Chasing Life Review: Truth is Hard

I'm guessing Dominic will find out through his roommate, who will likely be in a relationship with Beth soon. Perhaps Beth will accidentally let the info slip at some point. It is also quite convenient for Dominic to be sent off just when she's about the start treatment. There's no way for her to hide that if he was around. Does anyone else sometimes just look at the screen and yell "just tell him already!" lol Also, did April talk about the fertility treatment during her group therapy at the beginning? I'm just wondering if she did, and that would mean it was likely Leo who paid.

Covert Affairs Review: "Elevate Me"

Gotta say losing interest in this show..seems its all about who Auggie can sleep with..I'm going to stick with my Major Crimes!!!

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Let us not forget, Calder's uninteresting story line with the prostitute. One would think he'd be the last person to get himself involved in such a nowhere situation.


This was another great episode.
When Spencer saw Alison on camera and Emily said she was wearing different clothes my thoughts were: Ali is A or that girl on camera is Ali's twin who is A.
Last week I said that Hanna was with Travis because Caleb broke up with her and was in Ravenswood. She may have liked Travis but he was just a distraction.
I was a little confused by their conversation and kiss they both want to get back together but they are not sure?!? Nonetheless we got a Haleb kiss.
As soon as Hanna spilled the beans to Sydney about NYC that it would come back and bite her in the butt! So Hanna should put two and two together and realize Sydney is on team A. I am fan with Hanna being skeptical of Ali and not wanting to be her puppet, I just hope she stops her drinking, otherwise it will get really bad really fast!
I liked Spencer helping Ezra. It was nice hearing her tell him she was thankful he was there that day in NYC.
Eddie Lamb seems like a nice guy but he also seems like he is hiding something. I am also worried that A killed him and that is why he did not meet Ezra.

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Pretty Little Liars Review: "The Silence of E. Lamb"

The thing that bothers me about Hanna's identity crisis is that I think this is the writers way to help us to tell the difference between Hanna and Allie on screen. Allie dresses a lot like Hanna (or vice versa) and by making Hanna go "dark" we can now tell the difference between them. Though it is also true that Hanna's image was Mona's doing in her attempt to create an Allie 2.0. Also, did anyone else notice one of Bethany's drawings showed two girls, one being carried off by a woman (Mrs. D?). There is the twin theory again...

9 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

Tara, Ziva and Bobby are three characters I'm sorry to see go.

Criminal Minds Season 9: Grade It!

i don't want any new characters, they should develope the characters CM has, and they should write better creey and suspensiful stories, I like Alex Blake, but with her the dynamic changed, 2 seasons used to see her and now she is gone. I my favorite seasons: 3 to 6 problably. Not memorable episodes in season 9: maybe Gabby, the black queen, Damons . 200 the worst. Memorable team scenes yes,

How would grade Criminal Minds Season 9?

the best episode for me was: Damons, the Black queen. Gabby, etc but laletly i miss the team as a team, don't like pairing: Rossi/Blake, JJ/Morgan. Miss Garcia and JJ frienship, i like AJ became a prifiler, but i miss her swiit character, her relation with the team. Hotch, Rossi are profilers, but they aren't arrogants, they interact with the others, iits seems JJ has to be bad ass. i miss her swit heart. I don't like seasons characters, the team is a very important part of the show like a family

The Vampire Diaries Season 6: How Will Elena Cope?

I just wish someone would proof read stuff before it gets uploaded onto the internet for all to see....

Teen Wolf Season 3: What's Behind the Blue Eyes?

All I remember is derek killed one of his girlfriends when he was younger and took the pain from his other gf and his other gf and peter taught him how to do it

Rizzoli & Isles Review: Deadly Dioramas

I loved this episode. Nice to see more of Frankie and Susie. I don't think Angela is more annoying than before. I actually think she has calmed down a lot. I like her now.