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I missed these RTs. Love all these discussions.
1. Expectations!
Honestly it upped my. I was expecting a good start but this episode really nailed it. It was opened well paced and just mind blowing at the end.
2. Team Dynamics
It was good! I liked the lighter happier Oliver, his different approach really gave the whole episode a different dimension. I agree with Carissa a bit more of Olicityless Team Arrow would be nice. But here is for hoping it happens further along.
3. Damien Darhk!
He killed it. I adore Neal and he proved to be this devious bad a*s just upping all the previous Big Bads.
4. Lance!
I wasn't surprised, he is frustrated. Loosing Sara a second time took all his fate. Lets see if he regains it upon Sara's return.
5. Did I miss skmething?
The Canary cry. Such a powerful weapon barely used. We need more of it.
6. Who is dying?
My guess is Oliver's Baby Mommy. Prime suspects for who Oliver wants to kill Lance or Papa Smoak P.S. How did U forget to mention the Lian Yu twist in the Fbs? I certainlu didn't saw that coming.

@ Spindae2

Glad to be back, Spindae! Who no flashback talk? Because to talk about them means we have to address why Oliver seems to have regressed to such a massive degree within said flashbacks, and I know I'M not ready to go there. I still find them as annoying as ever, dropped into Lian Yu or not. :-D (Wish my computer keyboard had a groovy emoji set.)

Spindae 2o
@ Carissa Pavlica

I have to stop by the Flash RT a bit later, didn't have time to read over the weekend. I expect the Flashbacks to step up a bit and push Oliver to his quest and decision to become the Arrow. So I hope after all this training we get a bit more focus on the agenda not the training. Also Bratva should be around any corner now. ^^


Not a fan of Jo's at all & she handled this subject very badly. While I understand where she was coming from, as it was obvious Alex never discussed this subject with her & maybe there was no reason to, she came across the information & should have quietly spoken to him. When she comes off as squirrelly as Alex said she does, then Alex recoils & becomes defensive. Through his day with those very, very sick twins, he must have thought about it as he acted differently once he returned home. I LOVE the character of Alex Karev ... one cool dude & has become, imo, the best doctor on the show. I loved when he corrected his patient who had to poop before going home, asking her "what did I tell you about calling me Alex, I'm Dr. Karev." She then called him Alex twice again. So funny - it's very cool the way he, what appears very relaxed naturally & instinctively interacting with all the kids on the show. I'm wondering, if Justin Chambers is the same kind of dad to his five children in his personal life as he treats the little kids on the show. And why do I get the feeling, every time I hear Alex tell Jo "I'm not going anywhere" that somewhere along the line, something or someone is about to derail that relationship? And I loved how they filmed in slow-motion the scene, where it became very apparent that baby Daniel was not going to be the twin that was going to survive. How devastating to him, when Alex ripped off his gown, mask & scrub cap to hold Daniel until he died. Such a sad, scene, & yes, I very much teared up. This is the Grey's I love. They can kick ya in the gut & make you cry in one well done scene & that was a well done scene. Even though I have not really been a fan of the character of Arizona, she has grown on me. I always LOVE when she is giving Alex a pep talk, about being a great doctor & how she thought when he first started working with her, she just knew that he could be a great doctor, so I just so LOVED the quiet scene where Arizona told Alex how proud she is of him & how he turned out to be such a great doctor, don't let this one instance kill that desire to be a great doctor. I can always tell that Alex takes to heart what Arizona tells him, he becomes even a better person/doctor when she tells him how terrific he is, as her compliments mean so much to him. It's almost as if SHE is the mother or sister he never had, even though he does have one of each, just not emotionally. And not since the particular episode it was tackled, have I given Izzie's/Alex's fertilized eggs a thought until last week - I'm wondering if the subject can be addressed without the character of Izzie Stevens returning. Sophia Vergara just went through this issue. Always the same question to be answered - who do these fertilized eggs belong to & why do they still exist? I'm wondering IF, Shonda will have Izzie (Katherine Heigl) come back to tackle this issue. If Shonda had no intention on doing something, the issue should not have been brought up, what? To fill an episode with angst, only to not resolve it? I hope if they are going to write a whole story line on the subject, I am thinking that it can't be resolved in one episode, unless both Izzie & Alex legally agree to have them medically discarded. I LOVE these types of subjects on Grey's. As for me, I LOVE April. I hope they have her go through some counseling ... alone. On how to take a few steps back & try to have her see things from Jackson's perspective. Though I do wish the reviewers would not have using the word "hate." As in she "hates April." They can really dislike the character and/or the actress or they are not a fan of the character or actor/actress but not to really use the word hate. I am NOT calling the reviewer "a hater." Man, where did THAT word ever come from? Just because someone doesn't agree with another, does not at all mean, they are haters. BLECH. It is just my opinion, that a different way of saying how one felt or their opinion about a character could have been used. LOVE Maggie - she can be so darned funny. But I did not care for the scene at the very end where she just started kissing Doc Andrew. THAT scene was already done & quite sufficiently - when Owen closed those blinds & whirled around & planted a kiss on Cristina when she had no idea what was about to happen (this is when she was impaled & he was the doctor presiding over her) Man, when Owen planted that kiss on Cristina, I almost fell out of my chair. The one with Maggie, had me thinking quite the opposite. But I still really do like the character of Maggie. LOVING this season so far ~ :-)


Keep in mind that the kids at "The Real S.H.I.E.L.D." kept that monolith on their carrier as some kind of Inhuman eraser. If they used that on Inhumans in the past, then the planet where Simmons was sent must have been populated with Inhumans and other enhanced individuals. The fact that Simmons lasted so long on that planet is a testament to her talents and skills and the training she received at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bones Round Table: The End of Cam and Arastoo

I agree with most of what you all said. I am not a fan of Cam and Arastoo so I don't mind that they ended, I was only surprised that Cam didn't end it. As for Brennan forgiving Booth so quickly that is not much of a stretch Brennan thinks everything through and she put her own self aside and realized that it was right what Booth did. Her knowing would have only put her and her family in danger and Booth is probably still regretting his gambling which did just that. Yes I loved her quote at the Jeffersonian for those reasons you stated and also her conversation with Cam because she almost resigned herself to the fact that Booth might not come back. And yes there should have been a kiss but that hug at the scene was pretty good anyway. As for Angela this is one where I find myself not liking her. She was the one last season who said something about Booth and Brennan's line of work and what it was doing to them and now its all on Brennan. No its on her " replacements" who didn't do their job right. I can see where Angela and Hodgins story is going and it should be interesting. All in all a good episode and a good two parter that made the best of the show not having one of its lead for a lot of it


Let me start by admitting that the following will sound crazy! I had a dream last night about Castle. (Honestly, I don't usually dream about TV shows!) Anyway, I must have had on my mind something the showrunners said about getting to a happy place that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to get to without the couple's current separation. So, here goes: I dreamed that Castle and Beckett reunite and recommit by repeating their vows at a spectacular wedding -- the kind of wedding that they (and the audience) was cheated out of the first time. Call me a romantic but, if that happens, I'll forgive the current depressing storyline.

Bones Round Table: The End of Cam and Arastoo

Why does no one think the fact that solve rate was down was also because Booth was no longer working the cases. It was never Brennan alone who solved them.
Also, Pops is not dead. Ralph Waite has passed away, but it has never been addressed that Pops has also died. For all we know he may still be helping the old ladies with their "crocheting."
I think Arastoo did what he had to do. If he stays at the lab he'll always be an intern and he's better than that-he's ready for more. I absolutely believe he wanted to marry Cam, but he was right. If she left the Jeffersonian for him, she'd end up resenting him. I think it's too bad that she cared more for her job than being with him. She could be a coroner/pathologist anywhere. Maybe time apart will eventually bring them back together.

The Flash Season 1 Episode 3

What guy guest stars in this?

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 4 Promo

It's more euthanasia than murder - Nate's wife is asking her to end her life.

Noisy from norway

A good episode. The Kalinda wannabe envestigator was strange. Are we to belive a envestigator doesn't know she should check all sosial media and not just Facebook? Loved the judge with the noisy belly. Classic TGW story. Seems like the writers doesn't know what to with Carey and Diane. Hope to see them in court soon and not just office-trouble.


When watching The Walking Dead always remember, shit happens.