The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

I think Last Man Standing is only staying on air because the network is grateful to Tim Allen for the success of Home Improvement. It's ratings have never been good and I've never heard anyone say they watch it. It's also dull and unoriginal. The relationship between Tim's character and the slutty daughter's annoying boyfriend is an obvious rip off of Archie and Meathead from All In the Family.


So Olivias plan was, 1. Hit first guard, take his gun.
2. Use gun to shoot second guard.
3. Drop gun into plot hole. Good plan ;-) hehe


I liked the way they worked the cancer storyline. I had a friend who died of cancer and we just want to believe anything is possible, we don't want them to die. I don't know how Liz came back, but I knew from reading some sinopse that she would be in next episode.
I didn't care about the merge, the writers never made us love Luke all that much, I just din't want Kai to die, because he's funny.
As for Liz talking to Stefan to take care of Caroline, not needed, too cliché.
And as DIE HARD DELENA, I have to say that I HATED that light effect on the Delena KISS. Seriously, annoying, distracting and off af. With all the cute scenes they had in this episode, the kiss one was just bad and disapointing. Fix this TVD.

The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

What have happen to cop show when did they become a bunch of pussy maybe the Mentalist would not be ending if they kill some character off

Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Clyde Really Dead?

I wish I thought Clyde was dead. I didn't see any blood. I think Crafty Clyde was wearing a bullet-proof vest. He got the wind knocked out of him but recovered and slunk away. Too bad Victor's guy didn't give him one to the cranium.

The Flash Round Table: A Lot is Riding on a Hunch

My theory is that wells is Barry from the future, a future that is completely messed up where the Justice League failed. Wells goes back to make sure that future doesn't happen. This would be similar to the young justice episode where kid flash goes back for the same reason.

The Mentalist Round Table: Who Will Die?

Interesting idea that the funeral scene part of a con. I would hope for that because I agree with everyone that it is just not nice to kill off any of the characters that we all like so well. If this is to make a point to Lisbon that the FBI is dangerous it could be done in a different way like a bad injury not death! I was surprised by Cho's promotion, thought Lisbon was more senior and she didn't seem phased at all by being passed over. Now I do think Cho is serious and dedicated and smart so will do a great job. As for PJ and the ring, that was an interesting scene, maybe part of his issue with Lisbon being in danger is that he is just generally finding it difficult to commit and move on from his wife...not that he is really afraid something will happen to her. Anyways-great episode thanks for the commentary!

Debbie scott petty

kai is one of my favorite tvd villians so i'm glad he's gonna be around for awhile.

The Flash Photo Gallery: Is Iris Visited by the Green Eyed Monster?

I'm so ready for Iris to get a little jealous, but I also really want her to become friends with Linda and introduce her to Wally. Then everybody wins!

Ronald simkins
@ myrcellasear

You want Iris to introduce her little nephew to Linda? Isn't that a little hinky for the CW?


feels so freaking good to have this back

@ dipdab

Right?! TGIT!