because then it seems that the writers can't think of anything else to do. And I have enjoyed how they have worked other story lines into this show. You have to remember, The X-Files did the same thing. While the main story line was aliens, they also encountered weird creatures. This enhanced the show; it did not hurt it (and the SH producers have admitted that TXF was part of their inspiration). Now, you said that you rolled your eyes at Hawley. I like Hawley. You cannot have a show with only six characters and no guest stars. There are going to be ones that recur on a regular basis. I don't recall people complaining this much over Andy Brooks or Luke Morales, two recurring roles from season 1. Again, The X-Files did this. While Skinner did not star in every episode, he had a few that were dedicated to him and no one felt the need to "roll" their eyes. Same with the Cigarette-Smoking Man and the Lone Gunmen. Give these other SH characters a chance. Yes, I agree that Frank Irving and Jenny Mills were pushed into the background in order to concentrate more on the Crane backstory; but as long as the show is renewed, the writers can make up for this in season 3. As for separating Abbie and Ichabod, I did not like that. But they were back last night and in fighting form. The problem is the whole "divide and conquer" that they talked about. The person doing the "divide and conquer" is Katrina. She is driving a wedge between the Witnesses. Probably because she is selfish. Things seem to be improving between the two, though. Let's hope. Frank is not a vampire. Remember when he returned, he downed a whole carton of milk. Vampires do not drink milk. He is something of the undead, but we are not sure what yet. Many television shows go through a sophomore slump. And then they emerge stronger than ever and continue for several seasons. I would not be surprised if season 3 rocks. I am not giving up on the show.