Murder in the First Review: And the Verdict Is...

I would of never watched this if I had known he was going to get off scott free! The jury was blind not to see how slimey he was!

Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con Q&A

Comic Con is really making me excited for Arrow this season! I'm loving all the spoilers we are getting. Probably must excited about: OLICITY, Team Arrow, Thea & Malcolm and more Sara. Speaking of Olicity I'm really hoping this is the beginning of Endgame for them. I'm still loving the slow burn and I think that is what needs to happy for sure. I love the Stephen is stating that it is Felicity this year and that random love interests (and stating the ship has sailed on Oliver/Sara/Laurel and he didn't think they would ever be together again) would undermine what Oliver confesses to Felicity. Thats huge and says so much about where they what to take Oliver as a man …. and Olicity as a relationship. I'm hoping that this means the show has picked a romantic endgame and are addressing it in a mature manner. It would be a welcome change from the normal TV drama and really set Arrow apart.


Rationalgal, I enjoyed your analysis, you are the shit. You hung in there and went toe to toe with me. You made me think about a lot of things I would have never considered. Thanks for the challenge! I get the feeling you are way more then your write. I will be for ever greatful for having the opportunity to analyze such deep subjects with you! I will remember you always. I am in the process of writing a book and you have reshaped my outlook on certain matters. Always be who you are and were meant to be. I know I appreciate you! I will be back from time to time to see how things are going. ROCK ON RATIONALGAL! ROCK ON!

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After an epic, marathon discussion about The Mentalist I just want to jump in to tell you and rationalgal2 how nice it was to see you complimenting each other on your analyses and the challenges you put out there. It's nice to watch an conversation like that progress and you're a great example on how to keep it going and to remain kind and focused. Cheers!


Just a few thoughts on Mike and Rachel.
Does Rachel truly regret what happened between her and Logan, yes but her attempt to cover it up, ultimately caused Mike to lose his job. She truly feels remorse, but I think she's picking the wrong time to admit to Mike what happened.
Mike is in a very bad place right now, but I don't think he realized what role Rachel played in getting him there, aside from some poor spur of the moment, bad decisions.
I believe he learns of Rachels indiscretions with Logan, before Rachel has a chance to explain, however his quick to judgements actions will just make matters worse between him and Rachel,
Can this relationship be saved? I hope so. It will take a few episodes but I am holding out hope that Rachel realize how toxic Logan is and maybe with Harveys help Mike can get control of his anger and see that what she attempted to do, was out of love. But, I guess we'll see and that's what keeps us watching.


Rationalgal, I discovered what we discovered without knowing we discovered it until now. We discovered methodology. The serial portion of the series was using a certain methodology to maintain the longevity of the Red John arc. Six years is a long time to stretch an arc. What I discovered was that they incerted totally random mysterious statements and scenes to push the story arc. They had nothing to do with the arcs but they caused intrigue and continued the interest by the viewership. This is probably something we were not supposed to discover as viewers. I get why they would do something like this but it underestimates the intelligence of the viewer and leaves them with their panties on the floor. I give them credit for the try but here we are, waiting for them to clean it up. Trying to play into the viewership while still trying to play us didn't work out so well. The ratings game is a fickle mistress, you will get F**ked before you f**k her. Now they have to go backwards to bring the story forward. Every time they put the pen to the paper we, we will know what they are doing. We know what mistakes they made and we know what they will try and do to correct it. They are now in a position to show their genius, or not. To have estimated and tangled with the intelligence of your audience to a point of a dual and lose, is tantamount to failure. They have to deliver or die!

Krysten Ritter to Guest Star on The Blacklist Season 2

love it

Robert Carlyle and Emile de Ravin Comic-Con Interview

I hope its Regina NOT Hook that does the blackmailing.


Jane never did crack the list, the FBI does not know who is on the list. That is why the deal was made in the fist place. Who's name do you think is on the list, Alexia Schultz, that's who. That's why it was eluded to in the last episode.


If the writers plan to take TM off in an entirely new direction, and they got rid of all the Red John-related people to clear the decks and focus on FBI centered stuff, which significant characters are left from the CBI phase who can be part of the FBI story line? I can think of only one - Alexa. Are there others?


They are going through monkeys at an alarming rate. If they're testing six at a time, it seems ridiculous that they ever left Nicaragua with a mere 36 of them. Surely Rachel knew the odds were against her vaccine working quickly. There are so many issues with this show, but it's the cheesy moments that keep me around. Yes, the reenlisting scene was cliche, but that's what The Last Ship is. If it took itself too seriously it would probably cost a lot more to produce.

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I guess I went in expecting a little cheese and the clichés since it's Michael Bay. I tend to just go along for the ride. The worst offense any show can do is bore me to death. That's definitely not the case with The Last Ship. They need the frozen monkeys from Helix. Keep 'em on ice and revive them for testing and ultimately death. Eeeek!