I was happy to see Bruce and Alfred after 2 weeks of not seeing them. I do enjoy this show, and my favourite characters are Penguin and Riddler.

The Walking Dead Spinoff: Zombie Apocalypse Heading to...

It is the original and best zombie show. Now i m waiting for feb 8th episode. Come here and watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Online. and catch more about the upcoming episode.

The Walking Dead: Renewed for Season 5!

The show delivers best out best in each and every episode. Now in i am waiting for The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9. Can't wait for it.

The Best of 2014: The Worst Show on TV

Pretty much agree on everything. You forgot Revenge; which doesn't seem to be about Revenge anymore. SO much potential just thrown away. And 2 Broke Girls. UNBEARABLY stupid television. Terrible acting, terrible writing. But I completely disagree about American Horror Story. Although, it's NOT all about horror, it's one of the most interesting TV shows on TV, and according to the ratings, which continue to grow, I'm not the only one. P.S. The author never mentioned The Mindy Project being bad. Mindy project is one of the most improved TV shows, and one of the best sitcoms out there. EASILY better than New Girl.


Finn and his ridiculous haircut need to die.

Marriage Boot Camp Season 2 Episode 3: Full Episode Live!

Heidi is a joke an emotional mess and an embarrassment, Natalie is a thug, Aviva is a cardboard cut out, Syleena is real and decent, Rachel is a coward and a sneak. Other than that it is a great show.

Noisy from norway
Stalker Round Table: Beth 2.0?

I really enjoy this show. It got some horrible reviews when it premiered. It is the only new show this season I actually watch. I have tried NCIS NOLA but it is so boring. Stalker is exciting and entertaining. I hope they wont drag out the story of Ray and Perry. This was not my favorite episode but it was still good. I'm really glad Amanda let Jack spend time with his son.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Kali Yuga

I love the Hawley character, you need to have the treasure hunter to offset all of the other characters. For a minute it seemed Ichabod was in competition with him. If he's gone, me too. Hawley and Ichabod are both good looking characters to watch every Monday night.

@ Jackie

You're gone because they took away the eye candy? That's too funny. The show is Abbie and Ichabod to me, won't miss Hawley one bit.

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Love in Return

Well i think that Tom (Mark Hildreth) will not came back to the show, so perhaps they change the story, because when Tom died i was hopping, that he will return, to save his son , but that not happened. The last scene was very clear that this child is a demon, devil, well.... Something evil. I am a little disappointing, i really want Tom back to show again.


it felt more of a filler episode, to me. I didn't like Marcel's story and the flashback, or how quickly Gia turned against her creator...have a little faith!