Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Knife to a Gunfight

They did explain the note on her car. In the last scene Judy said the note was from her to invite Rebecca to hot yoga, so she really meant "death by hot yoga".

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Thanks! I must have missed that.


Enzo's psychotic ass shouldn't have killed Ivy in the first place, she
was an innocent person and he killed her for the hell of it so i'm glad
she's back, I just wish we got to know a little more about before she
became a vampire and her being Stefan's gf isn't a reason not to like
her so I have to wait and see how she adapts to being a vampire before I
make up mind about how I feel about Ivy because we don't know her as a
character yet. I don't remember how she got vampire blood in her system
before she was killed, Did we see how it's possible that she's a vampire
now or will they explain in the next episode?


Bring back the Tomorrow People. Favorite if you agree


I agree about not glossing over what Adalind did. Even though Juliette seems to have forgiven Nick for the incident (well maybe forgiven is too strong of a word but he didn't sleep on the couch!), I'm hoping that when Adalind resurfaces there will be hell to pay.

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I love the description Adalind's mother gave her back in season one: "Amateur!" Adalind really has been getting involved in matters well beyond her ability to control. De-Grimming Nick is just her latest foolish misstep! If Adalind ever encounters Renard's mother, who is certainly a formidable Hexen matron to have raised her son and kept him alive-? Whooo-ee! I can't imagine *that* meeting would go over well.

NCIS Photo Preview: Really Stretching It

Love poeple in suits! So handsome!

Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

It is different, but I'm enjoying season 5 of Haven so far. It's certainly better than season 4 was. Plus, I loved the Nathan/Audrey scenes this episode. The final scene was particularly touching, where they were both talking to each other but couldn't see/hear each other.

Ronald simkins

Here's where we differ some of the best bumping came when Nathan and Sarah? created James my second favorite was Nathans schoolboy light s/m wet dream which was both hot and hysterical. What's wrong with Nathan screwing a woman who you can't feel - that is sickish.

@ isoron

He can't feel anyone so it's not really sick. He had sex with the member of the guard who when she touched someone would cause immense pain. For her, Nathan was a godsend as she could touch him and have intimate relations without causing him pain, however he couldn't feel her.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Preview: Hunting a Killer

Who is going to be the next canary?
Laurel? I am a little confused by the plot. Can someone explain it?

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4 Review: The 3rd Choir

Something no one mentioned: I love the dynamic between Hetty and Nell! Hetty doesn't really put up with wallowing from... well... anyone. Everyone but Granger and Hetty was perfectly willing to let Nell hang out on her couch when she was really needed at Ops. Granger called in Nate for her, but Hetty was the one who woke Nell up.
And man, did it pay off when Nell threw herself into a bullet's path for Hetty! Try to find an employee anywhere else outside of the Secret Service who is willing to take one for the boss.


Loved the episode and would love to see Kai staying and falling for Bonnie. They were great together in scene. And he's a totally crazy and I just like him, but I guess Bonnie is killing him next episode. Also thanks writers for giving Bonnie a good storyline.
I'm here waiting for Caroline's storyline too, once everyone has one.

Carolyn levesque
Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami's Off to Hollywood

This is not the ending that Ali & James wanted. They wanted the fans to have EJamily leaving Salem and living happily ever after.

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