Haven Season 5B Premiere Review: Cleaning Up the Mess

Great start! I'm actually quite excited for these final episodes. I still think Haven has stayed good during seasons 4 & 5, albeit not as good as seasons 1-3. By the way, was that girl who Duke saved in part 2 Krissy from Supernatural?


cant wait...cant wait....cant wait...

Blindspot Lands Full Season Order at NBC

Yippee! :)


Finally got Extant's quality up, and it gets cancelled. Oh well, another show I enjoyed down the drain. I wish Halle Berry good luck on her next TV show. She's going to need it.


Here for Narcisse and Lola tbh. Im in full on adoration mode. Enjoying his journey as a character and his relentless pursuit of Lola is incredibly fun - and hot - to watch

The Strain Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Night Train

Zack didn't kill Nora, Nora killed Nora.
She hesitated and she should have seen/been through enough to know that hesitating will get you killed.
She told Zack to run and he didn't. A simple, "Zack, turn around!" and then a decapitation maneuver should have been what happened. She got herself killed by not killing first and asking questions later. I don't blame Zak at all. Nora should never have paid him mind. He's a clueless child. To win this war, savagery without hesitation must be the order of the day. Nora should have known better


I think it will be Thea who bites the dust. Mainly because she's enjoying the violence too much and Oliver is very worried about that. Can't have TV characters loving violence like that. Not a socially acceptable trait in this society. Might be an affect from the Lazarus Pit. If so, who knows what will happen to anyone else revived via the Pit. Could affect each person differently, which could make for more story lines. Also I don't hate Olicity, but I don't like all the mushiness either. I prefer the spunk rather than the oh so acceptable deception. No wonder the proposal is on hold! Has there been one moment of truth in the relationship so far? Oh, yeah, when Ollie said he was happy. Can anyone think of another?

Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Will Dead?

It's sad, but I knew it was coming because I heard Guy Wilson was leaving the show by the death of his character. The good news is (spoiler!) Sonny will be coming back in lieu of Will's death.

Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

The general consensus seems to be fans will not be satisfied if Beckett returns to Rick without a major apology and some serious groveling.


Hey CBS, here's a suggestion: CYBER: Patricia Arquette OUT, Halle Berry IN. You're welcome.