Satisfaction Review: A Crack in the Foundation

Two new clips showed up on the Satisfaction USA Facebook/Youtube pages. There may be a little trouble in the relationship between Mateo and Anika. It also appears that there is even more reason to dislike Simon's character. Things are going to get interesting.


There is a marriage counselor, Mira Kirshenbaum, that believes that an affair can improve a marriage. She advised clients to lie about an affair, even when asked – a bit out of the marriage-counseling mainstream. She believes there are 17 reasons why people have affairs and even she says there are affairs that a marriage probably will not survive, four of them: the break-out-into-selfhood affair, unmet-need affair, having-experiences-I-missed-out-on affair, and surrogate-therapy affair. Grace’s affair seems to fit into one or more of those. Put that
together with the fact that Neil actually caught her having sex and in real life,
this marriage would be other. She does believe that a marriage can survive a revenge affair, which seems to be partly how Neil got into the escort business. She also believes that a marriage can survive a midlife-crisis affair. Maybe a midlife crisis drove Grace to have an affair. Who knows? I am not sure even she does.

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@ sojourner

If I had an affair, she could add another reason. He was a complete and utter idiot! Or he became possessed by an alien influencel


I feel like Red Band Society, New Girl, and The Mindy Project have a chance of picking up next week when they're not up against the season finale of America's Got Talent.... The finale of a show that's been on all summer is sure to steal most of the viewers. And I'm sure that's why Mysteries did so well, having AGT as a lead in. At least I hope this is the case, as I love the fox shows!


You're such a star , Jim!! Thank you for this amazing interview!
You really asked about everyone - and I 'm so happy you seem to love Hook and Emma as much as I do :) I was hoping that the frozen storyline would be handled the way Adam and Eddy describe it here. As a way of getting an even better insight into our beloved regulars. I love Frozen very much but I love our regulars even more. I can't waitto see the parallels between Emma and Elsa, Anna / Kristoff and Emma / Killian. I can't wait to find out how those two worlds are connected. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing!! As was the Neverland arc which shed so much light and revealed truths about the regulars.
I love that Eddy said that Emma and Killian's feelings will be dealt in a "real way". For me personally his is why Emma and Killian are my favorite love story on the show - it's magical in how endless Killian's love is for Emma and how they're both kindred spirits; but also so real in that Emma's trust issues are dealt with in a VERY realistic way. I'm very much looking forward to see Emma and Killian grow closer!!
And while I love tho irate within Killian, I also appreciate that he's a man if honor with an incredibly courageous heart. I hope nothing we'll see in S4 will put that into question.


Great interview! But I hope they don't mess with Emma and Hook too much... I don't think it's "unrealistic" for them to actually be happy. I'd just rather not see them split them apart over and over again like other shows do. They really have great chemistry together. So going through some trials and tribulations is fine, but it's much more entertaining, in my mind, to watch them work through these things together, rather than having it pull them apart. I'm excited for all the Frozen stuff, especially now that they said we will still get our core characters. I was hoping it wouldn't take anything from the original cast. I also hope that despite Marian's return, Hook will still choose Regina, at least eventually. I loved watching them together. And I love watching Regina's character grow. Can't wait for the season premiere!

Lie to Me Review: "The Royal We"

Good stuff? You only found one flaw with what happened? So .. In this story three girls falsely accuse a man of molesting them. He has his daughter taken away by social services, "pervert" sprayed on his mobile home, he's punched in the face by the mother of one of the false accusers ... and nothing happens to any of them. They take part in the pageant and one of them wins. No comment on this by any of the main characters, no consequences for any of the girls .. and you don't think it's even worth mentioning. Amazing.

Beauty and the Beast Adds Mentors for Cat and Vincent

I know this dram is not really a cop show but I dont want this show to become a total soap opera The action and drama needs to be there aywas

@ Beastifan

Yeah, I agree Brother or Sister.
Last couple of episodes for season 2 fell really flat for me, as if we couldn't foresee half way through the season what its finale "deja vu" would be about. They went and made Gabe all psycho-crazy due to a rejection from Cat. How PETTY does that make him seem? I didn't like that plot one bit.
And honestly, I think I preferred Tori being around Vincent much more than Cat. The idea of a female beast was an intriguing concept and was working well as a narrative; only for her to be sacrificed out of what I can surmise as 'fan service' to those VinCat fanatics. ;-) :p
Really surprised it got a third season tbh.
Anyway, that's just me.

@ Joey

Tori as a female beast could had been interesting if she was not killed off. She could have helped Vin in dealing with cases and fighting crime, not necessarily falling in love with him, but help the city fight crime. The gabe pyscho story was also dumb for me. it was not going anywhere but finaly he wont be around anymore. I do like Vin and Cat to be together sure, like in Season1, but I hope S3 wont focus only on their eternal love. Because that is what fans were waiting for since S2 began. I like they still be a couple sure but I want a mix of eveyhing drama , love, action, not focus just on one topic and make that topic the plotline of almsot the entire season

Under the Dome Review: Thank You, Jim

I have really enjoyed this season despite the occasional clunky episode. The highlight for me was when someone finally got out from under the dome earlier in the year, breaking the tiresome string of Jim-centric who's-in-charge-now episodes. Moving the story out of the dome really opened up a flood of new storylines - something the show badlly needed. Now it appears from the previews that a whole lot of people will be getting out but at what cost remains to be seen. Looking forward to the finale and hopefully a third season.


I really enjoyed The Mysteries of Laura last night, I enjoyed Red Band Society last night and wish it had done better, but only time will tell.

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