I don't think the message really WAS from John... I mean we all know humanichs can mimic voices, so what if that speech done with a little bit Ethan's voice and the voice-over from John was actually Caldwell luring them into a trap?? I don't trust Caldwell at all...there's a reason he and John had a falling out.. Caldwell is definitely the one helping the humanichs learn to lie & manipulate people, and how to control their shut downs and other major protocols.. Plus, u know, he's also blown up a building and there's that...also shitty.. Doesn't sound like a "savior" to me.

@ Molly

Die, spambot, die.


Thoroughly enjoyed the series. I also noted that there have actually been very few actualy supporting character deaths in the show. Hills was one, but that was self inflicted.. he could have made his way to safety.. he chose to have a Drink above ground. Carleen was the most surprising death.. or maybe not as as soon as she said she was safe.. she wasnt. The last episode also showed that Dutch as a Warrior is far from the best out there. A Level 6 really beat the %^# outta her. Saw she got some hits in, and it was evenly matched for a little bit but the Assassin in the end was throwing her around and survivng the pin to the now ruined away while.. smiling. In fact it would of been no more Dutch had John not shot another person in the head.


Great way to begin ! The first episode was a winner right out of the gate. The
cast was great and the action kept building up. Ed Burns is terrific BTW-he
drives a Chevy not a Cadillac. Public Morals is the bookend to Major Crimes.
Major Crimes depicts the police today -a very different way to handle law
enforcement. Public Morals is a look back at the way police work was probably
done. There seems to be a thin line between law enforcement and the criminal
element back then. There were no Miranda warnings, less paper work and
of course the technology was very different. No one was out there recording
every thing that happens between the police and the public. I like that Ed
Burns character is a veteran of WW 2 and how that experience has impacted
him. If the good writing and character development continue Public Morals
could be on for several seasons. If so it will interesting to see how these
police detectives deal with the social changes of the late 1960's. .

Elizabeth harlow
@ newjerseryman

Ha! My dad pointed out that it was a Chevy Impala to me as well! Obviously I'm not a car person; all I could make out when I watched my copy on a tablet was the 'C'.

Dominion Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Lay Thee Before Kings

How could 'Julian' hear about Clementine, & then, 'Poof!' have her there, in a new body? Esp., If he isn't in possession of the amphora? Unless, he had already done it by coincidence, but she would've taken the new woman's identity. It's what they do, 8-Balls are obsessed with the vessels life. It's so unlikely! Riesen is vulnerable, he loved her, of course he'd believe it at first. And Julian took advantage of it, because he needs info. I just can't believe that's Clementine.... Idk, anything is possible, I could be wrong. Sorry for the rant, but that bugged me so bad when that 8-Ball walked in, and Riesen let his emotions run, and guard slip. Everything else I loved, and had me on the edge of my seat anticipating what comes next.

Proof Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Reborn

What episode was it when the lady in the green scarf visited Carolyn

NCIS Season 13 Promo: He's Crashing!!!

Good thing that Gibbs gets shot before we withdraw our carrier group from the Gulf!


This show is soooo much better than it's Tuesday night dramatic companions (Scream and Zoo I'm talking about you!) , the first season was pretty ok but this season is damn good.

Suits Photos from "Faith"

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The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Born

I'm probably missing something here, but I thought that perhaps the Master had raped Quinlan's mother, which is why he was born half human and half strigoi, and part of why he hunts the Master. Maybe his mother even died giving birth to him or while pregnant with him..

@ Melissa Baker

I don't think that rape in the traditional sense is possible with strigoi - with male victims their man parts fall off as they turn. Possibly his origin is something like Blade's - conceived normally by a human mother who is then attacked by a vamp during the pregnancy, which transmits some but not all of the vamp characteristics to the unborn child.


I will miss Leo as much as niyla styers misses him and 'cornmeal porridge'. it was a train wreck that pulled on the heart strings and walls. wonder where the storyline will migrate to now? any marriages of convenience in the pipelines? who knows.