Smallville was also moved to Fridays which seemed like a death blow but viewing habits have changed and it continued to do fairly well. A lot of young people (target audience) don't even watch t.v. shows on t.v. so although this might feel like a demotion I don't think it spells the end for either Vampire Diaries or The Originals. Viewers who love both shows will find a way of watching them either Friday or on another platform. Of course it will all depend on the writing especially on TVD with one of the main characters having left it has to continue to be about reinvention without taking away from the core of the story which is all about the Salvatore Brothers' enduring bond. Consideration has to be given to actors' age as well, they're both getting a little long in the tooth (still very handsome) but portraying eternally youthful vampires can become a bit of a stretch eventually. That's a problem which the brothers don't have on Supernatural.


For a Thanksgiving episode, I found it to be quite depressing and dreary. The team wasn't together, in fact it showed them all going in different directions.


No panic, some time ago they were on fridays, too. and then moved back to thursdays.


Unrelated to the review I find the promotional photo at the top of Sherlock quite disturbing. Wasn't a fan of this episode. Making their wife a display skeleton overnight as a way of hiding the body? Too many elements I just didn't enjoy including a bullying cop abusing their position.


I felt very cheated that we didn't get to see the actual fight, or some portion of it. I did laugh out loud at the interview where everyone was pointing the finger at Denise; that was very cleverly edited. And I love Carolyn McCormack; she played one of my favorite characters (Minuet) in one of my favorite Star Trek The Next Generation episodes. I didn't think they made near enough of a to do over how unethical (I would almost say EVIL) that doctor was to basically torment those patients with expensive, grueling medical care they didn't need. For example, I was thinking of the woman with the baby-what if she wanted more children and couldn't have them because the chemo affected her fertility? I wasn't clear on if it was because he was incompetent or if it was part of a scam. Overall not my favorite episode, but there were still parts of it I really liked.

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Lens

Thanks Carissa for all.of your well.written reviews. I often don't catch the little subtle things but love the fact that you do. This is a compelling show and I.hope HBO doesn't tank it.


loved this episode ... the chemistry between Jamal and Sky was of the roof, i mean when they were singing that song together i could feel my heart beat ...throughout this season the writers have concentrated well on one of the strengths of this show and that is Jamal's music ...every week we get great songs from him and the same thing happened this week.

The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 8 Review: No Bull

They should of kept the bull and kept breeding the bull and cow together. Silly silly silly

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Evil Handmade Instrument

Let's promote Endless Russian Hatred again. It sells fast. Another wicked toasted twist.
At its finest. Well written to provide propaganda.


Are they coming back in February or March? Really good episode,,,,,,,things are progressing.........Glad there was no Freda Getz this week......... Boo Boo Kitty has officially lost it............. I'm glad they didn't drag out Delgado being part of the bad guys BUT he had a change of heart but I guess that doesn't matter.......... I absolutely agree that Hakeem's character has flourished more this season than last............. I don't know about that kiss with Jamal and Sky..............I guess we're to believe that Jamal is now bisexual.......

@ Terrie

It's back the last week of March for 8 episodes running through May.