OK. I liked the kiss. <ducks> I thought it was sweet, touching, and showed how vulnerable Jane let herself be with Kurt. His soft spot for her has been obvious. I think it will add a welcome dimension.

@ DC

I know I'm in the minority, but I do 'ship them. I'd like the show to get back to the idea that there were a bunch of children who were captured the same time she was, like in "Salt." They should build on that story while they're tinkering with everything else.

@ sk8tfan

Me too I loved the kiss nothing wrong with that

Mr. & Mrs. Castle

So in the end, the last 5 episodes really were just a complete waste of time, and we were all right:
- Kate is a broken, selfish, lying psycho incapable of trusting the one man who has loved her unconditionally and supported her.. Always.
- Her reason for the separation wasn't 'to keep Castle from investigating' like a few delusional fans theorized, but as the rest of us clearly understood, to keep him off LockSat's radar and out of harms way, which was stupid and unbelievable
- That they could have skipped the last 5 episodes and gone directly to working together, because we knew that eventually this is where it was going to lead. So the last 5 episodes were an ABSOLUTE, COMPLETE waste of time doing pointless, and for many fans, irreparable damage to their relationship and characters, and alienating fans across the board.
Well done Hawley and Winter.. well done. Even with this band-aid, it still doesn't fix everything, the damage is done. I still hate Kate's neurotic and broken character, and I have zero respect for the fact that Rick given that he A) took so long to figure this out and B) takes her back so easily.
Turns how Hawley and Winter weren't clever, that this wasn't some genius plotline that will make them even stronger than before, it was a completely failed, contrived and totally unbelievable attempt at creating drama where it was as unnecessary as it was unbelievable.
I still don't know if this is enough to get me watching again.

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Arrivals and Departures

Great Episode again and I really liked the case with the fungus, even if it got sidelined because of the fact that the episode was about Megan's fate most of the time. His sister's passing hit Walter hard, because in my opinion you could tell that he had to fight so much to keep his tears from flowing down his cheeks especially after he had watched that Video from his sister after her passing. I liked the fact that this sad moment made him open up again to the people around him especially Paige, who had tried her best in the past episodes to break through the wall that he had built between and his team. I have to say that I was a little worried at first, after the pretty reserved greeting between Walter's Dad and Sylvester but I was happy to see that those two got along better as the episode continued and I would love to see more of Walter's parents.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Will She Say Yes?!?

The most annoying characters in this show...Amelia, April and Jo. Jo should stop feeling sorry for herself, suck it up. Alex relationship with Meredith is deep and long-standing. And while he should put her first some understanding from her end would go along way. Relationships aren't about you but the both of you, and compromising for your partner isn't too much to ask. At this point she should just leave Seattle :) Same for April, everything has to be done her way or when she is ready. Where is her consideration for Jackson's feelings. They both lost a child, and since then it has been all about her, her feelings, her way of dealing with it.....I hope they do work it out, but not with Jackson doing as April says or wants but her realizing there is 2 people in that relationship and she needs to consider Jackson's point of view... As for Amelia, agree with Meredith.....she is SUCH a child. Everything is about her and when she is called out on it she falls back on her addiction. She needs to grow-up. This thing is about Owen, and while he is wrong in shutting her out, expecting Meredith to fix that then throwing Derek in her face when Meredith doesn't work with her script is uncalled for. I would have thrown her out to. Watched her on her downward spiral on PP, she was horrific to Addison so no sympathies here....happy for her to go get back on track somewhere faraway from Grey-Sloane and Seattle and never come back.....


The writer mentioned Jim becoming a dark character............I don't ever remember Jim Gordan being a dark character............seems he always struggled between what's right and wrong............ We all know Selina Kyle becomes Catwoman and becomes a foe for Batman............will that be explored (as in what exactly made Selina become Catwoman) in later seasons if this show lasts that long? We all know Riddler and Penguin (we've gotten plenty already to what makes these 2 tick) are ALWAYS a thorn in Batman's side........will that be explored? Or is the sole focus of this show supposed to only be what happened in the years between Bruce Wayne's parents killing and him becoming Batman?


# of episodes = 29
# of average or bad episodes = 0 JTV continues to be undefeated as every episode in this series has been good. first time in a long time (probably since scandals peak between season 2 and 3) that i've seen a NETWORK TV DRAMA, knock it out of the park, week after week after week. My Notes of the Epi:
* glad jane and xo realized they were being stretched too thin with all the thickening pressure and decided to get a nanny * I thought michael's cold shoulder was very justified and i was glad to see him finally stop giving jane the time of day (glad to know he was just undercover and not really fired) * LMAO when rogelio said "tiniest bit focused on myself lately" - guess his all the time and lately are synonymous in his mind. * jane makng list of convo topics ala niyla styers was funny especially since none of the topics were responsible for the actual thing they had in common, breast pumps. * LMAO at jane pawing btb bolton's boltons and squeezing, so embarrassing * nadine dying especially after saving michael, was a tough pill to swallow. she was never really a bad person and just got mixed up in the wrong crowd due to sin rostro's evilness and how unselfish and brave of her to put her life on the line for michael * ROFL at xo imagining being filled up with passionate love below by the young hot male nanny, desperate housewives style (reminded me of gabrielle solis and her gardener) * loved the tyga reference regarding rogelio leasing all his cars like tyga did with kylie jenner * so cute petra asking jane on a 'date' and being so shy ( * cant stand that weasel gaf and it was his 'interview' of luisa that i realized he was trying to steal jane's story for a novel (well turned out to be a front page headline but tomato tomahto) * ROFL when esteban ordered "the guards" to remove rogelio and the one guard in the background just looks confusingly at his script as if to see where is that part in the scene since he must have missed it lol * jane can really be so ocd with mateo and annoying ala niyla will be * glad jane found out about queen telling chavez about her comments, now she knows not to trust shim. and it was nice that chavez forgave her and took on the role of her supervisor * glad jane found out rafael lied and got michael fired. it was such a weaselly thing to do and for him to act as if he was innocent shows he is not this great guy that they try to paint him out to be Questions
1) anyone else see mike and petra as a good couple?!
2) does anyone see something brewing between the jane & chavez or will they keep their relationship strictly professional?

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

I to have mixed feelings about this episode. To me a better ending would have been Castle picking up a bag and walking out on her. I would have preferred him leaving to go to the Hamptons for a few days to think things over with the understanding that he would call her when he was ready to talk . I know he loves her, but loving someone does not give them permission to walk all over you and trust goes both ways. I feel their relationship has been reduced to make up sex and nothing more which is a disservice to both of these characters and the relationship they have built.

@ Donna

totally agree


Hi! Is anyone out there having a viewing party for Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce on Tuesday 12/1 at 10pm?? PM me!!!


Someone please get Rick Castle a set of manstones. I was cheering for him at the precinct when he gave kate the riot act, and was hopeful when she knocked on the loft door and he again showed her some of his pain. I was thinking that he was going to walk to the door, open it and show her out.
but nooooooooooooooo....
I am on the fence about watching live in January. I can't figure out what show this is. Martha is annoying and for someone who I don't believe has EVER been married, her advice is all wrong.
Vikran better have a .50 cal round with his name on it before this season ends. His persistent Rick-blocking this ep. was too much.
Hayley found a way to be useful. kind of.
Implausible police action once again. There was no need for both Ryan and Espo to pump mulitple rounds into Verperazo (spelling?).. One round to knock him off the fence and then he could be interogated.
Actually fun to see Perlmutter's irascible self.
The way too goofy Castle is getting stale.
Like I said, I don't know what this show is.
It's not Castle.

@ Bill Bagworth

I've watched the early episodes of Castle many times (8,10?) and I dont recall ever hearing about her marriage to anyone. I know of Chad, the one she honored in her acting studio, but I won't debate with the reviewer, you, on details.
My point is that she is giving piss poor advice to Rick. and yeah, can they please get rid of the snarky pyramid. what a colossally stupid idea.
"Hey Kate, you have the same emotional consideration as a blue lit desktop geometric shape"

@ Bill Bagworth

Bill, Martha was married at least once (maybe twice). When the show began her ex-husband had just taken off with all of her money which is why she moved in with Rick. I was hoping for a little more anger from Rick as well but since the show is no fun with them apart, as proven over these last 8 episodes, I’m just happy this senseless separation is over and we can move on. However, I do hope they revisit the trust issues between them at some point. I hope you tune back in in January and give them a chance to make this season right.

Homeland Season 5 Episode 8 Review: All About Allison

I'm confused about why Ahmed is actually in St. Lucia. Why did he have to go, if he was just there to try and "out" Allison? To hide from Carrie? I'm confused.